Facial scrubs: Some Benefits and Dangers

Facial scrubs are the hydration and treatment of the face. This is a part of our bodies that is constantly exposed to heat, cold, pollution, and dryness. However, for the skin to be treated well, a previous facial must be performed.

This is where there are doubts. What are the risks and benefits of facial scrubs? Do you know the Best Moisturizer to Use With Retinoids?



  1. Visibly improves skin texture. It makes it more appealing, softer, and smoother.
  2. Allows for the proper absorption of creams, daily treatments, and other skincare products on the neck and face.
  3. Prevents wrinkles and expression lines and helps to erase them.
  4. Remove dead cells.
  5. Unclogs pores, deep cleansing.
  6. Combats the appearance and development of acne, as well as other dermatological issues such as blackheads.
  7. It is important to get a uniform tan in summer because there are certain areas that have more dead skin cells than others. Exfoliation can help to balance the PH.
  8. Keeps skin healthy

When to do a facial peel?

You should do this two days before you start sunbathing, and every time you feel the need to get rid of dead skin cells. Sessions should be held on average once per week for normal skin and dry skin. Treatment should be given to oily skin at least twice a week, and to sensitive skin once a month. Attention! The skin requires a lot more hydration after facial exfoliation.

Precautions and Risks

  1. It is important to choose a facial scrub that suits our skin. Because salicylic acid is an astringent and helps to control oily skin, it should be included in facial scrubs. Dry skin should avoid this ingredient.
  2. Avoid using a body scrub on your face. They are too harsh.
  3. Particular care should be taken with delicate areas of the face like the lips and eyes.
  4. Also, be careful with cuts and small wounds.
  5. After a facial, do not wax.
  6. Avoid sun exposure after a facial peel.


How do you make a home facial scrub?

You now know the benefits and how to perform a facial scrub. Now we will tell you how to do it. Circular movements are best for the results. They also improve blood circulation and oxygenation. You don’t need to use any force. The movements should be circular, smooth, circular, and repetitive. It is important to exfoliate for 60 seconds. This is the minimum amount of time that is required to achieve the desired results.

Good oil is a good way to keep your skin moisturized. The neck and face are particularly susceptible to irritations and blemishes. We must be careful.

Different types of skin scrubs

Exfoliating products can be divided into two types: chemical and physical.

Physical scrubs

Physical exfoliators use abrasive substances to remove skin cells. A massage can improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, resulting in a radiant complexion.

The treatment is quick and provides instant gratification. However, if there are too many irregular particles in the exfoliant, or if you rub it vigorously, it could leave your skin with micro-breaks instead of a smoother texture. You will have a glowing complexion.

These problems can be avoided by choosing products that are smooth and rounded, and gently applying them.

Chemical scrubs

Chemical exfoliants on the other side work by breaking down intercellular “glue”, which holds dead skin cells together. Dead skin cells can be shed by releasing these bonds and allowing for new skin to emerge.

Chemical exfoliants are not as harsh as it sounds. They contain very low amounts of natural, food-derived acids, enzymes, and other chemicals.


Salicylic acid is an oil-soluble beta-hydroxy acid that penetrates skin pores. It can even be used to treat oily skin or skin that is prone to open pores. Neoglucosamine is a chemical exfoliant that promotes cell turnover and rejuvenation. This chemical exfoliant is a dual-purpose compound that hydrates and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Chemical peels aren’t messy to apply. They penetrate the skin’s deepest layers and stimulate cell renewal. This is a benefit for those with sensitive skin.

Recognize the features of your face

Are you prone to oily T-zones or have open pores? Are you prone to having pimples on your nose? It is possible to use stronger exfoliating products for areas that are more sensitive. These areas can be treated with more intensive exfoliating products.

The delicate skin around the eyes and lips is the opposite. It is best to avoid exfoliating this area unless you are using a product that is specifically made for delicate tissues.


Last considerations for a flawless facial exfoliation

Facial exfoliation is a great way to renew the skin and prepare it for good hydration. Mornings are the best time to do it. Exfoliating is not the same thing as cleaning. This is another important aspect of flawless skin. The hot steam from the water makes pores more open, which facilitates facial exfoliation.

Exfoliating facial skin is important for removing dead skin. It also removes any impurities from the pores. This will restore the skin’s natural beauty.

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