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We started a new tradition of taking my father to Prince Edward Island to celebrate Father’s Day and his birthday (which are both a week apart) last year, and we couldn’t wait to do it again this year. Last year’s visit can be found here and here. This year, we added to the fun by staying the night at the Anne Shirley Motel and Cottages in Cavendish, one of our favorite places.

It was a fantastic option because it meant we had more time to visit more beaches, eat more fresh seafood and enjoy a spectacular sunset. Looking to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature this summer? PEI has great beaches, beautiful parks, breathtaking views, and beautiful red clay roads that will take you all across the island. So, get packed, book air canada reservations online and save up to 45% off on every flight till the last minute. Are you prepared to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure when you see these natural treasures that PEI has to offer. Have a look:

Greenwich National Park

Explore Greenwich National Park’s towering parabolic dune system and unwind on its exquisite white sand beaches. The parabolic dunes are home to a diverse range of rare plant species, and the phenomenon is extremely uncommon in North America. Take a dip in the water and relax on the smooth sand. The beach has supervised swimming and picnic spaces during the summer. The three hiking routes will take you to remote forested areas with views of abandoned agricultural fields and a spectacular vista of Bowley Pond.

Confederation Trail

Just wait until you see the Confederation Trail if you think your neighborhood bike trail is cool. This disused train route that extends from one end of Prince Edward Island to the other is now a 435-kilometer walking, cycling, and snowmobile trail. For everyone who enjoys the outdoors, the Confederation Trail is a must-see. Every year, thousands of cyclists visit the path, and a number of local guides and excursions guarantee that you are as comfortable as possible on two wheels. Over 1,900 geocache locations are found along the trail, making for a fun challenge if you’re in the mood to explore, regardless of how you’re traveling it. The trail also passes through a variety of seaside settlements, allowing you to bounce from one to the other.

Red Clay Soil

The characteristic red clay soil that the province is known for may be found all around PEI. Drive the lovely red dirt roads that wind their way around the island, past lush Acadian forests and abundant agriculture. The reddest beaches on PEI can be seen on Argyle Shore. The iron oxide on the sand at Argyle Shore can literally turn white garments rusty red, Also Read:- Expedia customer support phone number.

Panmure Island Provincial Park

Panmure Island is a beach lover’s paradise, with one of PEI’s most popular white-sand beaches. Relax on the white sand beaches and take a dip in the sea. Bring your camping gear and spend the night beside St. Mary’s Bay relaxing. The island also hosts an annual Pow Wow, which draws visitors from all over Eastern Canada. 

Confederation Bridge

The 12.9-kilometer Confederation Bridge is an engineering marvel, and it is the world’s longest bridge that spans seasonally ice-covered lakes. The curved bridge, known locally as the “Fixed Link,” connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick and the rest of Canada, allowing visitors to drive to the island instead of using the ferry. A shuttle transports passengers and bicycles across the bridge if they are not traveling by car.

Cows Creamery

When tasty ice cream and cow puns are combined, what do you get? An utterly fantastic time was had by everybody. (Excuse me for a moment while I go have a good chuckle.) Spend your summer evenings at Cows Creamery, just outside of Charlottetown, eating wonderful ice cream. All of their ice creams are created with high-quality ingredients and local milk.

Knox’s Dam

Knox’s Dam is located off the main path near Victoria Cross. Knox’s Dam was built as part of a gristmill and later became part of Montague’s electrical power generating facility in the early 1800s. Today, you can spend the day watching sea trout and salmon leap from the fish ladder, fishing, or taking pictures near a waterfall.

Basin Head Provincial Park

Basin Head Provincial Park is home to one of Canada’s top beaches to visit. What’s not to appreciate about a 14-kilometer stretch of white sand beach with warm summer waters? The fine sand squeaks as your feet walk on it, earning the beach the nickname “singing sands.” Visit the Basin Head Fisheries Museum after a day at the beach to learn about the history of local fisheries. Fishermen used to chase their catch straight off the coasts before beachgoers took over the region.


Prince Edward Island, one of Canada’s four Atlantic provinces, is known for its beautiful scenery and welcoming people. PEI, known for its red-sand beaches and delectable seafood, has something for everyone. Don’t think much, plan your trip to Canada with AirlinesMap and try visiting each of the above-listed places on your next trip to Prince Edward Island. Happy Vacation!


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