5 Most Astonishing Playing Card Packaging Designs in 2021


Playing card boxes are beautiful and appealing. Their variable shapes and sizes are available in the market. Their shapes may be rectangular, round, square, pentagonal, pyramidal, and others. Their colors vary from brand to brand. They may be made from cardboard, bux board, and eco-friendly kraft. Thickness also vary according to needs. They come with windowpanes or additional internal features. They may come with custom printed content. They can contain beautiful images and graphics. They can also contain beautifully typed names of the game and company. They may look impressive due to their versatile and beautiful typography. Various add-ons are available for increasing their catchiness. Additional coatings and foiling can make them awesome. Embossing, raised ink, PVC, and debossing can help to enhance their prettiness. They may contain the logo and name of the manufacturer. They can help to attract the target audience.

We know that different companies are producing playing cards. They are using different types of playing card boxes to set their products apart from others. Numerous companies have devised alluring designs. These designs have attracted a lot of people and increased their sales. Following are some of the astonishing designs of these boxes in 2021.

1.     Tuck Boxes Resembling Cigarette Box

We know that many people play with playing cards. They purchase numerous beautiful playing cards. Like other businesses, companies producing these cards also compete with each other. They have to make use of various strategies for increasing their sales. One of the best ways of attracting customers is to design versatile packaging. Some companies have utilized tuck boxes resembling cigarette boxes. They look like cigarette boxes, but they contain playing cards instead of cigarettes. It is one of the famous designs in the market because it looks attractive. It isn’t a common design due to which it can grasp the attention of a lot of people.

The beauty of these boxes is amazing due to the different types of printed content. Different brands have printed them differently. These boxes can contain beautiful artwork or drawings. They may contain floral drawings or line drawings. They can help to increase their catchiness. They may also contain beautiful artwork or graphics. Moreover, their appealing and uncommon colors help to make them distinguished among others. They look more appealing because of their uncommon and creative shape.

2.      Versatile Sleeve Packaging 

You may know that sleeve packaging is one of the famous packaging styles. It comes with sleeves and a drawer. The drawer encases playing cards. Their manufacturing materials are cardboard, kraft, or others. These custom playing card boxes are highly attractive because they come in numerous colors. They may contain either beautiful printed graphics or artwork. Many brands producing playing cards have utilized this packaging to win the attention of people. This packaging is special because it isn’t common. It looks different among others. Moreover, it is customizable according to needs. Different businesses may get them in any shape and size. 

These boxes come with beautiful printed imagery. They may contain images of cartoons or animals. They may also contain images of characters from famous stories. Their visual beauty looks more appealing due to their beautiful typography. They may contain the typed name of the game or characters of stories. They may contain spellings to describe each playing card. Their beautiful font styles and elegant font colors help to attract the audience. They may contain images of playing cards. Their graphical content helps to attract target customers.

3.      Pyramidal Boxes

It is a fact that all the companies have to make their products popular in the market. They can’t ignore the importance and role of playing card boxes wholesalein making their playing cards identifiable. Many companies have started using pyramidal boxes for their playing cards. Their shape is versatile and amazing. They can look beautiful and identifiable while present on shelves. They have a catchy appearance due to their distinctive printed content. Different companies print them differently. Some brands print the images of cards, while others may print images of important cartoon characters. They may look beautiful and attract kids. They may also contain specifications of playing cards and the name of the material used for their manufacturing. Their enticing typography and beautiful font styles help to win appreciation from the audience.

4.      Magnetic Book Boxes

Packaging manufacturers have devised various elegant box designs. Magnetic book boxes are one of the popular and attractive designs. These boxes come in the shape of a booklet. It opens like a beautiful book and gets your playing cards out. You may follow the same procedure for placing your cards back in the box. These boxes aren’t common. They have grabbed the attention of many consumers because of their beautiful shapes. Many add-ons help to enhance their beauty. Different companies have made them beautiful by using different strategies. Some brands have used additional coatings such as matte coating, gloss coating, and others. Silver and gold foiling has also been used by some brands. They also come with printed graphics and imagery. They come with printed drawings or patterns. They look extremely beautiful due to their printed artwork.

5.      Card Bags and Brick Boxes

Some companies have utilized card bags for presenting their playing cards. They made use of kraft and paper materials for the production of these bags. They have customized it by creating beautiful shapes and printing them with their desired content. They have enhanced their visual outlook by printing relevant graphics and imagery. They also produce custom handles to carry these bags. Numerous companies have presented their playing cards inside brick boxes. The shape of these boxes resembles bricks. They can come with custom printed graphics and imagery. Their appealing colors and beautiful typography have attracted a lot of people. They also come with printed drawings to mesmerize the audience. They look beautiful while present in retail outlets. They can attract a lot of customers and help to boost sales.

We have described different beautiful designs of playing card boxes in 2021. We have seen that brick boxes and sleeve boxes are popular among the audience. We have also seen that magnetic book boxes and pyramidal boxes have a great impact on the sale of these playing cards. These beautiful and astonishing packaging designs of playing cards have won the hearts of people in 2021.


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