How to Choose the Best Mobile Learning Platform

best mobile learning platform

Today, everyone in your office probably has a smart phone. This phone isn’t just to stay connected to everyone else through calls and messages but also to watch videos, listen to music, read up on the news, etc. When there’s so much you can do on your phone, why not use it for training too? Whether its training an employee in how to use a specialized piece of machinery or upgrading their existing skill set, you can do it all with a mobile learning app. And, of course, you deserve the best mobile learning platform. There are countless options available today. So, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Here are a few questions that can help you make the right choice.

Find out what types of content are supported

When you’re teaching a typical workshop, you don’t limit yourself to a single medium. You teach by talking to the participants, showing then a video, sharing written material, etc. So, why should you limit yourself to a single medium for online learning. Look for an app that allows you to share information in different mediums. You may want to share a pdf file about the company history when onboarding new employees and a video when teaching employees about processes and systems. Also look into the different languages supported by the app. This allows you to publish material in languages the participants are most comfortable with.

Pick a platform that’s scalable

For a company to succeed, it’s product range and team must keep growing. When you were starting out, you might have handled all the social marketing on your own. But, after a few years, you may feel the need to have a dedicated team for this effort. It would be very impractical to have to keep moving to new platforms depending on the number of people on your team. Thus, look for an app that can scale up and down easily. You should be able to use the same platform for 10 employees as well as 1000 employees.

Look for elements of gamification

Today, the best mobile learning platform is one that includes elements of gamification in its design. This makes the process of learning a new skill feel more interesting and engaging. For example, like video games have levels, the learning modules could also be structured into levels. Participants must complete the modules on one level to be able to proceed to the next. You could also use gamification elements such as progress boards and ladder boards. This shows the participants how much of a module they’ve completed and how much is left as well as where they stand in comparison to their peers. In addition to making the experience more engaging, it also encourages healthy competition. These boards also serve as feedback. At a glance, they tell you the status of all participants.

What is the reward system?

Whether you talk of children or adults, everyone likes being rewarded for their efforts. A good reward system encourages people to perseverance with their learning path. This is even more important with mobile learning as all the participants are going through the material in isolation. Rewards could be given on completion of a level or passing a quiz at the end of a module. Participants could be rewarded with a badge that is displayed on their profile. Alternatively, you could use a system of in-app currency. This currency can be used to purchase tools in the app that help progress along levels in the future. Even though this currency has no value in the real world, it acts as a great incentive.

Choose a platform that permits personalization

Lastly, ensure that the app has the ability to personalized the experience for the company and the participants. At company level, this means that you should be able to publish your brand logo on all the pages and customize the colour palete to match your grand colours. At the participant level, look into whether all participants can create their own avatars. This makes them feel connected to the platform and encourages then to stay engaged. They should also be able to personalize the landing page to show courses that are relevant to them rather than having to sift through hundreds of videos to find the one thats right for them.

In conclusion

Irrespective of the sector you specialize in, mobile learning is the way forward. It allows all employees to learn new skills at their own pace and at a time and place convenient to them. To make sure that your employees get the most benefits from the learning experience, you must choose the best mobile learning platform for them. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to find a platform that your employees are excited to use.


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