7 Safety Tips for Solo Concert Goers

Concerts are momentous events where artists and their fans come together to celebrate the gift of music, art of dance and all other sorts of creative craft. Unforgettable memories are created, and even after the concerts are finished, those precious memoirs are kept forever. People attending concerts are always grateful and gratified that they become part of a huge crowd of fans loving their favorite artists and their creations. Supportive fans unite, including all that come as pairs, groups or as solo concert goers.

While concerts are all energizing, exciting and extremely fun, expect that they can be very challenging too. Of course, you have to be prepared to wait in long lines and to encounter countless people who are in the event with the same fan goal as yours. Some occurrences are expected, but who knows when unpredictable circumstances may arise, too, right? Right. 

Especially for solo concert goers, it’s not very easy. You don’t personally know anyone. You might also be unfamiliar with the place. It could be worse if you are afraid or hesitant to reach out to people. Nonetheless, what you must keep at the top of your mind always is your security and welfare as a person. You are a fan but firstly, you are a person who needs to arrive, enjoy and go home safe after the concert. 

To help you with that, below is a list of 7 safety tips for solo concert goers. It can always come in handy not just for one concert but all concerts that you will attend in the future!  

1 – Be sure of the concert venue’s address.

Yes, you know the name of the stadium or the dome where the concert will be held, but if you plan to attend, that information is not enough. You must be oh-so sure of the venue’s full address, and you should study it well a few days before the event itself.

Mastering the directions might not be very possible, especially if you live quite far from the concert’s venue, but at least take clear note of its address. It is essential to find and jot down nearby landmarks that will make it easier for you to locate the place.

This is necessary also if you are going to commute alone to the concert. Public transportation drivers are much more familiar with routes and places than you are, yet it will still be important to be familiar (even a little), so you will not get lost or fooled.

2 – Know the transportation means available around.

Another thing to do weeks before the concert is to know the transportation means available around. One of solo concert goers’ major worries is deciding on what transportation and routes to take to the event. That’s why, again, you must search for relevant information about the venue. 

Practically, you should look up or ask around about the most affordable ways to travel to the specific location of the concert. There could be some drivers that will take advantage of passengers that seem lost and unfamiliar to the area by charging them high rates. Be careful and watchful. Be informed, so that you can avoid getting deceived. 

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3 – Bring a private car, or be fetched, if possible.

On the other hand, if possible, do not commute. If you drive, then bring your private car. That would be safer than commuting with uncertainties. Just make sure to also go in search of the venue’s designated parking spaces before the day of the event. Your private vehicle will be safe since it’s the concert venue’s property.

Meanwhile, if you don’t drive, then ask your parent, sibling or any driver in the family to fetch you after the concert. Concerts start and finish late in the evening. It would be risky if you commute alone; the same with fellow solo concert goers. So as much as possible, go for private transportation.

4 – Keenly hold on to your gadgets.

Solo concert goers could also be a target of thieves, particularly if you are reckless with your stuff. If you are bringing cameras, tablets or any small gadget besides your mobile phone, make sure to keenly hold on to them. Avoid displaying them too much. Place them inside your bags when not in use, and see to it that your bags are zipped and within your sight always.

Thieves also take advantage of crowded occasions, like those concerts, because some people are thoughtless and too busy to pay enough attention to their gadgets and other important belongings.

5 – Do not entertain scalpers and suspicious strangers.

During concerts, not only fans, artists and event organizers are present. You will notice non fans who are selling some concert stuff outside the venue too. You will even hear others selling tickets last minute. Do not get distracted by them. They might be scalpers who are selling tickets at a very high price, or just delinquents trying to rip off money from concert goers.

Be vigilant. Do not entertain scalpers and any suspicious strangers around the concert arena. Best if you will speak with official event organizers and staff from the artists’ celebrity management company in case you are interested in buying tickets, concert merchandise and other items related to the event.

6 – Make friends with fellow fans.

Solo concert goers come to the event knowing nobody. It’s nerve-racking for sure, especially when you are thinking of your safety alone. But one thing’s for sure also: You are not the only solo concert attendee. There are many solo concert goers like you, who are also looking for buddies to be with before, during and even after the event.

Make friends with fellow fans. Muster up a huge bunch of courage before the concert, and be ready to initiate a conversation with co-fans, or be ready to entertain those who initiate a conversation with you. Having new friends is fun, and at the same time, you get more relieved that you can be safe because you are walking with someone. Just be mindful also to be safe and smart while meeting new people. 

7 – Let your family know your status in the event.

Something that all solo concert goers must do is letting your family know your status in the event. As your parents allow you to attend that concert all by yourself, don’t make them worry. Text them when you get to the venue. Send them a message just to let them know what you’re doing, who you’re with, and that you’re safe and enjoying. Let them know when you are on the way home as well.

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Enjoy concerts as you should, but do not forget to stay safe all throughout the day too! It would be best to store those concert recollections in your heart without any hint of worry and bad memory. 

Solo concert goers are brave, to be honest! But always keep safe, and be mindful of your surroundings. Even when you are inside the concert arena already, even when everyone around is a fan like you, still do not be overly complacent. Be vigilant and careful. Have fun from beginning to end! 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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