In recent years, a special symbol has appeared that has literally invaded all social networks; it is a common pad (#) that is put before any word, takes the name of the hashtag.


What are hashtags?


Hashtags have become popular thanks to Twitter, while Facebook started using them only in 2013. Twitter added this function to group the different messages present on the platform, and its operation is very banal, you just have to insert a simple word preceded by the pound sign, and you’re done!

In Instagram, the operation is very similar, but instead of the messages, the images are gathered. Through a progression of hashtags embedded in the depiction of a photograph, every client can see a similar photograph just by embedding the watchword relating to the hashtag in the search bar of the platform.

For example, if in the description of a photo on the beach we use the hashtag “#playa”, all those who type the word “beach” in the search engine will also find that photo among the results.


Origin of hashtag


The invention of hashtags is due to Chris Messina, a lawyer from San Francisco, while the first user was Nate Ritter, who in 2007 used the hashtags in a post that described the fires that were occurring in the San Diego area at that time.

Later, in 2010, Twitter integrated this function into its platform and in the following years, the other social ones also adapted to this new trend.


Why are they so important?


Essentially, hashtags order the ever more chaotic world of social networks.

With an ever-growing number of users and an even greater volume of data and information to compile, hashtags simplify the job by allowing us to find specific arguments using just a few keywords.

So, it is clear that, without a hashtag, finding particular information would be like entering a shopping center and seeing all the merchandise mixed together, without a logical arrangement.


How to use hashtags on Instagram?


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Therefore, using hashtags is essential, especially if used in a logical way. With these precautions, you will be able to make your photos extremely popular.

Alternatively, it is possible to quickly increase your notoriety in this social by buying real Instagram followers and likes for a few Euros, making your profile more credible and prestigious. By the way, usually people more frequently follow profiles with a discrete number of interactions from other users.

The description for each photo can be up to 2,200 characters long, although just a few lines may be sufficient. On the other hand, the allowed hashtags for each photo are a maximum of 30; it would be better to insert at least five and if we can reach the maximum limit, the entire better!

NB You do not have to insert invented hashtags, better to use precise words that describe the photo well.


The best Instagram hashtags


There are some hashtags that are more appropriate than others to embed in photographs transferred to Instagram, and they can be isolated into classifications. How about we see which are the most well-known hashtags dependent on the typology of the photograph. NB Many terms are in English that is on the grounds that they are generally utilized globally paying little mind to language.


Best friendship hashtags


Para la category familiar: #brother, #children, #dad, #FAM, #family, #father, #kids, #mom, #mother, #sister’s.


Majors hashtags Selfie


#eyes, #face, #hair, #instaselfie, #life, #selfie, #selfie time.


Best hashtags with animals


#animal, #animals, #dog, #cat, #fauna, #nature, #aquarium, #farm, #field, #riders, #wild.


Best landscapes, nature hashtags


#ocean side, #beauty, #clouds, #nature, #sky, #sunrise, #sunset, #green, #sun, #warm, #last night, #night sky,

#moon, #bloom, #blossoms, #floral, #flower, #worldbestgram, #worldtravelpics, #horizon, #sand, #sea, #seascape,

#shore, #cold, #frost, #snow, #instars in, #rain, #rainy-day.


Best hashtags for parties, birthdays, events


#commemoration, #bay, #cake, #candle, #wedding, #bride, #celebrate, #ceremony, #instated, #marriage, #party,

#chill, #chilling, #instant, #music, #party, #smile, #summer vacation, #vacation time, #holiday, #explore, #gravel,

#instatravelling, #travel, #trip.


Best hashtags about photography in general


We conclude with a couple more tips on how to identify the hashtags with the most potential:

The first is to counsel the Top Hashtag site in whose Instagram segment you will track down every one of the most involved labels on the planet.

Then again, the second is extremely practical, truth be told, you just need to download a cell phone application called TagsForLikes, and afterward,

you can consequently embed a progression of labels at the foundation of the photograph typology.

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