Best Place To See The Northern Lights 2022

For many experiencing the beauty of the Northern Lights is something that figures high in their bucket list, the spectacle is just quite something and words often fall short to describe one of nature’s best kept phenomenal beauty. 


The best time to see the Northern Lights/Aurora is between December to March as long hours of darkness and the cloud-free skies ensure the best visibility. But to soak in the view in its full bloom there are certain places that provide a better look, so here’s a compilation of the best place to See the northern lights in 2022.


1. Northern Light Cruise, Alaska

With the added delight of being on Cruise what adds more to this pleasant cruise aboard Queen Elizabeth is the sight of clear mesmerizing aurora light during August and September. Alaska is also the Aurora Oval where See The Northern Lights are the most seen. The best way to visit this place choose Alaska Airlines Booking online anytime.

2. Artic Bath Hotel And Spa, Sweden

The Hotel has been designed by Bertil Harstrom and Johan Kaupp and is not a just spectacle in itself but deals in all modern comforts. It is an ode to relaxation and class and works for hand in glove with the untouched scenic beauty of nature. 


The Summer Season session starts from June to October and the Winter Session starts from November to April.

3. Northern Lights And Arctic Cultures Trip, Arctic Canada

Natural Habitat Adventures has introduced its very first Arctic Expedition catered towards Women only. For women who wish to experience their next step of the adventure, the Seven Day Northern Lights and Arctic Culture Trip could just be the next very thing. 


Apart from the pleasure of viewing the lights, it provides for an authentic arctic adventure that one is likely not to forget.

4. North Pole Igloos Hotel

For those who want to practically ensure their view of the Northern Light, there’s no better foolproof plan than the Luxury Action’s North Pole Igloos Hotel. Patrons get to stay in heated glass igloos that ensure a full view of the immaculate skies outside but inside the comfort of their beds.

5. Butterfield And Robinson

Among the many offerings by Butterfield and Robinson, their all-new collations include cold weather expeditions that offer Northern Light Viewing. In the Alaskan package, patrons will get to ride snowmobiles, mush dog sleds and kick back in comfortable private hot springs right under the glamor of the dancing northern lights. 

6. Hidden Iceland

Hidden Island’s tour package “Golden Circle: Platinum Tour with Northern Lights” offers the best mix of recreation and enterprise within the golden sequence region of Iceland all in one.


The tour package is ideal for families or private trips as this has been conveniently set up to get the best of your adventure while avoiding crowds. It involves visiting a UNESCO Heritage Site Þingvellir National Park, Friðheimar Tomato Farm and the Gullfoss waterfall.


At the end of the trip, patrons get to visit the Secret Lagoon, one of Iceland’s oldest geothermal hot pools accompanied by the final cherry on top with a search for the Northern Lights. 

7. Yellowknife, Canada

Yellowknife, also differently known as the “Aurora Capital of North America” visitors have a 95% of encountering an aurora. The area is located under the Aurora Oval which is known to have the most powerful geomagnetic activity occurring in some of the most mesmerizing and most brilliant auroras.

8. Treehotel, Sweden

Located in Northern Sweden, with 6 modern treehouses installed into the natural pine trees, visitors can get a bird’s eye view of the northern lights. The treehouses are constructed in various shapes like a UFO, Bird’s Nest, mirrored cube, dragonfly etc.


The latest installation called the “7th Room” offers a panoramic window view of the surrounding area and comes with cozy amenities and temperature control to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable for up to 5 people.


The Tree House was designed by a Norwegian firm, Snöhetta.

9. 7 Feels Hotel

Located in the village of Äkäslompolo in the Ylläs, Finnish Lapland. 7 Fells Hostel is a great choice for an affordable stay, costing just around $30 for a night, it is definitely one of the most pocket-friendly stays to experience the Northern light.  The best thing is that you reach this palace also in a pocket-friendly way just visit the Volaris Airlines Official Website and book your flight.

10. The Lodge At Black Rapids, Alaska

One of the more off-the-grid options on this list, The Lodge at Black Rapids is a hidden gem that operates year-round. The Lodge is a two-story hotel with 10 private guest rooms that are all each individually and tastefully designed, coupled with modern comforts to ensure the patron’s best stay here.

11. Svart, Norway

Started by Arctic Adventure of Norway, the company intends to become a leading pioneer in the field of sustainable tourism. It offers unique propositions to its guest that might not even occur to them at first, all in the lap of care and modern luxury. 

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Due to its location i.e. within the Arctic circle and the unique structural layout, the Svart also makes a great Best Place To See The Northern Lights.

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