5 Best Walmart Liquidation Stores in Canada For Best Deals

It is amazing how you can buy stuff from liquidation stores at a cheap rate and make profits by selling it at higher rates in the market. Canada is among those countries which have the most number of liquidation stores.

You can see liquidation pallets in Cambridge here. Moreover, the stuff that is promoted in these stores is worth buying. The stores here are of high quality and you can buy great stuff.

In this article, you will find the best liquidation stores in Canada. Each of these wholesale liquidation companies is reviewed and you will get the best information about them.

1. VDC Canada

If you have never been to VDC Canada then you surely are missing the best liquidation store in Canada. This store has the top suppliers and distributors. The range of products in this liquidation store varies and everything is very affordable. 

The quantity of goods is also in abundance. You can buy liquidation pallets in Cambridge here at very low prices. It was formed in 1966 and since then it has been the best liquidation company in Canada. They are supplying goods to many flea markets, auctions, sites like eBay, etc.

2. Canada Liquidation Sales

This store in Canada has a complete branded inventory. You will see all the popular brands here. It is believed that this company purchases a truckload of stuff every year. It also stocks electronic appliances. 

Along with electronic appliances they have clothes, furniture, tools, and a lot more other stuff. They also have huge customer returns in their stock. 

They also keep what is returned by vendors or what is overstocked. Overall it is a great store to buy bulk items in Canada. This liquidation store near me also has the best products.

3. Walmart Canada

Walmart itself has become a great liquidation store. Reason? People are returning a lot of stuff here. Walmart offers so many deals and products at great prices that customers always come back here. 

It is one of the best and most famous stores in Canada. So here you will get so many goods that are supplied by different walmart chains as well. Because the stuff is from Walmart you will get great quality here.

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4. Amabec Liquidation Incorporated

Just like Walmart Canada, Amabec Liquidation Incorporated is a great liquidation store. This store is perfect for all business and small business needs. They buy the stuff in truckloads and also in pallets.

Here there are so many products that just by looking you will get an idea of what you need and what you do not. The company is the only owner of the products. The price range of these products is also very affordable. 

In the whole Montreal region, Amabec Liquidation Incorporated is the biggest wholesaler and liquidation store. Not only do they supply products on eBay but also on Flipkart, Amazon, and many other popular sites.

5. Department Stores Liquidation

This departmental liquidation store is present in India. It has direct transactions with Walmart.  Here you will find items from electronics to clothing at an affordable rate. Makeup products are also available in this liquidation store. 

Also, it is present in Canada. Since it has connections to Walmart it is the top store in Canada that is a liquidation store. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the customers and give them the best deals and ensure that they get profits on their purchases. 

Since it is a wholesale shop, there is no place for middlemen. People get heavy discounts here. People purchase everything in bulk here and then in auctions sell the products again. This way they are able to make more profits.


The 5 Liquidation stores in Canada given above are the best in Canada. You can try any of these for the supplies if you want to restock them. If you feel you yourself need to enter the liquidation store business then you can take some references from these and how they operate. 

It is quite a profitable business if you like to invest in something. Reselling is another possible option you have. Buy the products in bulk from the liquidation stores and then resell them at great profits.

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