Dental Implants and Their Utility

Dental Implants and Their Utility

Dentists are quite high in demand right now due to many reasons. The lifestyles of people have changed very much over the past few years that has led to an increased number of problems related to our teeth. No matter what your age is, you are prone to such conditions if you don’t follow a proper sanitation routine. Most people don’t have enough time to pay proper attention to their teeth in the morning. Prolonged habits like this may lead you to such conditions. Apart from all the basics, we will also talk about dental implants, in particular.

When do we need a dental implant?

The dental implant is a surgical method where dental roots are fixed into the jaw bone. This is a very common procedure that is essential to those who have damaged roots or other such causes. These roots are permanently fixed to the jaw bone which can support either fixed or removable teeth tops based on the requirements and needs of the person. In most cases, the replacement is chosen that matches the natural teeth of the person.

Major advantages of dental implants

Before you opt for any procedure or resource, you should be well aware of the advantages associated with it. Here, we will talk about a few advantages of dental implants.

  • It adds convenience to the chewing process. The biggest discomfort that a tooth cavity causes is while you chew your food.
  • It improves your dental health in the long term. Unlike tooth bridges where adjacent teeth are affected in the process, the dental implants have nothing to do with adjacent teeth and hence your overall oral health is maintained.
  • Dental implants are highly durable. The structure of implants and the surgical method is such that they are highly durable. If you follow the norms, it may last longer. In fact, they may last a lifetime.

What is the success rate of these implants?

Any process whether surgical or diagnostic has a certain success rate. The dental implants are quite successful in this case. The success rate, in this case, is about 98%. Due to such a success rate, people opt for this method on a wide scale.

Who should opt for these implants?

Some prerequisites are there for every medical procedure no matter how seriously you need it. If you are planning to go for dental implant surgery, you should have healthy gums and enough jaw bone to support the implant. In case, you are a smoker, had a radiation therapy for your neck or head, a patient of diabetes or heart disease, you should be evaluated before the surgery begins. Talking to your dentist in quite a bit of detail is highly important.

Cost of dental implants

Cost is the most important factor to be considered in any medical procedure. That is why talking about cost becomes highly important. We can’t be sure of the exact cost involved in this process as there are several factors that decide the cost. Single implants may cost you around 25000 to 50000 INR while the full mouth implant will cost you between 500000 to 800000 INR.

Where should you head for the best treatment in this category?

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