Exness kenya: the trading account types

Exness kenya: the trading account types

Exness kenya popularity on the market is partly due to the fact that Exness is present across several countries. And has offices in each of these countries and each of them is licensed by local authorities in the appropriate manner. This means that Exness is able to offer its financial services and products to clients in a variety of different nations all over the world as well as those in the EEA. 

OctaFX Vs Exness – Trading Account Types Offered

  • Demo Account

If you do not have any previous experience in trading, a demo account is an excellent source. This way, you can try trading without risking any real money. Registering for a demo account at one of the brokers such as Exness and OctaFX are essential for beginners to trade.

  • Micro Account

The Foreign Exchange market is open to all traders but only by using the financial methods. This is only thanks to the micro-account. Foreign currency transactions are the primary focus, which makes the perfect investment for those who are cautious. This is the strategy that the majority of new investors employ. Micro accounts are not accessible only to Exness customers, however they do exist on OctaFX.

  • Standard Account

If you have more experience in trading, you are able to open a standard account. With the account you will be able to trade in commodities, stocks such as cryptocurrencies, cryptos, and others. To create a retail investor account, the trader has to put down a minimum amount of $100. A majority of traders will attempt to get access to this account. Customers can create Standard accounts through both Exness and OctaFX.

  • MAM Account

What is the tem MAM Account? MAM stands for Multi Account Manager Account. For serious brokers who wish to manage all of their transactions into one account, this can be extremely beneficial. It’s a sophisticated program that lets one trader perform block trades on all accounts that are managed by an account master. Exness and OctaFX don’t offer MAM accounts for customers.

OctaFX Vs Exness – Customer Support Compared

  • Exness offers live chat support, while OctaFX isn’t. 
  • Exness does not provide live chat support. But, OctaFX does not provide live chat assistance.
  • Email support is offered by Exness and OctaFX.
  • OctaFX along with Exness both offer phone support.

Exness Vs XM – Trading Account Types Offered

  • Demo Account

For those who have no prior trading experience, Demo accounts are an extremely useful tool. It allows you to test your trading skills in a safe environment without putting your funds at risk. We recommend signing up to an Exness or XM Demo account to those with only a little knowledge of trading.

  • Micro Account

The traders can invest money in the Forex market by using micro accounts. This is ideal for traders who favor less risky positions and who focus their attention on the foreign exchange rate. People who are new to trading often make use of this. Contrary the case of XM, Exness does not provide Micro accounts to customers.

  • Standard Account

For traders who are more experienced, an account with a standard fee is available. Account holders can trade the markets for commodities, stocks, cryptocurrency as well as other commodities. The minimum deposit required is $100 to open for one of the following accounts for retail investors. Most users will attempt to open this account. Users can create Standard accounts using Exness or XM both.

Exness Vs XM – Customer Support Compared

  • XM isn’t able to provide live chat assistance, but Exness provides live chat support. Exness does not provide live chat support. But, XM does provide live chat assistance.
  • Exness as well as XM both provide support via email.
  • The two companies XM and Exness provide support via phone.

Which one is more affordable? – – XM or Exness?

Spreads on instruments such as the EUR/USD can start with 0.0 pip using Exness however, they begin at 0.1 pip with XM. With Exness you can make a deposit just $10 or 160 ZAR. In contrast, South Africans can open an account to trade live through XM for only $5 or 70 ZAR.

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