A Guide to Have a Move with Senior Citizens

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It can be difficult to bring down staffing and moving with seniors. You may have lived in the same house for many years and understandably don’t want to leave it behind.

Regardless of whether the senior or family member orchestrates this move, it is important to plan well in advance so that the move goes smoothly. Hiring Best Movers in Dubai helps because they make moving seniors a specialty.

Below is a guide on how to move seniors:

Include the senior in the planning:

Every senior is an individual who has a say in their move. It’s important to involve them in the planning process from start to finish.

You may need help, but you have the right to choose where to move

Give them time to ask questions and raise concerns before a decision is final

Help them plan their new space

Planning their new space is an important step when moving seniors. You should first look at a floor plan of your new home, apartment, or assisted living. Then they should use this floor plan to decide how to design their new home. This will also help seniors realize that downsizing is necessary as their new space is limited.

Help them organize and downsize:

After the seniors’ new home has been selected and the interior decorated, it is time to organize their belongings and help them downsize.

Downsizing is a necessary step when moving seniors

It can be difficult emotionally and physically, so be patient with them

Help them decide what to stop using and how to get rid of items

Help them organize what to give away to families, charities, or to throw away

The reduction can be worthwhile for seniors. It gives them the opportunity to give their property to family members and donate it to charity. Depending on how much stuff they need to get rid of, this step can take a long time, so it should be started months before moving.

If the senior has items that they don’t want to get rid of but that don’t fit in their new home, storage is an option. Best Movers in Dubai offer storage along with their moving services.

Seniors should prepare for moving day:

Seniors can best avoid a stressful moving experience by preparing for moving day. Here are a few questions to address with seniors preparing to move:

  • Have you found a moving company that specializes in moving seniors?
  • Do you need help packing boxes?
  • Can you drive to your new home yourself or do you need transportation?
  • Have you packed a bag with clothes for a few days, all the necessary medicines, snacks, and other amenities?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the relocation process?

These last questions are important because seniors can easily forget to organize transportation to their new home themselves. This is a great opportunity for family members to volunteer to drive them. Familiar faces help alleviate the stress and tension of the moving day.

It is also important that seniors prepare for moving day by packing a travel bag with all of their necessary clothing and medicines. They don’t want to rummage through boxes to find something they need.

Welcome seniors to their new home:

After all of the planning, downsizing, packing, and moving, now is the time to welcome your seniors to their new home. Everyone takes a few days to get used to a new home. This is especially true for seniors.

  • Help seniors create a daily routine in their new space
  • Make sure they know where everything is
  • Make sure they are happy with the way things are arranged
  • Introduce them to their neighbors
  • Take them to places they visit frequently, such as grocery stores and doctor’s offices, so they can get used to their new way of working
  • Stop by them from time to time to see how they are doing in their new home

Involving the seniors in every step of the downsizing and move is key to a successful transfer. It is also important to hire Best Packers in Dubai that can cater to the additional requirements of senior moving. They will guide seniors through every step of the moving process, including packing, moving, and unpacking their belongings with careful care.


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