Are Instagram Stories a Good Idea for Your Business?

Are Instagram Stories a Good Idea for Your Business?

Instagram Stories are now available and have already Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia become a huge hit. Instagram Stories are almost identical to Snapchat stories. Users can now share photos and videos with their followers, which will disappear after 24hrs.

Many brands, influencers, and content creators are confused by the new feature. Should you use Instagram Stories or Snapchat?

With Instagram engagement dropping by 33% and the introduction of the new Instagram algorithm feed, both marketers and users began to look toward the next big thing: Snapchat.

Everyone was worried that Instagram would be the next Facebook’s paid-to-play platform. So everyone set about growing their Snapchat audiences.

As brands scrambling for ideas on what they would use the new channel for, “behind-the-scenes” content and puppy filters suddenly became crucial to your social media strategy. All of us believed that being relevant on Snapchat was essential. Then, Instagram Stories came along.

Snapchat is a great tool for business, but it can be difficult to find people to follow and can’t browse content as casually as you can on Instagram. You can only view Snapchat stories if you add the user to your friend list. This is difficult.

It is necessary to know the username of the user, which may be different from other social media handles. Snapchat also doesn’t have a search function. You have to do some work in order to add someone to Snapchat.

Instagram Stories are almost identical to Snapchat

Influencers, brands, and content creators spend years building their Instagram following. However, it has been difficult for them to move their hard-earned followers to Snapchat.

You’ve seen people add their Snapchat name in their Instagram bios, tease Snapchat content on Instagram or simply post their Snapchat ghost. (Remember those two weeks where you couldn’t access social media without seeing a yellow QR code? ).

Instagram Stories: The Amazing Reach

Instagram Stories is a better option than Snapchat because you don’t have to create new audiences. You can share Snapchat-like content to all your followers with a click of a button.

And Instagram Stories will automatically get you more reach than Snapchat, considering that Instagram has more than 500 million monthly active users.

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, says that you can have huge audiences if your account is a business or celebrity. It’s going to be very different.

It does because Instagram stories have a pretty amazing reach. Later’s first Instagram Story received over 8000 views with almost no effort. Our best Snapchat Story got only 500 views and was work. We were thrilled at the time:

Our Snapchat was growing by approximately 200 followers per week (roughly 1600 total), and our stories were getting 30% more views. What about now?

It seems absurd to spend so much time and effort on growing Snapchat when we could be getting 10x more engagement and reach with Instagram Stories.

However, Instagram Stories just launched this week and we aren’t sure if it will be a huge success. Instagram Stories must be useful for individuals, not businesses.

It is essential that people love sharing stories on Instagram and want to see other people’s, even brand stories.

Snapchat is Still Not Here

Snapchat is still Instagram. However, putting Snapchat in Instagram does not change the fact that Instagram is Instagram. The people you follow and interact on Instagram are likely to be different from the Snapchat users.

Instagram is the highlight reel of your life, with perfectly curated moments that you will cherish forever. Snapchat is the exact opposite — it was originally a “sexting app.”

Chat created an environment that was fun and casual, where people didn’t worry about sharing what they shared. Snapchat is known for its selfie filters, face swaps, cute stickers, and other fun content.

This is completely different from Instagram’s beautifully edited, over-filtered world. Teens delete Instagram posts if there aren’t enough likes.

Plus, your mom is on Instagram. Snapchat users account for 73%. SThis allows teens and young adults to be themselves without any parental supervision.

Here  allows people to be less worried about what they post, as opposed to the public Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Jay Melilli, a Snapchat personality, posted a story stating that Instagram is still too public for his taste. He explained that Snapchat was more comfortable than Instagram sharing his daily life.

Example of Sephora Snapchats

It’s hard to imagine teens or millennials sharing content on Instagram as they would on Snapchat. This is because moms can’t creep you on Snapchat without you being added first. Instagram Stories are very public.

You don’t have to follow someone to see their story. Instead, you can tap the avatar on any Instagram profile to see what’s happening. Snapchat Stories is used by more than 100 million people every week (more than Twitter).

Instagram Stories can still work for your business. It’s a great tool that adults will love. Anyone who is familiar with Snapchat, but has never tried it, or has struggled to understand its functions, will love “snap chatting,” on Instagram.

Instagram Stories is a great option if your target market is not young adults. You can easily engage your audience, answer questions, show new products, and market your business using Instagram Stories. It doesn’t take much effort to convert Instagram followers to Snapchat friends.

You also don’t need ongoing Snapchat content to make it worthwhile. Instead, you can invest your time in growing your Instagram audience and then just have fun with them on Instagram when you feel like it. Let’s face facts: Snapchat is hard to use for business.

Don’t lose heart if your business has had success on Snapchat or is just starting to. Engaged communities are more valuable than video views. Your Instagram followers didn’t opt-in for your story as did your Snapchat followers. Your Snapchat-like content might not interest the people who follow your Instagram account. They are following you to see your brand, photos, and style, not your personality on camera.

It’s all about your community

Jeff Mindell, a photographer and social media influencer who is also great at Snapchat, posted several videos about the topic on his Instagram and Snapchat stories when Instagram Stories was released. He was like many content creators and wasn’t sure where to invest his time or effort. He decided that Snapchat was not going anywhere, despite his Instagram stories getting more views.

“It’s not about the numbers for me. Jeff stated that it’s all about the community. When I think about it, I didn’t make the conscious decision not to follow 300 people on their Instagram version. He said that it felt like the decision was made suddenly for him. “I don’t mean to say that I won’t use the new Instagram Stories. I wouldn’t lie if I said it wasn’t cool. But it’s not where I have my most loyal audience.”

What does all this mean for you? Each business is unique, so it all comes down to you and your customers. Keep up the good work on Snapchat. If you have an older audience and aren’t using Snapchat, or are not seeing success with it, it might be time to get serious about your Instagram strategy.

Vine has taught us one thing. Instagram isn’t  an insignificant threat. Although Instagram video is second-nature to the platform, it was initially introduced to challenge buymalaysianfollowers Vine’s popularity in video-sharing. Instagram Stories has brought new life to Instagram. While I love Snapchat, it is important to consider why Snapchat you would like to be there before you commit to the platform. It might be because you are afraid of missing the next big thing.

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