How to Get Free Cable TV for Your Home

Cable TV

Television has an essential place in any modern household. It brings the best of entertainment from around the world to your TV set. If you have access to a cable TV line, you will never get bored. Cable enjoys traditional popularity in American culture. It has always been high in demand. Due to this, cable companies do not hold back when increasing the rates of their cable TV plans. This price hike drops like a thunderbolt on the consumers, creating awful turbulence in their budgets. Some providers, however, maintain a graceful pricing spot. For example, Spectrum channel lineup brings one of the best prices to value ratios in the market. 

So, how to get free cable TV for your home?

Modern problems tend to give birth to modern solutions. More and more people, who are fed up of with spending $200 on cable every month, are now seeking ways to enjoy cable TV without having to pay those hefty fees for it. This does not mean that every cable company levies such a heavy bill on people. Some providers offer budget-friendly cable deals to their customers, even waiving off installation and other fees. This is the lucky lot. Coming back to the issue at hand, how exactly can you watch cable TV cost-effectively? What are the loopholes by which you can say goodbye to your monopolistic cable provider and still get the best of television entertainment? This post will cover the top tips and tricks in this regard.

The Role of Antennas & OTA Signals

Cable TV works when a provider transmits television programming to the subscribers’ homes via tough copper wires. This wired infrastructure gives the signal its stability and is the main thing cable companies cash every month. Once you decide to sever this cable connection, there is another way by which you can enjoy the same television content and for a much lesser price. 

Often called ‘Over-the-Air’, this system utilizes the local broadcasting stations in your area to beam TV programming over the radio waves to your home. These wireless signals are then caught by antennas, which translate the content into your TV set, free of cost. If the antennas are of HDTV variety, they will intercept and play more than 109 cable TV channels in crystal-clear HD quality, without making you go bankrupt in the process. A broadcast signal may deliver the same amount of content but the quality might not always be the best that there is.

All you need to do is invest in the right kind of HDTV antenna, which is of two main types:

  • Directional – Creates a one-way link between the nearby broadcasting tower and the antenna itself, heightening the signal’s focus in the process. You can get a high-grade directional antenna from Amazon for just under $50.
  • Omnidirectional – Receives signals from all horizontal directions, even if they are bouncing off interfering objects, and feeds them flawlessly into your TV set. Due to this extra feature, an omnidirectional antenna is a bit pricey, but you can get a good quality one for under $100.

Once you pick an antenna type, which compliments your needs, be sure to place it carefully so that the signal reception is closest to perfect. When it comes to placement, there are two further types of antennas: Indoor (lesser mile range, lesser price) and Outdoor (higher mile range, slightly higher price). With this Over-the-Air TV and HD antenna mechanism, you can enjoy cable TV content without having an expensive cable line.

The Streaming Possibility

If you are a big fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ series but cannot afford. To watch it on your cable provider-sanctioned AMC channel anymore. Then internet streaming is a simple way. By which you can keep watching the episodes as they roll out, without cable. Yes, the World Wide Web is filled with DMCA-compliant portals. That allow you to stream cable TV programs online, that too without paying a penny! Some streaming services require a minimal sign-up fee; others ask you for negligible monthly payments, while some do not even request a login from you. All you have to do is sign up for reliable internet service and enjoy unlimited access to TV shows and movies.  Here are a few streaming sites, you can take advantage of in 2020:

  • SideReel – This site gets a million unique visitors each day, and allows you to search for your favorite cable TV shows, receive alerts for new episodes, bookmark what you’ve watched, and stream some more. You can use your social media profiles to sign up. 
  • Crackle – This site has a smartphone app too, which you can use to stream the latest Hollywood content that rotates monthly.
  • Network Websites –,,, and other channel sites upload their programs the same day they are aired on cable TV. You can watch both old and new episodes of your favorite shows free of charge.
  • Netflix – This popular streaming service offers a free 30-day trial, in which you can catch as many shows as you like without having to pay anything. After the period end, you can either sign up for an account (costs about $8.99 to $15.99 per month) or start over.
  • Amazon Prime Video – Like Netflix, this service offers free access to cable content for a small monthly fee.

The list goes on, but the fact remains the same. That it is possible to enjoy cable TV without having to pay $400 every month. You can either purchase an HDTV antenna. Or you can subscribe to a streaming service, which will be worth it anyway. 

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