5 Consequences Of Not Wearing Proper Work Boots On Duty

Daily wagers who work on construction sites, roads, factories, farms, forests, woods, seaports, etc., need to be on their feet for the whole day. It’s likely possible for such daily wagers to complain about discomfort and pain due to their work boots. Some of these workers can not afford good pair of work boots, while some don’t buy proper footwear for work due to a lack of knowledge about good quality boots.  It is proven that workers who work on tough grounds and wear proper work boots during duty have no foot problems. In contrast, those who don’t wear good quality work boots are likely exposed to various injuries and accidents.

Foot injuries related to poor footwear can occur when the workers use improper quality shoes for work. Work boots that are too heavy, poorly fit, lack insulation, have low-quality outsole, and lack shock absorbing midsole can cause discomfort and other health issues. Poor quality work shoes can also impact the efficiency of the workers. Wearing wrong work boots makes the workers tired and exhausted, thus decreasing their concentration and work efficiency. With all these facts in mind, the worker needs to wear comfortable work boots to reduce health problems and avoid negative impacts on productivity.

Consequences of wearing poor quality work boots

Workers who don’t wear comfortable work boots can expose themselves to serious health issues and accidents. Here are some consequences due to wearing poor work boots during duty.

Can cause slip and falls

Workers working on construction sites, roads, and other harsh conditions usually face unseen slips and falls due to poor concentration on their safety. People working on concrete surfaces and in mud and uneven surfaces are likely to face such incidents due to a lack of proper work shoes. Shoes with good quality outsoles can provide great traction and a strong grip, thus reducing friction on a rough surface. Undoubtedly, high-quality work boots can prevent workers from slipping and falling from ladders or other high surfaces.

Foot burn

People working in metal or cement factories are likely exposed to industrial heat and fire. To prevent the upward body from heat, the workers wear a proper uniform, but it’s also necessary to prevent their feet from burning due to heat from machines and chimneys; that’s why such workers need to wear boots that can prevent their feet heat burn during working. Safety work shoes made from sturdy material can prevent burns that could cause skin irritation on the feet.



Tiredness and fatigue are serious issues for workers working in load lifter cranes and trucks needing to stand up for the whole day. Due to standing for a long time, the feet, legs, and back muscles can grow tired and numb. Good quality work boots provide comfortable cushioning for ankles and provide arch support which helps the worker work all day without being tired or exhausted. Good footwear prevents muscle pain and joint issues, which help workers stay active on duty and work safely and efficiently.

Electrical hazards

Workers like mechanics, electricians, and other electrical engineers are prone to potential electrical shocks and hazards from high voltage wireline and short circuits. That’s why good quality work boots, made up of shock-absorbing material and rubber outsoles can reduce the possibility of electrical accidents. Work boots made with poor conductor rubber and material can reduce the threat posed by naked wires and coils on work sites. American heritage Moc Toe shoes by Thorogood boots are specially made for the electrician and electrical engineer to prevent electric shocks and damages on work sites.

Foot injuries

The very commy foot injury related to low-quality work boots is repetitive strain injury. Repetitive strain injuries occur due to poor posture at work. It causes aches and pains in the upper body and the back particularly. If not prevented on time, this foot injury can cause other severe issues to the workers.  Another foot injury related to work boots is plantar fasciitis. This foot injury is caused due to poor sole or heel support in the work boots. Blisters, fallen arches, flat feet, skin redness, muscle spam, dislocation of knee joints are other foot issues due to poor quality work boots. The only way to protect against such injuries is to wear a fine pair of work boots during duty.

Sum up

Working in such environments where there is likely the possibility of health issues and accidents, the workers need to take serious safety measures to ensure their good health. the workers can not ignore the safety while working in a construction factory, metal industry, cement plant, construction site, or electrical department. The workers need to wear comfortable work boots to ensure their safety and foot health. The workers ensure that their footwear must be slip and fall resistant, made up of poor conductor material to prevent electric and chemical hazards. The most comfortable work boots should be breathable to prevent the workers from getting exhausted from working the whole day in harsh conditions.


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