Different YTT Courses? How to Choose the Best Yoga Course?

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The availability of a plethora of yoga courses made it hard for beginners to choose the right yoga course. Therefore, to ensure you enroll in the right place, here is the list of some of the top yoga teacher training (YTT) courses.

Once you check out the YTT courses, don’t forget to read the tips that might help you choose the perfect yoga course. Read on.

Different YTT Courses

200 Hour YTT

200 hour yoga teacher training is the first step in your lifelong journey of becoming a yoga master. It helps you in getting familiar with different aspects of yoga practice.

Moreover, you become aware of how different elements of the yogic world affect your journey. Hence, this YTT course helps you get acquainted with all the necessities and obstacles in your journey.

You are going to learn the basics of yoga practice apart from the different elements that a yoga session constitutes.

300 Hour YTT

The next step in your yoga journey is the 300 hour YTT course. On the completion of these course, you become a registered yoga trainer (RYT).

This signifies that you are now registered with a certified organization and are eligible to teach yoga. Yoga experts recommend you choose a Yoga Alliance registered YTT course.

300 hour YTT course takes your yoga practice one step further. Thus, you train intermediate yoga practices along with learning techniques to teach yoga to beginners.

500 Hour YTT

Finally, the most advanced and final step of your yoga journey is a 500 hour YTT course. This is the final stage that ensures you attain an RYT certification showing you as an advanced yoga teacher.

Also, on the completion of this course, you can open a yoga academy. Just make sure you hire Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers.

With that said, here are some tips that you can use to choose the best course. Keep reading.

Tips to Choose the Best YTT Course

Yoga Certification

The most important point you should be aware of while selecting a YTT course is the yoga certification. As discussed above, the Yoga Alliance is one of the most trusted certifications in the yoga world.

Therefore, you should join a yoga course that is registered with the Yoga Alliance. It offers you various other perks and facilities along with giving you worldwide access to teaching yoga. So, keeping this in mind is going to help you choose the best YTT course.

Practice Level

Another crucial point that you should keep in mind while selecting a yoga course is your practice level. Beginners usually skip the first step while practicing yoga.

So, what you should do is know at what level you are at. Once you become aware of that, you can simply choose the yoga course aligning with your yoga course. If you are a beginner, you should choose only a 200 hour yoga teacher training course.


The environment where you are heading to practice yoga has its significance. You should not just choose a yoga course just because it is nearby or cheaper.

You should remember that yoga practice should be soothing you. So, choose the location wisely so that you can relax and learn at the same time.

Yoga Style

Another crucial point to keep in check is the yoga style. The trick to choose that is to be aware of your yoga style. If you are looking for a physical transformation, choose a yoga course that is intense and keeps you on your toes.

Similarly, choose a meditation-based yoga course if you want a mental transformation. This could be a life-changing decision if taken wisely.

Certified Yoga Teachers

You should know who your teacher is going to be, what is his or her qualification or experience, or whether he or she is certified.

So, make sure the yoga teacher is certified with the Yoga Alliance. This will ensure you are in the right hands while practicing yoga.

Wrap Up

The art of yoga is simple, however, you might require a direction as a beginner. That is why you should invest some time learning the basics of yoga. Once you know how to proceed, you are going to have a successful yoga practice.

Over time, you can step up your yoga practice by choosing an advanced yoga course. Just make sure you begin with the right YTT course.

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