13 thrilling & scary treks around Kasol to explore in 2022

Kasol, a hidden gem all these years, has burst into limelight in recent years due to its cannabis production and the wide tourism the village offers. Being a hub of many trekking adventures , it suits any kind of person. This is a one stop destination for beginners , mediocre and advanced level trekkers. Kasol has got you fully covered with the main highlight being the Parvati Valley. The strenuous work will all be worth it once you see this scenic view.

Here are 13 such thrilling and scary treks around Kasol that I am mentioning in this article for any type of person.

  1. Tosh Village Trek
  2. Chalal TRek 
  3. Malana Trek
  4. Kalga Trek
  5. Rasol Trek
  6. Kheerganga Trek
  7. Rudranag Trek
  8. Pin Paravati Trek
  9. Sar Pass Trek
  10. Mantalai Lake Trek
  11.  Buddhaban Trek
  12. Kutla Glacier
  13. Chandratal Trek

This small village that incites European culture is a must visit. Only 40km away from Kasol this is very beginner friendly and is also only 4 km away from Bharashiani. This tiny hippie place has a lot to offer including Indian , European cuisine which is a little expensive and some lip smacking chai. This village is away from all the bustling nature and gives you time to rediscover , embrace and appreciate the little things of nature and yourself.


Connected by a cable bridge this trek excites many others. With many cafes , beautiful view and fresh flowing water surrounded by pine trees. This is generally ideal for beginners and is only 3 km away taking 30 mins or so for finish. The height is 7800 feet above sea level.


Malana is a unique village with people believing they’re descendents of Alexander the Great. This trek is relatively easily and takes only 2-3 hours. To reach Malana Gate which is the starting point you have to go to Jari from Kasol and then take a cab to Malana Gate where you can begin.


This has recently become popular because of it’s idiosyncratic landscape view  of Parvati Valley. Again a pleasant trek that takes only 45 mins from Barshaini which is perfect for someone just beginning their trekking journey. You can also visit villages Pulga and Tulga.


The best time for the trek is between April to November and generally takes 5 hours for completion with an average of 8km. It lets you explore the beauty of the Parvati Valley. Starting from Kasol via Rasol Pass it takes you to stunning Malana. The Jamdagni Rishi temple cannot be missed when doing this. 


This trek is the most preferred among those who travel to Kasol. It’s preferred not only for its idiosyncratic view but also the divinity the land is imbibed with. There is a famous Shiva Temple at the peak and is believed to be very sanctimonious to its citizens in that area. It is a dream come true for any trekker to take a dip in the hot relaxing springs at times of snowfall.

Distance of trek – 12km

Duration – 1 day

Trekking distance – 13 km

Best time – March – October

Height – 3000 meters above sea level


Rudranag Trek is mid way between Kheerganga. Many visit this place and start staying overnight here on way to the main one. It takes around 5-6 hours and is for a moderate trekker. Starting from Bharshaini , this has waterfalls nearby and also Rudranag Temple from Pulga.


 Being one of the most difficult treks in the country , it starts from Barsheni village at an altitude of 5044m above sea level. This trek is only recommended for people with a good amount of experience as it lasts for 16 days and crosses easily above 90 km.

 With extreme terrains , rocky and bumpy pathways , snow laden and slippery trails this gives view of the entire Spiti Pin Valley from which it got it’s name. You can see numerous buddhist villages at the top and it’s a way to embrace the culture.


A 49 km trek that starts from Kasol itself is at a height of 4200 km above sea level. It takes around 5 days and is done mostly in the months of April – November. Those ready to trek , join this one!

A breathtaking view of the snow loaded mountains , immaculate greenery leaves you feeling ecstatic for longer than you can ever imagine.


We’ve been talking about Lake Parvati but to know the real source of this huge valley , you must visit this place. An advanced level of trekker can accomplish this with prior training.

Trek Time – 10 days

Best Time – April to October

Height – 4100 mt above sea level


Buddhaban is only half an hour from Kutla Village. This trek is for beginners which takes almost 3 hours to complete. The starting point is Tosh and is accessible year round.


Kutla Trek is relatively more easy to do and is famous for it’s green scenery. There isn’t much to do than enjoy time with your friends which is towards North of Tosh. This is ideal for beginners.

Trekking distance – 8km

Time taken – 4 hours


This trek starts from Manali and ends at the Cobra terrains. A relatively easy trek compared to the rest with a distance of 8km and at an altitude of 4300km above sea level. The best time to trek is anywhere between September – November and takes around 6-7 hours for finish. 

Parvati River camp 

What makes setting up a riverside camp in Kasol that too at Parvati valley is considerably more tomfoolery and it is the presence of Parvati River streaming across the town. Unexpectedly, the streaming waterway water makes the disposition of this spot much really unwinding. You can observe fantastic campgrounds in Kasol in crude nature, offering the perspectives that mitigate your spirit and make your visit paramount. Whether you like to adhere to the spending plan or you need to have a stay insight in tents bound with every cutting edge solace and conveniences, there is a tremendous scope of setting up camp choices in Kasol. Nothing comes even close to the experience of remaining in the most normal settings with the quieting sound of the Parvati River. It is also one of the best camps in Kasol.

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