How Do I Activate Microsoft Office

How Do I Activate Microsoft Office is a universal and easy activator for Office 2010. This toolkit includes tools to manage the licensing process and activation. Also, you can activate a specific component of Office 2010. It is compatible with all editions that are part of Office 2010. The EZ-Activator application can be activated using the KMS even if you’re having a retail license. The Activator will gather information about your Office 2010 license Office 2010 to provide the most efficient method for activation. If there is an error inactivation, EZ-Activator will automatically attempt to rectify any mistakes or delete any modifications in the event of complete failure.

Certain characteristics:

  • Activation of Office 2010 (Using KMS).
  • Transformation of retail within Volume License (VL).
  • Set the counter for trial.
  • The addition of a working key.
  • Verify the product key.
  • Check your activation status.
  • Backup of the license.
  • Remove Office.

Where can I download MS Office 2010 recently?

The official website for Microsoft insists that we use the latest version of Office and we are unable to download Office 2010 on their website. However, no problem there’s a link to download Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus 32-bit and 64-bit English Official ISO files.

Download Microsoft Office. After downloading, install this software and activate it using the activator below to have all functions unblocked.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 using MS Toolkit

The process of activating MS Office is a little slightly different than activating Windows. The process is basically identical, but only two steps that are different. We’ll now look at the step-by-step instructions to enable Microsoft Office.


  • Temporarily switch off the antivirus program and Windows Defender ( Click here for more information on how to disable Windows Defender, if you need to).
  • Get The file and then open it. Executable file and then you’ll download an active activator that works.

Start the Microsoft Toolkit.execs administrator.

If you are seeing that red-colored screen on Windows 10 -> Click ” More Info” and then ” Run Anyway“.

Simply click on the Office logo to open the next page.

In order to activate the program, press the button ” EZ-Activator” under”Activation” in the tab ” Activation” and then wait for a message indicating that activated successfully.

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F.A.Q. More Information on the activation

Is Microsoft Toolkit secure for activating Office 2010? Of course, it’s secure and extremely simple to activate Office 2010 using the MS Toolkit. The activator has been in use for more than 10 years and many people choose to enable Microsoft products to use it.

Does the toolkit have to be deleted after activating the Office?
You can remove it as soon as you activate the Office. In this scenario, activation won’t fly away, and you needn’t be worried about it.

Do I have to activate it once more after restarting Microsoft Office?
Naturally, you will need to go through the activation process once more However, If you didn’t restart Windows in its own right, then re-activation is not necessary.

Download Activator

Office 2016 Activator

What is the reason in order to turn off Windows Defender and Antivirus?
The programs recognize the activator as a virus. There is no reason to be concerned This is because they are illegal. this activator. Therefore, the user can’t use Office free of charge.

What is the best way to activate Microsoft Office 2016 without Product Key Free 2020

  • 1. Temporary shut-down of Windows Defender and AntiVirus. This is necessary since they don’t hinder the activator.
    ->Instruction to disable in: Windows 7 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 10 <-
  • Step 2. Copy the code in the new document.
  • Step 3.Then you make a new text document.
  • step 4:Paste this code inside the text file. After that, you select “Save As” to save it as a batch-file (named “1click.cmd”).
  • Phase 5:Run your batch script as an administrator.

Verify that the activation status is active.

Watch this video to find out the steps you must take to enable Microsoft Office 2016 without a product key


Many users do not wish to pay for a key to the Office and prefer to use the older version because it’s reliable and easy for a lot. It is possible to download and activate this software for free from our website.

Features of Activator

The program automatically selects the method of activation for Office or OS Windows programs, which prevents users from taking unnecessary actions. There isn’t any malicious code that can be used so the user is able to use the program with no worries using his computer or laptop. The requirement to activate the software can be caused by a range of circumstances: reinstalling an OS and/or installing drivers in error or updating them incorrectly and/or losing the license key an error on an operating system, and others.

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The activator uses two methods

  • KMS The software allows Office and Windows to consider themselves to be authorized users. It does this by setting up an active server locally and afterward, periodically, activating the system.
  • through OEM activation using the use of an individual key.

It’s the KMS principle that is widely used However, often OEM or AntiWPA techniques are utilized too and are considered to be secure and secure. Software is tested and confirmed so that users do not have to worry about the effectiveness of Windows.

This is an incredible activator that has so numerous features. I’ve not seen any other activator with the similar features that Microsoft Toolkit does.

It is worth trying at least once. I’m pretty sure that you’ll use it each time you attempt to activate your windows or office. Personally, I use this activator and always make sure to activate the activation of all my Microsoft Products using this software.

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