Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you want to help others learn yoga or improve personal yoga practice, a yoga teacher training does both. The yoga teacher training is an opportunity for you to dive into the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. It is your chance to initiate a massive positive change in other’s lives.

However, you should know that a yoga training is a life-changing experience. Whether you enroll in the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India or any other YTT, there are a lot of changes that happen within you on a mental and spiritual level.

Given below is the complete guide to help you understand registered yoga training in depth. Let us first understand what type of changes the yoga teacher training initiates in you.

How YTT Changes You as an Individual?

If you are someone with no experience of yoga, then signing up for YTT will seem intimidating. You will be vulnerable, but do not worry as that is completely normal.

That said, let us now find out what changes a YTT brings in you.

1. You Will Discover the Inner Voice

Becoming a yoga teacher requires a lot of effort. Therefore, before you start teaching yoga to others, you have to find your inner voice. Remember, you have to stand before a crowd of yoga practitioners who expect you to know everything about this spiritual art.

Yoga experts recommend that you let your emotions flow instead of bottling them up. With practice you will develop a unique voice and teaching method. This will help you stand out from the rest of yoga instructors. You should enroll in the 200 hour yoga training in India to learn about the subtle aspects of yoga.

2. You Will Feel Overwhelmed

Understanding and teaching the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of yoga is no cakewalk. You have to learn the Chakra system, eight limbed path of yoga, not to forget yoga philosophy and its origins.

Just thinking of learning so much seems overwhelming. You should treat the registered yogatraining as a journey and not a test. Do not try to rush the process but focus on one step at a time.

3. Your Priorities Will Change

Enrolling in yoga teacher training is not just about learning and practicing yoga asanas. It is here you learn about the subtle aspects of yoga like proper diet and its effect on the practice. Whether you enroll in a beginner or 500 hour yoga teacher training in India your priorities will change for sure.

With time you are less likely to indulge in unnecessary expenses, junk food, and alcohol. In other words, your life will undergo a 360-degree change.

4. You Will Push the Body to Its Limits

The yoga teacher training will push your body to its limits. Hours of yoga practice would take its toll on the body. However, instead of feeling pain and discomfort you would enjoy these sessions.

Yes! Your body will be sore from the pain but the excitement to learn something new about yoga would not let you give up. In short, this is be a chance to put the physical limits of your body to test.

Therefore, this is how YTT transforms your life on a mental, spiritual, and physical level.

However, to experience this you need to find the right yoga teacher training.

Steps to Choose the Best Yoga Teacher Training

Taking into consideration the above statement, yoga experts have come up with some easy-to-follow steps to help you find the right YTT.

1. Choose a Style & Teacher

Yoga is an ancient art that has evolved into several styles to fit the needs of numerous practitioners. However, it is important that you choose a yoga style which suits your needs and is also in demand. At the same time, look for a yoga teacher who is adept in that particular yoga form.

2. Consider the Cost

Remember, yoga teacher training is a considerable investment. Some YTT also require additional expenses on books and other yoga-related material.

If you come across a YTT course that matches to what you have in mind but a bit expensive, talk to the yoga teacher about reducing the cost of the training.

However, whether you choose the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India or another program make sure the program falls within the set budget.

3. Keep An Eye On YTT Scams

With so many yoga schools around the world, there are some established to rob yoga practitioners of their money. Some of the signs of a bogus yoga teacher training include;

  • Advanced full payment before YTT starts
  • Zero online reviews
  • No refund policy


Want to take up registered yoga training but skeptical if it is worth it or not? You should follow the guidelines mentioned above. Also, as a beginner, you should enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India at a certified yoga school.

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