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Fujifilm X-T30 II vs X-S10: which mid-budget mirrorless camera to choose

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks for advice on a stylish compact mirrorless – X-series from Fujifilm. For a long time, the X-T30 dominated the mid-budget segment, but then it was replaced by the more recent X-S10.

The company recently released the updated X-T30 II, and now the question of choosing between the two models has become much more difficult. Let’s figure out together what to buy – Fujifilm X-T30 II or Fujifilm X-S10.

What’s new in the Fujifilm X-T30 II

Design and screen

The designers did not make any external changes. Even the number “two” did not appear on the front panel, which would be quite logical. The fact that this is the second version can only be recognized by the sticker on the battery door.

There were some physical changes though: the company updated the rear display. It’s now a modern 1.62M-dot panel – a decent upgrade from the original 1.04M-dot screen.


The insides of the camera, or rather, its RAM, received a big update. Exactly how much RAM they added is unknown, but the update eliminated some bottlenecks in the system.

First of all, the buffer has increased. When shooting at 8fps in lossless compressed RAW (lossless compressed RAW files), the original X-T30 shot 18 shots before slowing down. The second version can take 23 pictures. At this frame rate, the difference is minimal.

If we shoot already at 5 fps (a perfectly justified speed for, say, street photography or wedding photography) in the same format, the old camera gives 23 frames, and the new one allows you to take twice as many shots – 46. And this is already significant …


The X-T30 used an already outdated AF tracking system. Not to say that it is terrible, but in comparison with modern devices, it clearly lacks tenacity and “hits”.

The second generation uses an updated system, the same as in the older model of the X-T4 series. Now, during tracking, the screen displays not a bunch of incomprehensible blinking green squares covering the subject from head to toe, but one quite clear square – it became much clearer when the subject is in focus. And of course, the camera now has an excellent hit rate. A much-needed update.

Film Simulation Modes

Fujiki has always been famous for pleasant colors in JPEG, and different film simulation modes (JPEGs are shot immediately with a picture that imitates the company’s classic films) is one of the ways to quickly get a beautiful frame without additional processing.

The original X-T30 did not have one of the most interesting films – Classic Neg, and in the second it appeared. The beloved Eterna Bleach Bypass was also added.


There are a few small updates here. The first X-T30 could shoot with an F-log profile (a special dim low-contrast profile for subsequent color correction). At the same time, in the preview that you saw on the screen during the shooting, everything was the same dull and low-contrast, so it was impossible to even roughly understand how the picture would look after the color picker.

In the new version, the F-log Assist menu item has appeared, which, as an example, adds a basic color picker – the picture is more contrasting, so it will be easier for you to understand what you will get in the end.

There is also an option for shooting at 1080p at 240 fps – an interesting option for super slow motion, but to be honest, the picture in this mode is soft and the quality sags.


As we can see, there have been no radical changes in the camera (maybe that’s why Fujifilm hesitated to add a new digit to the body?).

Small updates, of course, raise the original 2018 camera to the current technological level, but I can’t call the model especially “new”.

If you already own an X-T30, you definitely don’t need to update. If you are just planning to buy a Fujifilm mid-budget device, you should first look at the similarly priced X-S10.

Fujifilm X-T30 II vs X-S10


At one time, the Japanese showed a lot of new and interesting things in the X-S10, but first of all, the camera was remembered for its unexpected appearance for Fujifilm. Prior to this, the X-series was a model of retro nostalgia: all models looked like film cameras. They have a variety of manual dials (including the classic shutter speed dial) and a film-based philosophy of controls.

The X-S10 is strikingly different. She has the ergonomics of a DSLR and the corresponding buttons (unmarked command dials and a standard dial for shooting modes instead of a bunch of separate levers for each setting).

At the same time, the weight and size of the cameras are about the same, but the X-S10 has a much more pronounced grip. And this can be considered a significant plus, because the grip of the X-T30 (II) is quite nominal, which is why the “safety cord” should always hang on your wrist or around your neck.

So before the appearance of the second X-T30. The disposition in the line was something like this: if you want a mid-budget device in a retro-style – you lose a few important technological innovations if you want modern autofocus – you get a camera in the style of a DSLR and without a film vibe.

And this is where the X-T30 II comes on the scene with all the modern goodies. However, the internals of the X-T30 II and X-S10 are not the same either.


The viewfinders in the cameras are either identical or very similar, so there is nothing to compare here. But the rear screen is the first major difference between the models.

And while the X-T30 II’s redesigned 1.62M dots outperform the X-S10’s 1.04M dot display in terms of detail. The X-S10 boasts a full swivel mechanism. This is, in our opinion, a much more versatile option, especially for video than the usual tilting display of retro dudes.

So before the appearance of the second X-T30, the disposition in the line was something like this: if you want a mid-budget device in a retro-style – you lose a few important technological innovations if you want modern autofocus – you get a camera in the style of a DSLR and without a film vibe.

And this is where the X-T30 II comes on the scene with all the modern goodies. However, the internals of the X-T30 II and X-S10 are not the same either.


Improving the buffer X-T30 II “beats” not only the first generation of the model but also the performance of the X-S10. Both cameras can shoot 8fps burst with a mechanical shutter, but the improved buffer of the X-T30 II allows 23 RAW frames at a time, while the X-S10 only takes 18 frames, just like the original X-T30 (with a buffer when shooting 5 fps is the same).


Although the cameras use similar technologies, the X-S10 is more versatile in this regard.

First, the X-T30 II is still equipped with the old 2.5mm audio jack. That is, to connect a microphone, you will have to look for a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm adapter. Headphones are connected via a USB adapter.

The X-S10 has a standard 3.5 mm jack and the same USB headphone jack.

Secondly, camera overheating performance is very important for video shooting. When shooting in 4K at 24p (200Mbps), the X-T30 II can last 28 minutes to overheat, while the X-S10 can last 44 minutes. A tangible advantage.


But the main difference between the devices lies elsewhere. Unlike the X-T30 II, the X-S10 has a built-in stabilization system. And for the X-system, this is a very serious advantage. because Fujifilm has a bunch of cool sharp fixes in which there is no optical stabilization. And the fact that you can stabilize the image right in the camera gives. You great advantages in both photography and video shooting.


The Fujifilm X-T30 II best camera for outdoor photography is a much-needed technical update to the beloved camera, but by no means revolutionary. The update raises the model to one technological level with other modern Fujifilm cameras – this is its main task.

At the same time, having paid a little more than 10 thousand, you can buy an X-S10 similar in format and characteristics. But with a built-in stabilization system. And this system is worth it. But the X-T30 II also has a couple of advantages – a larger buffer and screen resolution. But if you’ve already fallen in love with the retro look of the X-T30 II. You’re unlikely to be seduced by some kind of stabilizer. And if tactile dials and film nostalgia are not the main points of your program, then the X-S10 looks a little more versatile.

Managing wintertime holiday season stress

The holidays are the most difficult time of the year for people to find how to manage stress and to stay on a healthy eating regime. These two things go hand in hand really – as during this time of year there is much over-eating and many sugary foods consumed which contributes to body stress. The reason for this is that sugar robs the body of its vitamins and minerals. Most people do not consider nutrition at this time of year as they normally would because there is so much food prepared by others that is irresistible. Managing wintertime holiday season stress

Usually, there are Christmas holiday gatherings and celebrations with lots of sweets, like cookies, cakes, pies, eggnog, sweet coffee drinks and other sweet drinks and desserts that only come around once a year as tradition has it.

This is also a time when many feel they deserve to eat as they want because it is a festive time with family and friends.

How to manage the holiday stress:

– Think about eating sweet treats a few times a week instead of everyday.

– Eating sweets or sugary foods makes you want to have more of it. Consuming more sugar leads to a wider crave. Sugar addiction is a real and very problematic issue (This includes high fructose corn syrup). Sugar depresses the immune system. The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you develop – causing skin damage. That is the reason why you need to find healthy alternatives.

– Cut back the sugar in all recipes. Instead of a cup of sugar add only ¾ of a cup. You will enjoy the taste much more. In fact, you will actually taste what you are eating if it has less sugar in it.

– Take B vitamin complex to calm nerves.

– Always eat fresh fruits and vegetables for the enzymes that your body requires. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables also works to bring the body back to an alkaline position (healthy position) rather than an acid position (disease position).

– Think about eating and drinking in smaller portions.

– Remember to drink lots of water to wash all those sweets through and through. Sugar addiction is a real and very problematic issue (This includes high fructose corn syrup). Sugar depresses the immune system. The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you develop – causing skin damage. That is the reason why you need to find healthy alternatives.

– A little sauce, butter or gravy can go a long way – stretch it.

– Wear clothing that is snug and you’ll likely eat less – Hold that tummy in – and you will feel better for it.

– Serve yourself in smaller portions, and eat slower.

– Can you eat without a second helping? Save calories and you will not feel stuffed.

– If you are preparing dinner and have tons of food – send some food home with your guests, or;

– Deliver a plate of food to an elderly neighbor or to someone who might need it or appreciate it. It Is better to give than to receive.

– Ask your relatives or friends to bring friends so there are not a lot of leftovers. And, the more the merrier!

– Draw names and exchange gifts with just one other adult or exchange gifts family to family instead of buying for everyone. Keep a limit or range on the dollar amount you will spend. Keep the name you drew a secret!

– Write a story – as a secret exchange – write a serious or funny story about another instead of exchanging gifts – and read it aloud on Christmas. This will greatly boost someone’s self-esteem!

– Buy gifts for the children only – Adults – just appreciate each other’s company.

– Go online to invite your friend and colleague using Christmas flyers, online Christmas invitation cards, etc.

– Make a gift instead of buying it. Avoid the malls, traffic, stress, etc.

– Do not over do it by cramming your day with a TO DO LIST!

– Get out and do some exercise and be with yourself for a while. Climb a mountain, swim the ocean, walk around the block and stop to look at the moon and stars. Live your life a little!

– Sleep properly and adequately – Sleep deprivation causes stress on the body – The best hour of sleep is between 11 P.M. and midnight.

– Other great ways to relieve stress – take a breather and meditate for 10 minutes while lying down – or just take a cat nap for 10 minutes. Remember to Breath. Set your timer.

– If you feel so inclined, Pray, for forgiveness, for others, for yourself and your family.

Express Love & Gratitude every day – for who and what you have in your life. You and they are special and unique. The people in your life are there for a reason – for your growth or their growth.

And allow yourself to have fun with family and friends!! Laugh a lot! Order and share healthy desserts that are baked with organic ingredients from Bakingo – cake bakery in Bangalore with your family and friends!

Shop for the best fans from the havells brand

With the advancement of technology, now you can buy a fan online. A good fan also helps to have a sound sleep which will keep you mentally and physically fit. A havells fan price is also affordable, so this article is about various Havells made fan products.

Best Fans From Havells

Available for the best price online, the latest fans for your roof come in different varieties. Be it a wall fan, ceiling fan, table fan, exhaust or a personal fan, the entire range from Havells is built with the best materials to give optimum, Embrace your choices with options like premium under light, Top Havells Fans · Havells SS 390 Metallic Ceiling Fan Sparkle Brown 48″ · Havells Spartz 3 Blade Ceiling Fan. As far as the Havells ceiling fan price list and Havells pedestal fans price is concerned, rest assured, we strive to provide a wide catalogue.

Havells Leganza 4 Blade 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Leganza is a ceiling fan that needs corded electricity as its power source. The mounting type of this fan is a down rod mount. Havells Fans for bedrooms as well as the dining room of up to 100 square feet is the perfect one for your home. The four blades deliver superior quality air circulation while indoors. 

The sweep speed of the fan is 1200 mm, and the airflow is 230 CMM. The HPLV motor also works on low voltage. There is no remote control in this fan, and the item model name is Leganza. The company covers a 2 years warranty on manufacturer defects.

Havells Stealth Air Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is made up of three aerodynamic aluminium blades, which delivers superior quality air. The air delivery of this fan is 280 CMM. The motor speed of this fan is 350 RPM which swiftly circulates the air inside the room. 

The blade sweep size is 1230 mm, and it consumes 70 watts. The unique features of this fan are that it is super silent and does not make any noise while working. 

So it is suitable for both the home and the office area. As ceiling fans generally catch dust to avoid that this fan is coated with dust and mark resistant. There is a 2 years warranty on manufacturer defects by Havells.

Havells Sameera Wall Fan

The model name of this product is Sameera, and it is a wall fan which means it is suitable to install it on the wall rather than on the ceiling. The fan is made up of fibre material, and it has three-speed settings. 

There are three blades in the fan, and it consumes 50 watts. The motor coil is made up of copper, and the speed of the motor is 1360 RPM. It supports reversible rotation, which means it can swing, but it does not have a remote. Havells provides 2 years on-site warranty on the product.

Havells Wind Storm Pedestal Fan

This fan is a 3 blade pedestal fan, and the model name is Wind Storm. The motor coil of the fan is made up of copper, and the speed of the motor is 1350 RPM. It is 18 inches long, so it is suitable for dining and study rooms.

Havells Wind Storm Pedestal fan does not support reversible rotation, and it does not come with a remote, but it has three-speed settings. The premium looking fan blade sweeps size is 500 mm. This pedestal fan power consumption level is 175 watts, and the company covers 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects only. 

Havells Efficiencia Neo Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan comes with 3 blades where the blade sweeps size is 1200 mm. It comprises a BLDC motor, which saves nearly 65 % more power than a regular ceiling fan.

The motor speed of the fan is 350 RPM, and 26 watts is its power consumption. This ceiling fan comes with a remote, and it has a 5-speed setting which you can operate with the help of the remote. The company provides 2 years warranty on the manufacturer defect.

Efficiency Neo · Power Consumption. Least power-consuming fan – 26 W per hour only, Run 3 times longer than regular fan while on invertor power, 65% power.

This article provides the details of all ceiling, pedestal, and wall-mounted Havells fans. All these fans are available online, which you can buy with the help of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, which offers No Cost EMI and zeroes down payment and repayment within a tenor of 3 to 24 months.

Conculsion | Best Fans From Havells

If you are planning to buy a new ceiling fan or an extra table fan to beat the heat, you can buy a fan online, and havells fan price is very affordable to beat the heat with a quality product. Available for the best price online, the latest fans for your roof come in different varieties. Embrace your choices with options like premium. Be it a wall fan, ceiling fan, table fan, exhaust or a personal fan, the entire range from Havells is built with the best materials to give optimum.

Do they fresh flowers delivery Even At Midnight?

The delivery of the flowers is the most welcomed one by the people of surat as they are having the option of getting them anytime. They can simply purchase the flower bouquet that they want without any issue. There are various models of flower arrangement gifts, boxes, and bouquets. These are decorated with luxurious flowers which will be special one when it is gifted to your loved ones.  The fresh flowers delivery in surat is within two hours of the online order and also without any damage. These items are completely packed and they will be delivered at the right time.

Is it easy to get the flower delivered at nighttime?

When you are the person having the events or the anniversary and want to gift your life partner or the girlfriend, friends, or relatives then you can simply use this service. This service is provided by the experts and so they will deliver them without any damage. Even during the nighttime, you will find that these flowers which are seen in the website pictures will look the same in the real also. This is the memorable one for your special person as the floral gift will keep up the bond increased. Instead of worrying about not being able to attend the function or with the special ones during the auspicious day you can simply use the gadget and order them. The items will be delivered at the right time and this is a hassle-free moment.

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How comfortable is it to make the payment?

The online delivery of the service does not need the delivery charge. But they need the amount of the money for the particular item. So when you are having the internet banking option, credit card, debit card, and the others are present then you can simply make the payment. This is simply fast and secure and your information will be safe. You can also use the cash on delivery option if you want. The gifting of flowers will be an unforgettable moment and increases the love easily.

Does the delivery boy ask for an extra charge?

The fresh flowers delivery in surat will be in the few hours and also it is fresher with the good aroma. You can able to get the delivery in the customized and the hand made manner. These delivery options will make the customers get addicted to the service immediately. Whether you are going to attend any of the functions or other events. Then you can simply order the items and they will be delivered correctly. You can also use the customization option that helps you to get the flower bouquet written with the names over it. The cost of the items will be less when you compare with the offline shops. Also the delivery is completely free. These delivery people will behave politely and also they will maintain punctuality in delivering the flowers without any damage or the loss of aroma or freshness.

Cake that have always been delicious! Let’s know-how?

Spring Festival Season is here, and that means that we will all enjoy eating delicious cakes. If you have not yet tasted the delicious flavour of baking, you are missing out on your chance to try these irresistible desserts. Such cakes hold a special place in our hearts and our favourites, and why do we love and appreciate it so much?

All the beautiful things in the world look great when cakes are made. Just imagine eating wonderful treats and fruits on beautiful cakes that are incredibly delicious.

Cake that have always been delicious

Eating delicious cakes doesn’t end there. It gives us colossal fuel to help explore our taste buds in the right way. From sour milk-based to incredible juices, there are so many options for you to choose from. Try some of these delectable recipes that you could surely try in your online cake delivery shop today: 

Savoury Crispy Artisanal Cake

For people who are not adventurous and need nothing for aesthetic presentation, this perfect pie and baked good cake is for you. That is a challenging cake!

The cake features a mushroom and a pumpkin pie core, and the filling is crisp and fresh. It is perfect for fans of alfredo pies and great for celebrations. The pecorino romano cream frosting and the medley of colours are also excellent to add a touch of pizzaz and botanical artistry. What’s more? The cake tastes so good that you will not know what to do with it? To top it off, we could suggest a short title for this cake. 

Pretty, Refreshing and Spoiling Cake

This sweet cake gives you a great taste of summer and is fabulous on all tastebuds. It is an ideal and simple cake. The cake is sweet and elegant, and all you have to do is decorate it with a garnish of fruit and lemon curd and decorate the top with a mini can of good quality berries. It is the model way to spend the summer.

Blossom Deeply Juiced Coconut Chocolate Cake:

This beautiful cake is for the fan of cheesecake. The perfect cake for persons who are not fond of typical cheesecake. Just take the cake out of the oven, and when you look at it, you will see it white, fluffy, ganache-like with layers of chocolate cake and caramelised marshmallow, and it has tiny a cupcake-sized glaze of sugary coconut mousse. It is phenomenal.


This beautiful cake is for people who are fans of fantasy. You don’t have to waste too much time to see why it is in so many eyes and a lot of ways. It is an ideal cake for the passionate and longing to do something new and wake up in a dream world with their hands open to chocolate to their mouths. Find out some good cakes for different kinds of celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings just by order anniversary cake online and find out some good items for you and your mates.


Unique, exquisite and prepared with a dash of the savoury mix. This is how it is to kickstart a perfect dessert. People cannot get enough of beautiful delicacies, and this cake comes with a tale that will undoubtedly be remembered forever. This cake is the perfect one for dessert lovers. 

Blazing Goodness

You get the feeling of a Michelin star cake within you. This cake is perfect for fans of assorted sandwiches, delicious baked goods, and candy. The cake has a beautiful DIY vibe in its themes. The cake is glazed with large beads of edible powder and seems more than just a cake. It is an edible crystal.


Why make the kitchen dirty with your knife and forks when you can always eat an entire cake! Tasty feet pastry cream cheese is a mouthwatering delight. This cupcake offers a warm and lovely pastry, perfect for everyone. In my opinion, we have tried so many fabulous cakes, and we have always been impressed by how beautiful they look.

we can’t wait to try and enjoy one of these fantastic cakes. You can quickly tell which one you are treating yourself to. Take care of your cake but don’t do it on such a colossal scale. And if you want to try some delicious recipes, don’t forget to do your research ahead of time! Go out and find your favourite places. We are thankful for your time here, and hopefully, you have got over what were you looking for. Thanks for your patience.