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Features are the backbone of an application. They make the application worth using and investing in. It is 2022 and a majority of people use smartphones, tablets, and iWatch. Therefore, a business must leverage every smart technology to generate more revenue from it. So, let’s talk about the best features integrated with the Gojek Clone on-demand multi-service app. Let me tell you that every single feature of this app is designed to offer the convenience of availing of the services. 

Take a look at them! 

Latest Features of Gojek Clone App You Must Integrate 

Listed here are all the advanced features of Gojek Clone that you must integrate into the newly launched on-demand app. But why only the latest apps? First, because they will give you an upper hand in the competition. Second, your business must adopt the latest technology for the betterment of your customer base. 

Now, let’s look at the features customers love. 

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1. Face recognition and fingerprint reader 

The technology allows users to log in to the application easily. In short, the users don’t have to remember their usernames and passwords to log in to the app every time. To turn on this feature, users have to go to the settings on the application and toggle ON the biometric authentication option. 

iPhone users can now log in with Face ID and Android phone users can use fingerprint scanning for the same. 

2. Voice note instructions 

Voice note instruction is one of the best Gojek Clone app features. Here, the customers can record a voice message for the delivery drivers. They can instruct them about the directions, parking rules, where to drop the package, etc. 

The delivery driver can listen to the recorded message once they pick up the package from the store. On the other hand, the customers can re-record the voice note if they think there is some disturbance or the voice is not clear. 

3. OTP verification 

The OTP verification is another important feature to ensure that the right service is delivered to the right customer. A four-digit number is sent to the customer’s registered mobile number and email address. Now, wherever the service providers arrive, they need to enter this OTP to verify the service and then proceed. 

The option to begin the task appears only when the provider enters the four-digit number sent to the customers! 

4. Video calling option 

Now customers and delivery drivers can video call each other besides voice calling and chatting on the app. It is an added feature to the Gojek Clone app that enables better communication between the parties. 

The application hides the personal number while the customer or the provider is on the video call to keep the privacy settings intact. 

5. In-app wallet transaction 

Customers and providers can transact online via the in-app wallet. The user has to top up the balance first and then pay via the wallet balance. Not only is it the best way to transact online but also it is fast, convenient, and doesn’t require you to carry cash everywhere! 

Through in-app wallet transactions, you do not need to add credit card information to the app. 

Other Fantastic Features of Gojek Clone

These are some of the other features of the application which allow you to make service offering a lot easier. 

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App 
  • Multiple Credit Card System 
  • Restricted Provider’s Fraud 
  • Graphically represented in-app notifications 
  • Item name searching 
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Safety Checklist 
  • Safety Rating & Review 
  • Restricted Passenger Limit 

How to Choose the Best Features for Your On-demand App Service?

As a business owner, your goal must be to provide the best on-demand app solution. Therefore, you need to ensure installing only the best app features for a multi-serivce. How? Well, we have to compile a few important things you need to look at: 

  • Research a little more in-depth about the market you want to operate in. Consider studying potential customers, trends, competitors, available technologies, etc. Have a clear understanding of what problems you are trying to solve, how you wish to solve them etc. 
  • Define the purpose of your service or product. Defining the purpose is necessary because it helps to ensure that you are trying to solve a real problem with actual pain points. In short, you can better describe the problem and add the features.
  • Map out the mobile app features. It will help you select the best feature(s) for a particular purpose. You can have an app feature for every problem! Isn’t that great? 
  • Measure the feature’s success rate. The success rate is the benchmark of the minimum requirement for measuring a product’s success. For instance, one feature is supposed to allow the customers to personalize their meals. It is successful when it allows the customers to do what it’s supposed to do. 

Should You Test the Gojek Clone App Features? 

It is very important to test the entire Gojek-like app solution. It is because of testing the application, entrepreneurs get better idea about what they want to integrate or customize into the app. 

Therefore, the best way to test the app before purchasing is – taking a free demo app trial of the application. Ask the white-labeling firm to send you the demo app access. Take as much time as you need to check and test the app thoroughly. After you have completed the test-drive, you will have all the information you need to have. 

  • What languages and currencies to add into the app? 
  • Change the color theme of the app. 
  • Where to add the company’s name and logo on the app? 
  • Which services and features to integrate with the on-demand app solution? 

Now, based on your research and study of the market, create a perfect app with latest features and high-demand services in just 1 to 2 weeks. 

app like gojek clone

In conclusion: 

Are you ready to launch a fully-fledged, mature, and optimized on-demand multi-service app like Gojek Clone? If yes, then get the pre-built solution today and start the app development process. But first, find the right white-labeling experts and test the demo app! 

Become a famous entrepreneur in just 1 to 2 weeks.

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