Everything You Have Always Wanted To Know About The Best Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon But Were Afraid To Ask

Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon

Robotic Surgery is a new and improved development that has taken place in the medical field. This treatment is gaining popularity for prostatectomy, hysterectomy, and heart-related diseases. It is a robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery in which the surgeon controls the systems and his or her movements are translated into computer code and then carried out by the robot on patients. Instead of using the surgeon’s hands, the robotic arms are hooked to long instruments and inserted through small keyhole incisions in the patient’s belly.

Though the robot executes the procedure, the surgeon is in charge of the entire process, including handling the forceps with the help of master control.’ The surgeon keeps a close eye on the robot’s work and every movement it makes. So I am sure this must have intrigued you; if you want to more about this topic and the Mejor cirujano robótico de cáncer de próstata en Cuba, then keep reading further.

About Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery has gained immense popularity, and you must be thinking why; no, it is not because of the robot performing the surgery; to understand the reason first, let me tell you about prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is a tumor that develops in the tiny outside portion of the male gland. It usually occurs when prostate cells grow out of control, invading neighboring tissues and rapidly spreading throughout the body. If the disease is diagnosed, and treated early enough, it is usually curable; but, if it is not detected and treated early enough, it can be fruitless.

Points to Keep in Mind

Now the reason for the popularity of robotic surgery is that compared to regular operations, there is a great level of precision during the surgery. The entire prostate, as well as all prostatic tissue and lymph nodes are removed during robotic prostatectomy. After the procedure, the patient can take a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, which will show negative findings for any disease because cancer has been entirely removed due to the low-dose radiation.

Furthermore, the advantages of robotic prostatectomy areas such

  • It aids in faster recovery and little amount of blood loss.
  • Minimal pain and pocket-friendly surgery
  • It results in small incisions and better erectile functions
  • It aids in less infection and scaring, etc.

Robotic surgery is an extremely tough procedure that demands not only talent but also experience and competence. The top surgeons specialize in prostate surgery. That’s frequently all they do, and they perform a large number of these treatments each year. You can’t believe anything you learn on the internet or via hospital propaganda because there are so many terrible or fake surgeons out there.

Make sure you do your homework. How do you go about finding the proper surgeon? This is the checklist for you, please before you choose any surgeon, keep the following points in mind:

  • Look for a high-volume center that performs a large number of these robotic surgery procedures.
  • Look for a site where various specialties collaborate. For example, on prostate cancer, top centers have interdisciplinary teams of professionals from several areas, such as urology, radiation oncology, etc. working together.
  • Inquire about the results with the surgeon, and then double-check.
  • Request recommendations from several doctors for the best prostate surgeon in your area, and be wary of online reviews or advertisements.
  • To learn more, chat with the surgeon’s patients and inquire about the total number of radical prostatectomies performed by the surgeon

Final Comments

I hope you found this post useful; keep the points discussed above in mind when selecting the best robotic prostate cancer surgeon.

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