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Mobile App Failure: The 6 Most Common Causes and Solutions

Do you know how many total mobile apps there are in the world? It is 5.4 million. 2.87 million apps are on Google Play Store and 1.96 million apps on Apple App Store for download. 

And you would be surprised to know out of these millions of mobile apps, merely 0.5% of mobile apps have managed to achieve success. 

Majority of mobile apps struggle to gain even a sufficient number of downloads. So why do most mobile apps fail in the market despite having many features? In this article, I have shared the 6 most common causes of mobile app failure and tips on how to avoid them. 

Reason #1: Not Resolving Consumer’s Real Life Problems 

The purpose of developing a mobile application is to provide an effective solution to consumers’ real-life problems. Many app founders highly focus on researching and ideation to build a great problem-solving mobile app concept. But despite this, their apps fail to gain consumers’ attraction. And eventually leads to failure. 

This happens because most app creators don’t put much effort into researching the market and deeply understanding consumers’ needs. Consumers expect a mobile app should provide effective solutions to their current requirements. And if the app is not performing or giving value as per their expectation, consumers won’t show interest in using that app. 

How to Avoid This:  To avoid this factor of mobile app failure you should try to put great effort into the research and ideation process. Don’t try to hurry just to quickly launch your app. First, know what your target audience really needs.  And then accordingly build your app based on customers’ feedback. Best mobile app development company in Dubai keeps a dedicated market research team. They especially work on researching and ideation of app development for their clients.

Reason #2: Lack of Identifying Target Audience 

Every business has a certain target audience that needs particular services. Be it mobile apps or any digital product.  If it doesn’t meet the right person it will tend to mobile app failure. While most app creators build their apps considering a specific section of consumers. 

But their app fails to gain a sufficient number of downloads due to not targeting a large target audience. As a result, the app has to suffer from a low number of downloads which ultimately leads to app failure. 

How to Avoid This: To identify the target audience accurately conduct solid market research. You should check who could be potential users of your mobile app. And based on their requirements and buyer personas you can create the app. 

Reason #3: Lack of Engaging User Experience

User experience (UX) is one of the most decisive factors of mobile app success. If users do not feel excited or engaged while using the app chances are the app needs more improvements. User experience includes how much convenience and ease users feel. Whether the app has a simple or easy-to-use user interface. 

Plus, whether the app has good UX design and gamification features that can hold user’s attraction for a long time. However, many apps genuinely try to offer good UI and design. But their apps fail because they don’t focus on the quality user experience. It should be able to engage users efficiently. 

How to Avoid This: Pay close attention to providing a high-quality user experience (UX) to your users. Make sure your mobile app UX standard contains all modern features that can easily engage users. For this, try to hire mobile app developers from an experienced or leading company who holds proven expertise in this. 

Reason #4: Poor App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is the practice of optimizing mobile apps for improving performance on Google Play and other app stores. App Store is the marketplace of apps where new users come, search and download their apps. 

Here, most app owners make a common mistake. After launching their mobile apps on the app store they don’t pay much attention to what’s going on in the app stores. Whether users are able to find their app on app store searches. Or what reviews and feedback currently users are giving about their apps. 

As a result, it sometimes leads to a negative impact on the reputation as well as searchability of the app. So, it leads to less number of app downloads. Hence, poor app store optimization is one of the most common causes of mobile app failure

How to Avoid This: Take app store optimization as your top priority. Have a dedicated team that watches the performance of your mobile app on app stores. 

Reason #5: Overlooking Mobile App Security Features

Privacy and security is the most sensitive issue in today’s digital world. Consumers may compromise with the features of the app. But they can’t tolerate it if the app doesn’t secure their personal information and offer them privacy. If you see the market reports, the number of cyber threats on mobile apps has increased significantly in the past few years. 

Many mobile apps failed despite having a great number of users after being hit by cyber-attacks and data loss. Hence, no matter how attractive your mobile app is. If your app doesn’t have robust security features that protect users’ personal data and ensure their privacy. There are high chances that users may quit using your app in case of data breach scenario.

How to Avoid this: To ensure high-end security features in your app you can incorporate several things. For example, enabling biometric identification, two-step verification, and FaceID. But the most effective way to ensure mobile app security is to use blockchain technology in mobile apps. Hire blockchain developers that can create high-end security protocols using blockchain in your app. 

Reason #6: Choosing Not Future-Proof Tech Stack 

There are various technologies for mobile app development. From native to cross-platform you can choose a tech stack from a variety of options. And this is where app creators make mistakes which lead to mobile app failure. 

They choose technology that is not future-proof. In case when there is need to update the app and code. Or migrate the app to different technology. The selected tech stack doesn’t provide good support. As a result, apps struggle to upgrade their performance to timely meet users’ needs. 

How to Avoid This: Try to use the best technology for app development. It should be reliable and backed by great support. And for this case, you can pick Flutter, React Native, Swift, and Android Studio. However, at present. Most businesses hire react native app developers for mobile app development since it has good features and is backed by Facebook. 


The success of a mobile app depends on various factors. A mobile app should be able to solve consumer problems effectively. It should timely meet user requirements. And when app owners don’t put much effort into this or ignore its importance. It leads to mobile app failure. 

And these are the 6 most common causes which are significantly responsible for mobile app failure. Hence, if you want to ensure the app’s success, you must avoid these mistakes. Or the best way is to work with a top mobile app development company. 

About the Author

The author is a Senior Mobile App Consultant at MobileCoderz-an award-winning mobile app development company which has delivered various successful mobile apps for leading brands. She provides expert consultation on mobile app development and marketing strategies. Besides this, She conducts webinars among industry leaders and shares her knowledge on leading sites.

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