How to Fix Shoulder Pain With Yoga Practice

Are you facing some issue with your shoulders? Is there any popping or clicking sound in your shoulder joints? If so, there is nothing to worry about. It is but natural to have some clicking sounds in your joints when you move them. However, if it leads to pain or the issue is occurring more often, you should practice some yoga stretches. Practicing yoga will help you fix shoulder pain without any hassle.

Before you move on to how to handle the issues, let’s first understand what is the cause of shoulder pain. Read on.

What Leads to Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints in the human body. To be more descriptive, the shoulder joint is like a socket. The ball rotates inside the rotator cuff whenever you move your shoulder or arm. So, weak muscles are one of the major reasons for shoulder pain.

Moreover, less range of motion of the shoulder joints also adds to the shoulder pain. An imbalance or misalignment in the shoulder joint could lead to over usage or over-straining of a single shoulder joint. This leads to shoulder pain, clicking, or popping of the joints.

Hence, it becomes utterly important to practice various yoga stretches that strengthen your joints and enhances their mobility. Over time, these fix shoulder pain without any medication.

With that said, let’s explore some of the easiest poses of yoga and exercises to fox shoulder pain. If you are a complete beginner, you are advised to join a yoga course. Yoga courses not just enhance your knowledge but also help you become a yoga instructor. Keep reading.

Basic Yoga Poses to Fix Shoulder Pain

Downward Facing Dog

The whole impact of practicing the Downward Facing Dog goes to your shoulders as well as legs. However, when you push your hips toward the ceiling, it improves your shoulder’s range of motion. Further, the placement of your hands depicts which side of your shoulders should be in focus.

Thus, it helps in negating the negative impact of various exercises on your shoulder joints. In short, your shoulder joints become stronger, mobile, and agile with the regular practice of this asana.

Dolphin Pose

In case you want to lower the impact of the Downward Facing Dog on your elbows, you should practice the Dolphin pose. It shifts the stress from your elbows to your shoulders. The placement of your knees on the ground diverts attention from your body to your shoulders.

Thus, it increases the pressure on your shoulder that makes them stronger. Also, practicing the Dolphin pose enhances the engagement of the scapula muscles. Therefore, you make it a part of your routine for stronger shoulder joints.

Stretches Behind the Back

It might be a little complex yoga exercise to pull off. Bring your hands toward your back by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Slowly get hold of your one hand with the other hand. If this is not possible, take a yoga strap and hold that to give some room to your scapula muscles.

Bending forward while holding your arms behind your back is going to stretch your shoulder joints. This also improves the range of motion of your muscles in the rear shoulders. Thus, these stretches are vital for optimizing your shoulder mobility.

Strap Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are the most effective exercises that focus not just on your back but also on your shoulder joints. The best point about doing pull-ups is that it decompresses your spine when you hang on the bar. Moreover, it improves your wrist and forearm strength.

Straps are used to minimize the resistance in your body. Thus, they ensure you pull your body up without stressing out your muscles or joints.

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Shoulder Rotations

One of the most effective exercises to fix shoulder pain is shoulder rotations. It strengthens your rotator cuffs that further tightens around the shoulder ball. Thus, your joints become more mobile and agile with the consistent practice of various exercises.

Sum Up

You should incorporate the above-mentioned exercises and yoga poses into your routine to fix shoulder pain. Just make sure you do not stress the joints. Rather, practice each exercise slowly and with utter mindfulness. Over time, your joints stop clicking or producing popping sounds and you become fitter and healthier.

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