Different Beautiful Kinds Of Diwali Candles


The festival of lights is precisely incomplete without lighting up some Diwali candles. What makes all the Indian festivals so joyous are the cultures, traditions and rituals etched to that festival. Diwali aka Deepawali is no different in this sense. The ritual to decorate the homes with Diwali diyas, candles and lights, on this auspicious day tends to make everything better and thereby to destroy the darkness that reigned upon our lives. Diwali candles bring out the very essence of hip and happening Diwali celebrations. Some even like to pamper their dear ones with a beautiful set of Diwali candle to express their heartfelt Diwali wishes. There are different traditional yet modern Diwali candles that can make a gorgeous addition to your Diwali decorations as well as suits well for gifting.


  • Scented Diwali Candle – As the name quite suggests, these candles tend to spread calm, positive yet festive vibes of Diwali with its aroma. They are designed in a manner so that they grab everyone’s attention when lit up. Their charm and fragrance is sure to make your Diwali celebrations super special, hence bring home.
  • Sparkling Diwali Candle – With the glorious sparks of the fire flames, these sparkling Diwali candle look somewhat like crackers( when burnt) but are not as harmful as them. They look pretty charming and gift-worthy and are sure to make your Diwali bright and sparkling, for sure with their wonderful appeal.
  • Designer Diwali Candle – Designer candles are the poshest of them all. They have a pretty sophisticated appeal and make a great token of love and regards to help you brighten up your loved one’s homes. There are many kinds of designer Diwali candles made available, as per your budget you can gift your dear ones.
  • Tea light Diwali Candle – Tea light Diwali candles are a go-to for most of the people on Diwali as they last longer and spread happiness through their aroma. They are made of high quality wax and are safe to light some crackers with.
  • Gel Diwali Candle – Usually comes placed in some petite glass containers, gel diwali candles contain coloured gel in them. They beautify your home to the core with their unmatched appeal and at the same time, make great decorative items.
  • Flower Diwali Candle – This one kind of Diwali candles are very much in trend. Made with some wax and ornamental flowers, these flower candles are perfect to be placed in one’s rangolis. They come placed in mini glass containers filled with wax. Sunflowers, roses, lilies and other such flower diwali candles are winning people’s hearts this year.
  • Cylindrical Diwali Candle – The tall cylindrical candle which comes molded in tall glass shaped containers are a major hit during Diwali season. Cylindrical candles are also known as pillar candles. These candles can even be molded into various wax sculptures of gods and goddesses to help you and your loved ones dive deep into the spiritual festive vibes.
  • Handmade Diwali Candle – Coming in various shapes and sizes like that of various fruits such as apple, orange, mango, lemon etc., handmade Diwali candle are sure to boost up the festive spirit. They are coloured in some bright colors which is why they are seen to beautify the entire ambience with their presence, once lighted.
  • Terracotta Cup Candles – Made with terracotta, these cup candles tend to add their ethnic charm to our Diwali celebrations and festivities. These candles are eco friendly and come in their original brown colour. Some like to hand paint these candles in their own way. They have this simplistic, earthen appeal which simply has got no competition from its fellow kinds.


So, these were some of the numerous types of candles that are currently flooding the Diwali markets. Diwali is absolutely incomplete without celebrating it over these candles. So go ahead and make your pick online or offline at some potter’s store before these run out of stocks.

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