Buy a House or Apartment: Which is Better?

House or Apartment – Housing is the main need for everyone. A place to live is not only a place to shelter, sleep, and do daily activities. The place to live is an important thing, the description of the owner and it is very important for the owner to make the place as comfortable as possible. The lifestyle in big cities also makes places to live evolve. Residence is not only a mere house, but also other styles such as apartments. The demands of big cities encourage people to choose a place to live that is close to various needs. Land that is also getting narrower makes apartments more and more easy to get. This leaves people with several options for where to live, but which one to choose? Buy a house or apartment?

However, of the two options, many people ask. Which is the better choice? The answer depends on the needs of each person. People have different needs and depending on those needs, the right place to live for you may also be different. Apartments and houses provide their respective advantages. So, before choosing a place to live, get to know each other’s needs.

Apart from functioning as a place to live, apartments and houses also provide various advantages. Owning a property like these two things also costs a lot. Usually the considerations when choosing a house or apartment are the cost and area of occupancy. Homes usually have a larger living area, but come at a hefty cost. Meanwhile, apartments offer minimalist housing and can be adapted to people’s needs. For example an apartment with 2 rooms, 1 room or studio type. Therefore, the prices offered by apartments are also usually more affordable.

Considerations Before Buying a House or Apartment

Apart from the two considerations above, there are several other considerations that you should think about before buying a place to live.

1. The Rights of the Owners of Houses and Apartments

By buying a place to live according to your choice, there are also rights that each person gets. Please note that when you buy a house, you also buy the land where the house stands. Meanwhile, buying an apartment means buying one of the rooms in it. However, by buying or renting the apartment, you can also enjoy the various facilities provided.

2. Additional Fees

After buying a residence, there are still other costs that must be incurred to maintain the residence. If you buy a house, you will need to spend some time to maintain the residence. Meanwhile, apartment maintenance is carried out by the developer. However, every month you still have to pay for maintenance and other costs such as security costs.

3. Facilities

The facilities provided should also be considered. Apartments are usually located in the city center, easy to identify, and close to various places such as malls, shopping centers, offices, and others. Other facilities provided by apartments are usually a swimming pool, gym, garden, and others. If these facilities are your needs, this should be taken into consideration. Meanwhile the house is usually on the edge of town, near or far from the house with various locations depending on the house you choose.

4. Security

A good place to live is a place to live that can provide a sense of comfort and security. Both can be found in either a house or an apartment. However, when buying an apartment, security is guaranteed by the developer. With the installation of CCTV in corners, security, access cards, and other security features. Meanwhile, home security varies greatly, depending on location and environmental conditions. Installing security devices at home such as CCTV or hiring security also makes homeowners have to incur additional costs.

5. Compare Occupancy

Big cities like Jakarta provide many choices for apartments and houses. Therefore, make sure you compare apartments with other apartments, as well as houses with other houses. Compare prices, facilities obtained, and others. This is to ensure that you get the most appropriate housing for yourself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Houses and Apartments

Advantages of Buying a Home

1. Buying a House = Buying Land

For most people, owning land is a very valuable asset. Considering that land prices always rise every year, this can also be an investment for people.

2. Easy to Resell

One of the advantages of a house that is not owned by an apartment is that the house can be resold more easily. The money obtained from the sale of houses also tends to increase every year. This allows homeowners to return the investment from buying a house.

3. Feel More Free And Have Privacy

Having your own home according to many people feels freer and has more privacy. You are free to do whatever you want in your house, for example have pets, have parties, and tend to be quiet. Privacy is also obtained because your house and neighbors have a distance and this makes your privacy more awake.

Disadvantages of Buying a Home

1. Prices Tend to be Very Expensive

Property prices such as houses are increasing every day and this can certainly make a house a luxury that is hard to find. Especially if the house is in city centers. The price can be many times.

2. Home Location

There are houses located close to the city center such as malls, offices, and others. However, the house has a relatively expensive price. Meanwhile, houses that have affordable prices are usually located on the outskirts of the city. For most people, this might be difficult, transportation costs can also increase the farther you live.

Advantages of Buying an Apartment

1. The Location Is In The City Center And Strategic

Apartments will usually be built in the city center or very close to strategic locations. Usually offices, malls and shopping centers surround the apartment. This makes the apartment has advantages in terms of location.

2. Relatively Affordable Prices

Because it has no resistance and has an area that tends to be more minimalist, the prices offered by apartments are also relatively more affordable.

3. Facilities

Apartments also come with various facilities. As explained a little earlier. Apartments have more facilities, starting from location, security, maintenance, and other facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, and so on. For people who want to live a practical life, an apartment can be a solid choice.

Disadvantages of Buying an Apartment

1. Space is Limited

Usually apartments have a smaller land area than houses. This makes one’s space for movement more limited.

2. Additional Fees

Even if you have bought an apartment, you still have to pay some additional fees each month. For example maintenance costs, security, and service charges. The costs provided are also relatively high.

The Ideal Apartment Selection For You

Being in Jakarta provides us with convenient access to numerous public services. It is possible to live on a budget in Jakarta while working. Oakwood PIK Jakarta is one of the recommended areas for locating affordable apartments in Jakarta.

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