Coping with anxiety and stress during pregnancy

Not that taking too much stress and anxiety is ever healthy, but it is especially not recommended during pregnancy –we know, easier said than done.

There are many stresses in the lives of mothers. The most salient is perhaps the concern for the baby; are you doing everything possible to ensure a healthy environment for the baby? Then, there is the matter of health. Pregnancy is not an easy time for the mother’s body, and anything could go wrong.

Similarly, there are the stresses of the day-to-day existence as well. All these can then take toll on the mental health of the mother. Unfortunately, you cannot also take medication without the approval of a gynecologist doctor in Lahore, as the medicines can have an ill impact on the life of the baby.

But at the same time, stress and anxiety cannot be allowed to run amok. That too is not healthy for the mother, or the baby.

The best thing to do in this regard is coming up with different coping strategies and mechanisms that don’t endanger the baby yet helping the mental state of the mother.

Coping with anxiety and stress during pregnancy

Deep breathing

When you are feeling stressed and anxious, your body perceives itself to be in danger. This then causes rapid breathing and heart rate. One way then to control this stress response is by practicing breathing exercises.

Something as simple as taking slow and deep breaths can be helpful. However, you can also try different breathing techniques to find what works best for your body.


Journaling is a great way to destress. As you pen your thoughts, the chaos in the brain gets quieter. It also gives perspective as well. Journaling also aids in touching base with your soul and self. It also helps to filter out all the absurd scenarios that otherwise give so much stress.

There are different journaling techniques that focus more on certain elements like gratitude that you can explore for yourself and see which works best to cater to your anxieties. 

Physical release

It is not true that pregnant women should not be physically active. On the contrary, being sedentary is unhealthy for them. So, try to move around. Not only will this offer you health benefits, but it will also aid in channeling all the bottled-up stress and anxieties.

Some activities that are helpful include walking, prenatal yoga etc. However, to be safe, discuss with your doctor first since certain conditions are not conducive to exercising.


When you are stress and anxious, your muscles also respond to it. The painful knots form, serving as a reminder of your fragile mental state.

Massage is a great way to remedy this problem. It helps in relaxing the mind and the body, so the tension that your muscles are holding on to gets released as well.

Sleep is important

Lack of quality sleep and rest can also cause increase in anxieties and stresses. So, make sure that your practice sleep hygiene to ensure that you get the requisite shuteye. If you are having trouble with sleep, consult your doctor.

Tell your friends and family

Rather than bottling everything up inside yourself, and giving yourself undue pressure, it might help to talk to your loved ones. People can offer you perspective that you otherwise lacked.

Similarly, talking it about can help dispel your doubts and qualms. Pep talk by your friends and family can be a great balm for your perturbed soul. Moreover, when you tell them you are not doing well, they also will be there for you more often. This way, you know you have people whom you can count on.

Discuss it with your doctor

If your interventions are still not helpful towards abating your mental anguish, then perhaps you should talk to your doctor at Hashmanis Hospital.

stress during pregnancy

Some women experience few symptoms during pregnancy, but your anxiety may increase. In the end, everything you worry about is beyond your control. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect brain chemistry. This might be cause for concern.

Pregnancy is also a changeable time. Some of these feelings and emotions are welcome, while others are very uncomfortable and scary. There may be complications or other problems that keep you awake at night.

Signs of stress you can experience during pregnancy

It’s normal to feel some level of anxiety during pregnancy. After all, the process may be completely new to you. You may have had a miscarriage in the past and that can worry you. However, if these worries start to interfere with your daily life, you may start to worry.

Features include;

You will feel an uncontrollable calm
worrying about things, especially your health or children
inability to concentrate
trouble or annoyance
muscles become tense
I had a bad dream
Sometimes anxiety disorders can lead to panic attacks. These attacks can start very suddenly and progress with the symptoms described above. During a panic attack, physical symptoms can make things worse.

Panic attack symptoms include;

I can’t breathe.
They look crazy.
Feels like something terrible is about to happen
stress during pregnancy
While anyone can experience anxiety during pregnancy, there are several potential risk factors.

family history of anxiety or panic attacks
Personal history of anxiety, panic attacks, or depression
has a rear shock
use certain illegal drugs
Daily life is too stressful
Treating Depression During Pregnancy
Mild anxiety disorder usually doesn’t require special treatment, but it’s best to let your doctor know how you’re feeling.

stress of pregnancy

when talking about pregnancy Expect some level of stress. After all, sometimes uncertainty is part of the journey. But more importantly, it’s part of being human. We all worry to some degree and pregnancy is no different.

“[In fact] about 15 percent of pregnant women have symptoms of pregnancy anxiety,” says Andrea Chisholm, MD, FACOG, director of the Cody Area Health Rural Medicine Clinic in Cody, Wyoming.

Some people worry about whether they will be good parents or not. While some people are concerned about how their relationship with their spouse will change. Some people may be concerned about how to balance children and work. Or how to pay for everything you want?

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