Best Haircut For Round Face Men

Getting haircuts from barber are tricky, and every individual may not be aware of what haircut suits their face shape. You may like a haircut, but it might not be suitable for your face. Luxury barbers often find it challenging to convince clients what suits them and what will not. There are different face shapes like oval, round, square, diamond, etc. every haircut does not go with every face shape. It is important to consider your face shape while looking for a haircut. Below are some haircuts suitable for round face men;


The haircut leaves volume at the top, but the sides and back are cut or buzzed. This haircut is trending and is suitable for different face shapes. So men with round faces can also opt for this haircut. This cut shows off your facial structure emphasizing your features while you keep the volume and style at the top. It makes you look fresh and trendy. It is casual and formal, so if you dress for work or a casual gathering, you will always stand out. Moreover, it also goes with your hair texture, whether straight, wavy, or curly.

Neat Middle-Part Haircut

A neat middle-part haircut is great for round-faced men as it gives a neat and formal look when done by expert luxury barbers. This haircut is an amazing choice for work. It keeps the locks long on top, making your round face look more oval visually, and your cheeks look skinnier. The haircut has always been in fashion and gives a trendy look. It is appropriate for both formal and informal settings. You can go for a bit longer or short, whatever you like. It was very common years ago, which you can see in 90s movies while still not losing its charm.

Skin Fade

The skin fade is another suitable haircut for round-face men since most guys look for stylish yet low-maintenance haircuts. The skin fade is added to the list for round-face men because it allows you to show skin on the sides and have a little volume at the top. It is different than undercut as undercut does not show too much skin. The skin fade is good for both thin and thick hair types. This haircut also makes your facial structure prominent, giving a neat and trendy look.

Curtain Hairstyle with Spikes

The curtain hairstyle with spikes is stylish and gives a seamless transition to the hair. The haircut frames your face and adds texture to your hair. It can be complemented with a light beard. However, it looks great even with a clean shave. The haircut gives a more casual and stylish look, but it can also be good for a formal look. It makes you stand out, but it can be hard to maintain as you must keep styling your spikes. Although a curtain with spikes makes you look like the most stylish guy in the circle, you will have to use some product to maintain it.

High Volume Side Parted Top

Side parts never go old. It is one of the classiest and most retro haircuts. The side part with volume makes your hair look fuller, and the pushback makes your face prominent. The beard comes in handy if you do not want a clean look. This haircut can also be carried formally or casually. The haircut is suitable for straight or wavy hair. The side part makes the round face look neat. The volume can vary as per your choice. However, it cannot be too low.

Ivy Haircut

An Ivy haircut is suitable for round face men who do not want to show their forehead because their hairline starts too high. The hair in the front part of Ivy haircut is a bit longer, so they cover the forehead slightly. This longer side has to be blow-dried with hair gel. A thick beard with this haircut can change your jawline and potentially give your face a rectangular look. However, it looks equally good with a clean shave. You can leave your hair falling on your forehead or set them up with a gel. The cut is neat so it can be carried formally as well.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is the lowest maintenance cut for lazy round-face men who want to look stylish. The cut leaves very small hair all over the head; however, the hair length is shorter on the sides and back. One can also leave the same length all across the head. Celebrities like Nick Jonas have made this haircut popular. It makes your facial structure prominent, and you do not want any high maintenance, which is the best part about this haircut. Buzz look also works as both formal and casual.

Brushed Up Pompadour

If you have thin hair, you can go for Brushed Up Pompadour. It will look pitch-perfect for rocking thin hair. It gives a fuller, richer look as the hair from the middle is brushed up, making the forehead clean and giving high volume. The haircut looks great on a round face. However, it requires high maintenance. You need hair gel or other products to keep your hair brushed up. You have to keep redoing the hair as well

Garrett Clayton’s Side Swept

It is messy but gives an amazing look. Long-side swept hair is low maintenance, needs no products except shampoo, and is trendy. One can use a little hair spray to make it look even better. However, it can work even without that. The haircut gives a smart look to a round face; if you like long hair, it is great.

Slicked back

A slicked-back haircut may feel slightly dated but interesting and looks good on a round face. It is classy if you want to bring some old times to the room. It makes you look neat and stylish. You will need hair gel to push the hair backward, but it is not very hard to maintain.

It is hard to find a suitable haircut when you have a round face. The blog lists the best haircuts for round-face men.

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