How to Address Diversity Gap in the Workplace?


Diversity gap is not a good workplace practice. The employees don’t want to work for such organisations that fail to include diversity. It is discriminatory behaviour and not good at all. Nowadays, many companies are working on workplace diversity. This practice helps them explore more and make your company an advanced place to work. The companies that have a diversity gap do not encourage their employees. An employee with minorities loses his/her confidence as well as mental health and trust while working for such an organisation. And within a depressed environment, no one can perform at his/her level best. To ensure a successful future, the company has to bridge diversity gap.

Those days have gone by when colour, cast, or race used to matter. But now, all large companies are more concerned about their task instead of trivial aspects such as colour, caste, and race. They usually go for whatever helps them pave a successful road. Multi-national companies work on a large scale. The reason behind their large spread is that they encourage diversity. People from different cultures work on a single platform, and for a single goal. This cultural acceptance on a large scale encourages all the employees. It also builds a flexible working environment within the workplace.

Every company has to work and invest in order to cover the diversity gap. Ultimately, it opens gigantic doors of success for the company. We all are living in the twenty-first century. In this era, the achievement of goals is far more important than the focus on cultural differences. A company has to work on the training of employees. It also has to invest in the education of its employees. Nowadays technology is so advanced that language difference does not matter much. You can also work on your language very easily. This is how nothing creates a big problem. The company can manage all aspects in a good way if it wants to. Here are some simple ways to address diversity gap within the workplace mentioned below;

Culture And Religious Acceptance

Make sure there is no discrimination based on culture or religion. What differs in the workplace because of culture and religion? It is only a difference of vacations. All religions and cultures demand holidays on their special events. It is the right of each employee. So the company has to ensure compliance on special days of all religions. For example, Christians demand a holiday on Christmas. Muslims demand a holiday on Eid. Whereas Hindus need a holiday on the event of Holi. These are only a handful of the examples within this context. So it can be said that respecting of different religions and culture boosts employees’ energy. That is how the policy of honouring all religions and cultures covers the diversity gap. This is with relation to diversity gap at the workplace (Hopf et al., 2021).

Gender Equality:

According to a dissertation help firm, another important point to cover the gap of diversity is to ensure gender equality. The company needs to make sure gender equality is practised within the workplace. Suppose it is related to promotions or hiring. Most companies do not hire women even if they are more qualified. They don’t hire them even if they are capable of doing tasks efficiently. The male population always wants to be dominant. They don’t like female bosses, and dislike being directed by women. That is why companies do not prefer to promote women. They encourage males for it. Women feel inferior, and this thing affects their workability.

Women work very efficiently when they are treated on equal basis with men. It is the basic right of all women. The point is that every company should take notice of its productivity. Especially if a female employee is working well and meets the productivity levels. Then she should be treated very well. This good treatment includes equal salary, same promotion, and hiring on the same post. By ensuring gender equality, the diversity gap can be addressed very well. It doesn’t matter if the idea is good or not. But at least let her speak and share her thoughts. Also, ensure that proper maternity leaves are given for the female employees.

Multilingual Platform:

Language translation is not a big deal at all. All multi-national companies hire people from different countries. They deal with multilingual issues. They make a group of people with different native languages. When all the groups have to attend any meeting for the management’s speech, they ensure translation facilities. This facility is being provided to make sure everyone gets the C.E.O point of view. If the employees miss any point, there will be any understanding gap. This can cause any issues for the company. Maybe it can affect the achievement of that organisational goal.

But when an employee works, it is a good opportunity for him/her to learn.  He can learn different languages as well. Again, it can be said that productivity matters for the company. Do not let the language barrier step in. The company has to invest in it, but ultimate results are more fruitful. Hence, most companies do not hesitate to invest within it (Jiles et al., 2021).

Diversity Training:

When a company covers the diversity gap, it helps in working on different things. For example, there will be a bundle of ideas. Different cultures prefer different things. Sometimes we do not practise one thing in our culture. But that missing idea works very well. This opportunity to get a variety of views and ideas is only possible through diversity. People from different cultures have different ways to deal with a single issue. The company can arrange a session to collect feedback from the employee. In that session, one can find many useful ideas. You can see which idea would be better and economical as well.

Refraining From Biased Behaviour:

There are still many companies that encourage biasness through many ways. It can be direct or indirect too. Like some companies do not hire females. And if they do hire them, they don’t treat them well. Women face many promotional and salary related issues. This biasness can also be in the form of age. Some companies hire fresh graduates to save their money. The reason behind it is that fresh graduates do not demand huge salaries.

On the other hand, some companies only hire an experienced person with more age as they are more consistent. It can also be in the form of colour and race. This is an unethical practice in essence that organisations should avoid.


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