Why is my add image button not working in WordPress?

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The “Add Media” button is a crucial feature in WordPress that allows users to upload and insert media files into their posts and pages. However, some users have reported that WordPress add media button missing or add image button not working for them. You can simply learn how to add a media button in WordPress. Global Top Trend

What is “Add Media Button” in WordPress?

The “Add Media” button is located in the WordPress editor. you can add media to a post by clicking on the button and select the file you want to upload.

Once the media file has been uploaded, you can insert it to your post or page.

It easy for users to add multimedia content to their WordPress site without having to manually insert code or URLs.

The button also allows customization of the media files, adding captions, alt text, and setting the size of the image.

Why is My Image Tag Not Working – Reasons

There are several possible reasons for the WordPress media library not showing images:-

JavaScript Errors: JavaScript errors can prevent the “Add Media” button from functioning correctly. To resolve this issue, try deactivating any plugins that may be causing the error and clearing your browser cache.

Permission Issues: If you do not have sufficient permissions to upload files, the “Add Media” button may not work. Ensure that your user account has the necessary permissions, or ask your website administrator to check them.

Outdated WordPress Version: Keeping your WordPress site updated is important for security and performance. if your WordPress version is outdated, then the “Add Media” button is stop working.

Incorrect File Types: For upload images and video you have to install first. If you see WordPress media upload not working then it is a big issue for you. Trending Update News

How do I fix the WordPress media library search not working?

To resolve the “Add Media” button not working issue, you can try these steps:

  • Deactivate all plugins and switch to the default WordPress theme.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Update your WordPress site to the latest version.
  • Check the file type of the media you are trying to upload.

If the “Add Media” button still does not work, you may need to seek assistance from your WordPress developer.


The “Add Media” button not working can be a frustrating issue for WordPress users.

You can easily resolved by deactivating plugins, clearing the browser cache, updating WordPress, and checking file types. If the issue persists, it is best to seek professional help.

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