Debunking 5 Myths On Osteoporosis

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Bone health is real and should be taken care of more with the increase in age. It is said that women after the age of 40 should start taking calcium and vitamin D in order to make their bones stronger. But do we know who said it and why we should believe it? Just like that, there is a huge load of information that is being spread on the internet regarding a lot of diseases, osteoporosis is one of them. 

According to the best orthopedic doctor in Lahore, low bone density is what indicates osteoporosis.  It often goes untreated because of the misinformation that has been spread among people. There is no clearance about what’s true and what is made up. Let me make it easy and clear for you to understand osteoporosis once and for all by debunking the misconceptions and myths that are spread among people. All thanks to the internet. 

Myth 1: Drinking a lot of milk can treat your osteoporosis

There is no doubt about the daily intake of milk in your diet. It provides you with the basic amount of calcium that is needed to function normally but to associate it with the treatment of a disease is completely wrong. 

This should be made clear to people that calcium is only one part of the diet that is taken to keep bone health in shape. It has nothing to do with bringing back the bones in shape that have been deformed because of osteoporosis. It is very essential to add dairy products to your diet like milk, cheese, yogurt, and even cream but do not depend on this stuff by thinking that this is the only way to keep the bones healthy. 

Myth 2: Osteoporosis shows clear symptoms

This is the biggest misconception that has spread among people. It is thought that there are some certain kinds of symptoms that are shown you the people who have osteoporosis. On the contrary, a lot of people don’t even know when they suffer from osteoporosis. This is because of the reason that it doesn’t show clear symptoms. 

It is mostly unable to be diagnosed until a person gets one or two ones fractured. For some people, if they get lucky they get to know about their lower bone density. Which then makes it susceptible for the person to get the bones checked properly. It is mostly diagnosed at an advanced stage when it has done its job clearly. 

Myth 3: The effects can never be slowed down 

It is known to a lot of people that osteoporosis is not something that can be reversed or fully treated. It should be kept in mind that issues like these are always managed with time, these can never be eradicated completely. You can keep on taking your recommended dose of vitamin D and calcium can keep yourself active by indulging in games and also can make some lifestyle changes that can minimize the risk of you getting affected by osteoporosis.

Myth 4: People of older age are more prone to osteoporosis

This is completely false. It is thought this way because there are a lot of people who suffer from osteoporosis at a later age in life, however, it should be kept in mind that one of the symptoms of osteoporosis is weak bones, and having weak bones have no association with old age. 

It is very much possible to have weak bones in your youth too. There is no age limit to having weak bones. The strength does decline with age but the weakness can be in your bones from the day you have been born. 

Myth 5: Only women are capable of developing osteoporosis

It is written nowhere that women are more prone to get affected by osteoporosis. It can happen to anyone at any point in time in their lives. Just because men don’t have post-menopausal symptoms doesn’t mean that they can suffer from osteoporosis. Any person who has a lesser mass density can suffer from osteoporosis.  


It is very important for everyone to have proper know-how bout a disease that they are suffering from. Also with the spread of information on the internet. It has been very difficult for people to understand what is true and what isn’t. Hope this article helped you as it dispelled a lot of myths regarding osteoporosis.




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