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There is no denying that being a doctor is one of the noblest and toughest jobs on the planet. After all, it is not solely about saving lives and leading people to better health, but also involves proper patient care and timely appointment scheduling. So, modern healthcare practitioners need a medical app for doctors that can ease out their workload considerably. Here are the ten options to consider in this regard. 

1. Bajaj Finserv Health App 

If you are looking for a one-stop mobile app for doctors for online consultation, Bajaj Finserv Health App is one of the best app for you. It will help you in storing all the patient records, handling appointments, and delivering repetitive prescriptions making So, download the app today to make things easy for you. 


  • Consult patients through video, chat, and calls 
  • Store all the patient details in one place 
  • Manage multi-mode consultations 

2. Practo 

This medical app for doctors for online consultation offers an easy process of registration to help the doctors manage their profiles and book appointments. There is also an option for the patients to leave their reviews. 


  • Easy scheduling of online appointments 
  • Check the total profile views and chat directly with patients 
  • Reading the latest articles from other healthcare experts 

3. Medscape 

Medscape used to be an online news website, and now it is found on both iOS and Android. It lets the doctors know all about the latest research and studies in the field of medical science. Apart from doctors, even nurses and students rely on the app. So, download the app today to make things easy for you


  • Accessing advanced medical studies 
  • Medical news with clinical references 
  • On-demand courses for the practicing doctors 

4. Curofy 

Curofy is a popular app among doctors that offers suggestions to review and understand complicated cases for proper diagnostics. They will get to access real-life cases from different categories through the latest medical journals and reports. So, download the app today to make things easy for you


  • Discussion platform for healthcare professionals  
  • Huge collection of medical journals 
  • Ease of acquiring medical loans and devices 

5. Amion 

Amiron is considered in one of the apps for healthcare professionals that helps them to manage their daily schedules. They can manage their shifts effectively to serve the patients properly. The auto-schedule feature lets them get assignments, receive special requests, set up appointments, and more.  


  • Integrate the shift with peer schedule 
  • Manage a complete clinic or hospital 
  • Provides different scheduling templates 

6. Epocrates 

Epocrates helps doctors by offering the most accurate and safest treatment details in real-time. Doctors rely on the app for detailed disease info, clinical norms, and alternative medicines. Different guidelines depending on past instances and patient-based details remain correlated in this app to offer good care to the patients. 


  • Easier to take clinical conclusions 
  • Offer instant reports for different illnesses 
  • Instant access to a huge database 

7. UpToDate 

The app aids in finding the answers to complicated clinical cases. After the information gets in the medical literature, the users are notified about the latest development. 


  • Timely updates and advanced search options 
  • Helpful in getting patient education 
  • Graphic search options  

8. Pepid 

Physicians in the emergency room depending on this clinical support application. Swifter analysis of symptoms helps the app to offer the right diagnosis. It also detects probable diseases based on lab results and existing symptoms. If you are looking for something more than an online consultation medical app for doctors in India, Pepid is a good choice. So, download the app today to make things easy for you. 


  • Real-time and genuine information 
  • Access medical studies 
  • Wide-ranging modules and data 

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9. DocsApp 

DocsApp is a popular telemedicine medical app for doctors in India. It contains a network of more than 500 doctors who can help you out in case of any ailment.  So, download the app today to make things easy for you and your patients.


  • A network of well-reputed doctors 
  • Order medicines and lab tests 
  • Get health tips from specialists 

10.  DocOnline 

You can create your account on DocOnline and add your family members to your account. It lets you book appointments through a video or phone call to get your medical prescription. You can book diagnostic tests and medicines here as well. 


  • Consultations for you and your family 
  • Easy to book diagnostic tests 
  • Get medicines delivered to your doorstep 

The endnote 

These ten apps will definitely help in easing out the pressure of your noble profession and help you deliver better care. So, download the app today to make things easy for you and your patients.


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