Custom Printed Packaging Boxes: Printing Methods and Techniques

In today’s business world, the packaging is a necessity. In order to get your product from point A to point B safely and in style, packaging boxes are necessary. There are many types of packaging that you can choose from for your packaging needs. Custom printed packaging boxes being one of them.

Custom printed packaging boxes offer a unique opportunity for businesses. Because they allow the company to brand their packaging with their logo. And other important information about the company on it. However, not all printing techniques will work.

This blog post will go into detail about the different printing methods. And how they affect custom printed packaging box design. So that you can make an informed decision when choosing which technique works best for your business needs!

Importance of Custom Printed Packages:

The packaging and shipping industry is a huge part of the business world. It’s one of those businesses that not many people think about. But it plays an integral role in keeping products safe. During transport as well as making sure your customers find their boxes easily at home or work.

Custom printed packaging boxes are no different from regular packaging. They help convey who you are and what you do to create brand recognition with potential clients. However, there are other benefits to custom printed packaging over standard packaging:

  • Helping increase product sales by putting more emphasis on branding (custom printing) versus plain packaging
  • Promote new initiatives like limited-edition holiday flavors (custom printing) versus old designs
  • Rebrand existing packages for improved aesthetics (custom printed boxes) versus old packaging
  • Custom printed packaging boxes are an extremely effective marketing tool that creates the perfect branding opportunity.

There are several other benefits that come with these packages. So, use these packages to expand your business in the market.

Printing Techniques

Printing technique plays a vital role in delivering quality printing results for your business. There are many options when it comes to choosing a printing technique for your custom boxes. The trendy ones are:

  • PMS
  • CMYK
  • RGB


PMS stands for ‘Pantone matching system.’ This technique comes with deep shades of colors. You will need to make use of two or more spot color plates to print packaging boxes using this method. However, the downside is that your packaging design has limitations in terms of variety and customizability compared to other techniques.


CMYK refers to four process colors- cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These are primary printing ink colors used by printers worldwide irrespective of their brand name or model number specifications. They come under secondary printing technology but can give you excellent results if applied correctly on packaging materials like corrugated cardboard sheets, etcetera.


This is a digital printing technique that requires the packaging design to be in the form of a digital file. It gives your packaging boxes unlimited flexibility with respect to colors and customizability, but you will have limitations when it comes to the packaging design size. Moreover, you will not be able to print using CMYK process colors as RGB is a digital technique and does not work with printer plates like traditional printing techniques.

Package Printing Techniques:

These are different packaging printing techniques that can help you create unique custom printed packaging boxes for various purposes.

However, they also require a lot of planning and attention to detail in order to ensure their success. The following will discuss three popular printing techniques for custom packaging: screen printing, digital printing, and pad print labeling.

Screen Printing for Customized Packages:

The process of screen-printing involves using mesh screens with openings matching up with your design’s artwork on them called stencils. These stencils allow ink or other coloring substances through onto your packaging box surface, creating images or text designs you desire. This is done by applying pressure with squeegees over the top of each individual screen after adding the ink to the lower portion of each screen.

Digital Printing for Customized Packages:

The process of digital printing also involves using stencils like screen-printing, but instead, they are used in conjunction with a computer and printer. Once your packaging artwork is created on this type of software, it can then be printed onto any surface that will accept pigment, including packaging boxes or cardboard sheets similar to what you would use for packaging purposes.

It’s crucial when considering custom packaging boxes through digital printing methods to make sure you find the right kind of printer and media (the material being printed upon) as most printers can only print onto specifically made cardstock. If not available, some recommend laminating the packaging box before application as another option that could be considered.

Which Printing Technique and Method You Should Choose for Your Packages?

As packaging printing is becoming more and more popular, packaging box manufacturers are coming up with new ways to print custom packaging boxes.

Even though it would be nice if there was only one method of packaging printed used by all manufacturing companies, unfortunately, this isn’t the case as each technique has its own pros and cons. If you have an interest in finding out which printing methods or techniques should suit your business needs, read on!

You should opt for digital printing because this type of product allows for an unlimited number of colors that can be printed onto any surface, including plastic materials like vinyl products. It also produces high-quality results. Additionally, digital printers use UV technology. So they cure the ink instantly when printing onto a material allowing for fast processing times. However, since this technique is useful for different packaging stocks, so you should definitely go for these packaging boxes.

Moreover, I prefer the CMYK printing method because it is the most popular printing technique in the packaging industry. Additionally, this type of product is suitable with different packaging boxes and materials. However, CMYK does not allow for an unlimited number of colors, but you will get accurate color matching that has a consistent appearance across all printed pieces produced on a CMYK press.There are several companies that provide these services. Choose a reliable box printing service that can provide you up-to-the-mark printing results for your packages.

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