9 Positive Effects Of Steel Structures Like Frames And Trusses

Steel is sturdy, durable, and resistant to most of the hazards that wood trusses are prone to, and it also satisfies the demanding standards for green building certification. The typical price of a steel-framed home is from $9.50 to $11 per square foot or $19,000 to $22,000 for a 2,000-square-foot house in NSW. Trusses and steel frames are a contractor’s and builder’s best friend. Steel frames and trusses in NSW provide several advantages to architects, contractors, and homeowners. Steel roof trusses’ benefits are the same as those of steel construction.  Steel framing typically has a labour cost of around $3 per square foot. In no particular sequence, here are a few benefits of using steel trusses in construction.

According to recent research, one in five Australian houses would be attacked by termites, resulting in astronomical repair or reconstruction expenses.

Safe From The Flames

Steel’s inherent inflammability makes it a good fit for Australia’s environment, which often experiences devastating bushfires. Steel frames are often used for high-security buildings such as schools and nursing homes. The CSIRO Division of Building Research (Victoria) suggests replacing wooden frames and roof trusses with fireproof steel alternatives for increased safety in a house fire.

Solid And Long-Lasting

The likelihood of cracked cornices, bent interior walls, jammed doors, and wavy rooflines is reduced because of the combination of precision engineering and steel’s inherent qualities, which prevent shrinking and warping during construction. Steel-framed houses have less effect on the surrounding landscape because of how easily they can be transported and assembled.


Steel frame prices are comparable to those of other framing materials. Steel frames provide considerable continuing savings, such as:

The Cost of Insurance Will Go Down

  • Price reductions for termite spraying
  • Keeping the cornice from cracking and the nails from popping save money on redecorating and repairs.
  • Less money will be spent on routine structural upkeep.

Adaptability In Design

Steel’s durability and versatility in design make it a suitable material for modern construction, which prioritises open floor plans. The steel frame is the best option for building on sloped or irregularly shaped lots, as well as for other designs that would be problematic with other materials.

Quick And Simple

The steel framework is lightweight and precisely constructed, with pre-punched service holes for plumbing and electrical work. It cuts down on building time and is incredibly user-friendly. They can also be designed to withstand exceptionally high wind uplift ratings, even hurricane-force winds.

Total Immunity To Pests

Timber trusses provide a significant risk in places prone to termite and other wood-boring insect infestations because of their susceptibility to damage from these pests. Wood may be treated to make it more pest-resistant, but this compromises interior air quality and looks terrible on any project that aspires to sustainability or environmental friendliness.


Coatings that prevent fire spread make steel roof trusses nearly indestructible in an accident. A building with people living in it or stores precious items should take this precaution. A higher level of fire resistance is an additional advantage for buildings constructed in places prone to severe weather or seismic activity.


As was indicated at the outset, respected green building certification systems like LEED provide bonus points to steel and metal structures. A significant contributing factor is that steel trusses may include up to 90% recycled material during fabrication and are 100% recyclable when their useful life has ended. It makes them a fantastic environmentally responsible construction material, and they are so long-lasting and seldom need replacement.


The benefits of Steel frames and trusses in NSW often build upon one another. Because of its consistency throughout its lifespan, steel requires less care, and because it can be prefabricated, it can be erected quickly and cheaply. These benefits make steel roof trusses an inexpensive construction choice, particularly considering the money saved throughout the structure’s lifespan due to its durability and longevity.


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