10 Styles of heels that suits Singapore weather

Different Types of Heels

If you live in Singapore, you know the weather sometimes is not friendly. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear heels even if the weather is not friendly.

In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you 10 styles of heels that suit Singapore weather. It doesn’t matter if it is raining or winter; there is a heel in this suggestion list to suit the weather. All the heels suggested here are stylish to make you look elegant all year out despite the weather or season.


Pump shoes, often known as high heels, are typically broader and have a height of 2 to 3 inches. They usually have a low cut in the front. Pump heels make you stand taller, feel more confident, and exude panache. They give sophistication and class to any clothing while also allowing you to stand out in a crowd.

When it comes to establishing a trendy heels collection, the humble pump is a good place to start. They are also ideal for the Singapore weather. They come in opulent suede, wooden heels, and glistening designs.


Stilettos are the highest of all the high heels, reaching up to 8 inches. Even though these heights can make walking difficult for some, they are valuable because they extend one’s legs. Because of their height, and many stilettos are also platform.

In contrast, to block heels, Stilettos are thin, and many people prefer the higher, the better! Many fetish shoes, such as very high heels, feature stiletto heels (skip ahead near the bottom for that). Pointed pumps and strappy summer sandals are popular with stilettos.

Nothing beats a gorgeous pair of high heel sandals to show off a great pair of legs, and women’s ankle strap heels are among the most fashionable possibilities. Not only do they enhance the appearance of your legs. Strappy heels are hot right now, but they’re also a timeless option that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Women’s strappy 10 Styles of heels come in a wide range of styles, just like those who wear them. We provide a wide range of heel heights and designs, including wedges, platforms, and hefty block heels in various colors, ranging from low 1-inch heels to sky-high stilettos. The weather in Singapore, especially during the summer, is ideal.


Wedge Heels

Wedge heels and wedge sandals are two different varieties of wedge shoes. Wedge heels are flush with the sole, just like a high heel, and there is no gap between the heel and the sole.

The wedge heel, which is highly sought-after for its encouragement, can immensely stand out like its various counterparts and is prepared in various matters ranging from croc-embossed leather to wood. Think beyond the woven espadrilles you’ll probably seek for in the summer and instead opt for ultra-modern styles for a “wow” wedge moment.

Cone Heels

Consider the bottom of your shoe to be an ice cream cone. Please don’t chew your shoes, even though we know how much you adore them.

Cone heels come in various shoe styles, from booties to sandals, and come in a variety of heel heights. Even a kitten heel will suffice.

Sling Back Heels

whether you match it with professional business wear and romantic silhouettes or go for a more surprising look and pair it with sumptuous loungewear or practical separates.

The wedge heel, which is extremely sought-after for its encouragement, can immensely stand out like its various equivalents and is served in various matters varying from croc-embossed calfskin to wood.

Platform Heels

Platform heels range in height from short to tall. The area of the shoe beneath the sole is thicker, which is what makes the platform. Most people believe that taller heels are more comfortable because there is less of a height difference between the rear and front of the foot.

Although the platform heel may appear frightening, it is among the most comfortable shoes available. Though it may not be your go-to heel, it’s excellent for a dramatic effect when coupled with sophisticated gowns and long pants.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are short, narrow heels largely defined by their height, usually between 1-3 inches. Kitten heels come and go in style, and they’re found in a variety of women’s shoes, mules, including booties, pumps, and sandals.

Cone heels, stacked heels, comma heels, and other styles of this heel are available in various shapes and sizes. Many women love kitten heels since they are easier to walk in than high 10 Styles of heels, but they are also considered more stylish than a normal flat.


Mules are a warm-weather should in your closet. These heels highlight open backs and heels extending from low-to-the-ground to mid-and sky-high. Even better, you may choose from various forms, including closed-toe styles, strappy forms, and exaggerated forms.

Heeled mules are shoes with an open back and typically closed toes. Some people have peep-toes. Heel heights can range from extremely low to extremely high. Clogs are a popular mule heel, but Gucci reintroduced them in a loafer variant with a vengeance.

Block Heels

Block heels, also known as chunky heels or heel sandals, get their name because the heel is a big block with a larger surface area rather than a thin shape (see the stiletto section below for that).

Block heels are not only a popular heel aesthetic at the minute, but they also advance walking and reaching a little more comfortable than other heel styles.

Block 10 Styles of heels come in various forms and sizes, including square or rectangular heels, while they can also be rounded in shape, comparable to a cylinder.

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