5 Steps to Boosting Enthusiasm and Confidence in Girls with Fort Building Games

If you are looking for some easy steps to Boosting Enthusiasm and Confidence in your child girls then this article is for you!

Have you ever felt like your daughter needs a little boost in the confidence department?  Maybe she’s a bit shy and reserved, or maybe she’s just not as interested in exploring new hobbies as you’d like her to be. And while you may be tempted to give her the run-out on a solution that has been working for you for years, you may also be wary of unintentionally reinforcing that shyness.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help her boost her natural Boosting Enthusiasm and Confidence without her even knowing it!  And not only can it be easy, but it can also be done with just a few simple household items. Let’s take a look at some of these Fort building games to give your daughter a confidence boost! However, before getting started, buy a fort building kit for kids from GIGI Bloks and then read this article to know how to utilize the kit!

How to Boost Confidence in Girls with Fort Building Games

It’s time to get building!  Here are a few ideas for ways you can boost your daughter’s confidence with fort building games: Play a game of hide and seek. This is a fun way to bond while building your daughter’s confidence in addition to fostering creativity and imagination. Create an obstacle course with household items, from ladders to chairs, that you can use as props in the game. Put together a scavenger hunt for your daughter—and offer prizes for the best solutions!

Build a Fort

One of the best ways to show your child just how much fun it is to build and play with things is to have them participate in a simple little game. It’s easy enough for your daughter to enjoy, but challenging enough for her to think about what she could do better next time. The object of this game is simple: build the tallest and most stable fort you can in the allotted time.

To make this more engaging, each player should use different materials and have a different starting point when building their fort. For instance, your daughter could start from scratch by gathering materials from around the house (e.g., cardboard boxes, paper towels) while you begin at the base of the staircase. The person who builds the tallest and strongest fort within a set amount of time wins!  This is a great way for your daughter to practice problem-solving skills while having fun doing it!

Hide and Seek in a Tent

Hide and Seek in a Tent is the perfect game to help your daughter build her confidence. With this game, she’ll learn how to be more assertive and independent. She’ll also have a lot of fun with this new hobby that builds on her existing interests. You can spruce it up by making it more interactive with a flashlight, camera, or other items you’ve got lying around the house.

In Hide and Seek in a Tent, your daughter will position an object inside the tent and then hide them from you while you try to find them. This encourages her to be more brave and take risks as she hides whatever object she has chosen. If your daughter is feeling shy, this is the perfect game for her!

Face Painting

If your daughter is a bit shy, she might not be as interested in exploring new hobbies or interests as you’d like. Face painting can be a fun way to encourage her to get out there and have some fun. There are plenty of step-by-step instructions online that show you how to create a variety of different designs on paint like butterflies, hearts, flowers, and more! It’s an easy activity that doesn’t require any artistic skill or experience. 

Not only will your daughter love the look of it, but she’ll also feel empowered by it. With the help of face painting, she can explore new ideas and develop confidence through each creation with which she tries her hand at.

Makeup Artist Training

One great way to boost your daughter’s confidence is to get her involved in a new hobby.  After all, what better way to learn how to build something with your hands than by building things with your hands?  And while there are many different options for fort building games, one of the best is makeup artist training. Girls who take part in the game quickly learn that they have so much more knowledge and talent than they ever thought!

There are plenty of ways you can help her participate in this game: 

  • Ask her friends to help her create a character for the game.
  • Use plastic kitchen utensils and a ruler as stepping stones for their “buildings”.
  • Make sure she has plenty of space for playing and crafting.

Encourage Creative Expression

Girls often feel a little insecure about expressing themselves creatively. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can help your daughter find her creative side.  Take her on walks in nature to spark her imagination and encourage creativity.

Or give her access to art supplies and let her explore the world of colors, shapes and patterns–all that’s needed is a little time and patience!  And if she’s still feeling a bit stifled, have some fun with the drawing game where you draw together on the same sheet of paper! Let your daughter choose what color she wants to use first, then watch as she creates beautiful artworks with just a few simple lines!


Building a fort is a fun, interactive way to boost confidence in girls. For a first step, start with simple activities like hide and seek in a tent. Face painting, or even a game of tag.

The following are some steps and strategies to build a fort:

1. Build an inviting and comfortable tent.

2. Draw curtains for the tent.

3. Cover the ground with blankets and pillows.

4. Use things you already have to decorate and make the area more fun. Like old curtains, markers, paint, and even feathers for your headdress. 

5. Gather materials for games like jump rope. Or a see-saw as well as old chairs and tables to use as furniture inside the fort.

6. Find an appropriate place outside of the fort to have your games like jump rope. Or see-saw and make sure you have a safe area for younger children nearby in case they get too rowdy and need someone to watch them.

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