Best Tips to score good marks in class 12 accountancy new syllabus

Accountancy gives students good knowledge about business accounts and company accounts. On the other hand, Class 12 accountancy is basic accounting and methodology. Also, through this, students get to know various analyses and accounting information about an organization.

Moreover, the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus focuses on improving a fundamental understanding of the nature and objective of accounting data. Also, it gives students an idea of its application in business operations. Moreover, students’ logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and judgmental prospects improve as a result of this. Additionally,  Class 12 Accountancy includes a variety of examples to help students understand and learn concepts quickly.

Moreover, as per the CBSE board, some financial information and essential accounting tools provide class 12 commerce students. As previously stated, the Accountancy Class 12 syllabus is divided into three parts, one of which is optional. Moreover, students will gain a better understanding of what the three sections contain and how to prepare for their final examination in this portion.

Things to Note Being an Accountancy Student

Accountancy is one of the most important subjects for students in the commerce stream. Moreover, it can be a scoring subject when a student understands the concepts and equations.

Also, please focus on the previous year’s question pattern of accountancy and repeatedly practice it. Moreover, give regular time to theory parts of accountancy.

Moreover, always try to complete most of the parts of your Class 12 accountancy syllabus before 2 to 3 months of the exam. Additionally, put more attention to numerical accountancy and always try to solve problems in a short period.

Additionally, it is not so easy to score good numbers in class 12 commerce. However, one can achieve a good number if they follow some essential tips, which discuss below.

Class 12 Accountancy Curriculum

As per the CBSE syllabus for class 12 accountancy, there are two terms for Class 12 Accountancy students. But in the class 12 accountancy syllabus 2021-21, some topics were deleted in both terms.

Account class 12 deleted syllabus for term 1 is

Unit Topic Deduction
ACCOUNTING FOR PARTNERSHIP FIRMS 3 ADMISSION OF A PARTNER Adjustment of capital accounts and preparation of balance sheet

Reduce syllabus of accounts class 12 is

Unit Topic Deduction
ACCOUNTING FOR NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS RETIREMENT AND DEATH OF A PARTNER 1. adjustment of capital accounts2. Preparation of loan account of the retiring partner3. Preparation of deceased partner’s capital account and his executor’s account
ACCOUNTING FOR NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS ACCOUNTING FOR DEBENTURES 1. Redemption of debentures-Methods: Lump sum, draw of lots.2. Creation of Debenture Redemption Reserve.3. Investment in Debenture Redemption Investment
Part b Tools of Financial Statement Analysis 1. Cash flow analysis,2. Ratio Analysis

After deducting some syllabus, here is the new syllabus for class 12 students. Moreover, students should keep a note of the revised syllabus and start preparing accordingly.

Term 1 CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus and Marks Distribution 2021-22

Accountancy (Code No. 055) Class-XII (2021-22)

Theory: 40 Marks

Duration: 90 minute

Units Term 1 (MCQ Based Question Paper) Marks
Part A Accounting for Partnership Firms
1 Fundamentals 18
2 Change In Profit Sharing Ratio
3 Admission Of A Partner
1 Company Accounts: Accounting For Shares 12
Part B Analysis of Financial Statement
Financial Statement of a Company(i) Statement of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet in the prescribed form with major headings and subheadings (as per Schedule III to the Companies Act, 2013)(ii) Tools of Analysis – Ratio Analysis 10
Accounting Ratios
Computerized Accounting 10
Overview 0f Computerised Accounting SystemAccounting Application of Electronic Spreadsheet
Total Theory 40
Project Work (Part -1) 10

Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus and Marks Distribution 2021-22

Accountancy (Code No. 055) Class-XII (2021-22)

Theory: 40 Marks

Units Term 2 Marks
Part A Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organisations 10
1 Accounting for Partnership Firm 12
2 Retirement And Death Of A Partner
3 Dissolution Of Partnership Firms
1 Company Accounts: Accounting For Debentures 08
Part B Analysis of Financial Statement
Financial Statement of a Company(i) Comparative And Common Size Statements 10
Cash Flow Statement
Computerized Accounting 10
Using Computerised Accounting SystemDatabase Management System
Total Theory 40
Project Work (Part -2) 10

Project Work for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Term 1

Apart from the Term 1 examination, there is Project Work also for Term 1. Also, students need to put equal importance to the project work beside their Term 1 exam.

Particulars Marks
Written Test (based on Project – Accounting Ratios) 6
Practical file 2
Viva (Ratio Analysis) 2

Project Work for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Term 2

Additionally, there is also scope here for additional project work. Moreover, it also involves the same tasks. This involves preparing a project file, taking a written exam, and participating in a Viva. Moreover, students can also consider the CBSE guidelines for more information on their entire project.

Particulars Marks
Written Test (based on Comparative Statements and Common Size Statement and Cash Flow statement) 6
Practical file 2
Viva (Comparative Statements and Common Size Statement and Cashflow Statement) 2

Tips to scoring the highest marks

To secure good marks in class 12 accountancy, you have to follow the updated syllabus provided by CBSE. Yet it is challenging to complete the total syllabus in a short period.

However, if you want to secure a good percentage, you must follow the below tips:

  • You have to follow the NCERT books for your CBSE board strictly. Because you get an updated syllabus through this.
  • Additionally, make a good schedule for your study and also make a timetable for different subjects.
  • Accountancy students must solve at least ten sample question papers.
  • Moreover, students should maintain an appropriate time in accordance with the board’s guidelines. Additionally, ensure, you don’t waste too much time on a sum. Because, you won’t be able to solve the entire paper on time.
  • Moreover, a commerce student, in particular, should have a great command of calculations, which can only be obtained through practice. This not only helps save time but moreover ensures that the answer is correct.
  • Additionally, the sequence of all sections of a question is essential. Also, the answer must be attempted in that sequence and in one spot. As a result, the examiner can locate all the required solutions in one place.
  • Also, students ought to be cautious and vigilant about the formats of various questions.
  • Since working notes receive marks, students must present them very tidily near the solution.
  • Another important tip for students is to meticulously read the question and convey the response to the point. Moreover, writing additional amount will not get you marks. Moreover, it will only waste time. Consider this: if the question only requires a capital account, there is no point in preparing the financial statement at the same time. Similarly, if only journal entries are required, do not begin preparing the ledger account.
  • Also, prevent overwriting and slashing in the fair work at all costs. Moreover, if necessary, delete the inaccurate work all at once. Additionally, start to rewrite the entire answer.
  • Also, join an excellent online class for which you can solve all your doubts about accountancy.

Online classes help in scoring the highest marks

Accounting is a very crucial subject. Also, it takes time to understand it. However, of a student gets proper guidance and complete knowledge from experts, then they secure good marks. Nowadays, many institutes offer online classes for accountancy. Moreover, if a student joins an online course, they will be able to solve any problematic accountancy questions. Additionally, the recorded videos of online courses also help the students to understand topics repeatedly. Also, you will get PDFs of every chapter through online classes, which clear your all doubts.

Vidya setu – The Best Online Classes

Vidya setu is one of the most acceptable places where you can learn deep things about class 12 accountancy. Here are all the topics covered as per the updated syllabus of CBSE. Also, Vidya setu provides online accounts classes, doubt solving sessions, and revision videos to class 12 students. Additionally, here students also get PPT of different chapters, which help them in theories of the accounts. Also, students will get live classes. Additionally there are live doubt solving sessions, online chapter-wise study materials, revision classes before board exams from Vidya setu online classes. Moreover, Vidya setu online classes also provide personalized lessons and practice tests to the students. On the other hand, the experts of accounts are help students to secure good numbers in their board exams.


Class 12 board exam is very necessary for students. So, to secure a good percentage in accounts, you must join Vidya setu online classes. Also, there you get enough facilities to improve your knowledge in accounting. Moreover, you can clear all your concepts with the help of the Vidya setu online class. Additionally, you can get a comfortable study environment with Vidya setu online classes. So, do not waste your time joining the class 12 accounts online class of Vidya setu to score 90% above marks in your class 12 accountancy.

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