19 Ways to Increase Instagram followers

If you’re brand new to Instagram for your business or an individual posting photos and trying to grow your Instagram followers could be difficult. You’ll have to work extremely hard to attract new followers and connect with your customers. Particularly if you’re opening the Instagram account as the first by the company. While it may seem like an intimidating process however, if you stick to the Instagram followers growth strategies which I will go over in depth below and you are sure that you’ll begin to attract new followers and likes over the near and long-term.

Everything we do to grow your Instagram followers is done by following the simple steps listed below. They can improve your interaction directly in proportion. This can assist you in increasing your number of followers and your likes by making sure that your photos are seen by more people.

1- Collage:

Make collages of your images about the subjects you’re fascinated by using Instagram’s Layers application. Upload the collages. You can be certain that the photos you post in collages will garner more engagement than your usual photos. For your page for your brand It is possible to determine the most popular photos users have tagged you. This means you can post the contents in collages every week. The people who view the photos you’ve posted will greatly help you in your efforts to gain Instagram followers from Malaysia.

2- Tagging:

To increase your engagement rates, post your ideas on your profile and tag people. People will purchase your products or write nice comments about you on your pictures. So, you’ll keep your fans happy and make sure that your new followers will trust you. Users who make use of their products, or who upload photos they took with your product could be displayed as an example of tag method.

3- Blueness:

As per research studies, profile pictures who share images that are predominantly blue. They are followed by 24 percent more frequently than those who are posted in orange or red tones. If you’re looking get more followers on your Instagram, it is important to do so. Instagram followers It is important to make sure you include blue tones in your images or include filters to achieve this.

4- Wednesday:

We’ve mentioned that Instagram use increases on Sundays. The day that has the most interaction on shared images was determined to be mid-week, which is Wednesday. It’s a great opportunity to boost the number of interactions and also get positive feedback. Particularly if you announce important announcements or posts which you feel are better than the other posts you post on Wednesdays.

5. Request Comments:

According to studies, content that includes words like “comment” in the image receives more attention than comments that do not exist. They’re requested in the description. You should try to put a phrase in the corner of your page that you think is appropriate. You should state that you’re looking forward to your readers to comment, but making minor changes.

6- Faces:

If you are able, be sure that you include faces of people in your photos. Research suggests that pictures featuring faces receive 34% more views and are seen by more people than photos with faces.

#By adding your photos of landscapes you can enhance the authenticity and the amount of people who like your pictures by displaying not just nature, but yourself in the corner.

7- Light Colors:

You can create your Instagram images look different by using various filters. Be careful not to alter the brightness of your photo by doing this. Research suggests that images with 65% or higher apertures receive 24 percent more engagement than similar images.

8. Your Own Hashtag:

If you’re working to increase the number of followers you have on Instagram particularly for a brand page, you can take advantage of this hashtag by selecting an appropriate hashtag that is associated with your brand. It will allow people to utilize it for various scenarios in everyday life. In enticing users to use the hashtag in your posts throughout the time, you will be able to introduce your brand to those who have similar interests in various situations.

9- Guest:

Think about delegating the management of your account for brand. To prominent accounts associated with your brand’s subject for a specific amount of time. The content you will create by these individuals. The people you invite to your event, immediately grab the attention of your followers as well as hundreds of followers that could be connected to your subject.

10- Re-Sharing:

Re-share content that your users post about you, and which you consider useful. You can do this on your personal profile and on your company page by using your “Repost” software. Particularly when you post images of your brand’s products. You can increase your followers’ an impression of trust and lead them to make sales. It also helps others who are using your products by allowing them to upload images of your products.


I believe that offering this type of reward on those who manage the Instagram accounts of brands who sell their products is the most effective strategy to boost Instagram followers. It is possible to use Pinterest to share your content. You can learn the steps to utilize Pinterest professional from this site.

11- Frame:

When editing your photos, don’t be afraid to create arrangements that help your content be noticed, for example, frames or borders. Based on research findings, images that have frames are liked by 125 percent more, and people are less hesitant to follow these accounts.

12. Tell a story:

Be sure to share pictures with some story to tell that could affect others and share this story with your followers. Photos with a story will easily be seen by many more users on Instagram.

13 Live Broadcast:

If you’re sharing photos from an event that you were a part of live. Make sure you increase the number of people who see them by adding famous individuals who might relate to the pictures.

# Don’t forget to include the artist you listen to as well as other artists. Who might be interested in the photos you take at the event. You’ll be shocked by the amount of people following your profile in such a short amount of time, and also the number of people who share your photos. It is also possible to increase your Instagram followers by purchasing Instagram followers. I recommend you work using https://followersbucket.com. FollowersBucket has been featured as the best site to buy Nigerian Instagram followers.

14- Iconosquare:

To see which Instagram posts have more engagement and more likes Choose one of the apps such as Iconosquare and Stat gram. Choose the best kind of sharing to your followers by reviewing your posts on a regular basis.

15- Editing:

Find Aviary or a similar photo editing tool to your requirements and begin using the tool. The most effective way to gain more attention for your photos and grow your following is to share quality content. Be sure to create the light and blue tones that we mentioned earlier using this program.

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16. Ask to Like:

According to studies, the word “Like” as well as its variants on an image can increase the amount of Instagram followers and the amount of likes on your posts by 89 percent. Make sure to create these posts every week. However, not all of postings, only rather in the pictures you consider suitable.

17. Quote Pictures:

The sharing of the words of an individual or the details of an object is among the most popular types of content that social media has to offer. Be sure to create posts about you and your company. Particularly on major dates and occasions through examining profiles like 8fact or Uberfacts.


18- Analysis:

Utilize Crowd fire or another similar program to monitor. The ways that your Instagram posts affect your followers increase or decrease. This way, you will be able to discern which posts can aid in increasing your number of followers Instagram and which can be harmful. It is easy to determine the posts to avoid.

To remain an inch ahead of other similar accounts and brands. I highly recommend to pay an eye to competitor analysis studies. Before you start your account, you’ll be able to determine the areas you should avoid and how you can improve by observing the posts of your competition.

19 Associate Partnership:

Make sure you conduct research that supports one another by interacting with profiles. That post Instagram posts that are similar to yours. By sharing each other’s profiles on specific days of the week you could draw the attention of non-partner followers as well as increase your number of Instagram followers.

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