How to Get to Neltharions Lair from Valdrakken?

Let’s Know About How to Get to Neltharions Lair from Valdrakken.

Flight of the Dragonflight Season 2 continues the trend of the previous season by adding a series of old dungeons to the popular rotation, introducing them to a whole new set of challenges.

How to Get to Neltharions Lair from Valdrakken?

For players who aren’t familiar with these dungeons before or have forgotten them, the first task may be knowing where the dungeon entrance is. For Mythic+ difficulty. You will therefore have to go to the dungeon entrance to enter the instance, here is our shortlist of all the dungeon entrances in Dragonflight season 2 and some tips and tricks to get there fastest the fastest, maybe. Don’t do that. Don’t get angry with people who take too long to reach you.

In Dragonflight Season 2, the gates of Valdrakken have been replaced by Uldum, Nazmir, and Tiragarde Sound. Located right opposite the bank.

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Neltharion’s Lair Entrance Location:

Neltharion’s lair is located in the High Mountain Legion area. Players can reach High Mountain by returning to the Broken Isles through portals located in capital cities or by using their Dalaran Hearthstone, assuming you still have one left if you play in Legion.

image 1

You can take the flight path from Dalaran to Thunder Totem Village, and from there fly over the mountain to the other side.

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Under rot entrance location :

Under Rot is another great dungeon that reappears in Battle for Azeroth. The entrance to the dungeon is located in the heart of the Zandalar Empire, in the middle of Nazmir.

image 2

Once you get close, just go to one of the lower areas and in the deeper area, you’ll find the entrance!

The exact location of the entrance to Neltharion’s lair

The entrance to Neltharion’s lair is located south of the Thunder Totem at coordinates 50, and 68 in High Mountain. You should be able to easily identify the entrance to Neltharion’s Lair since it has several key indicators outside the dungeon, including a bright orange Summoning Stone, as well as an NPC named Navarrogg, who is the leader of the Stonedark Drogbar and will also serve as your guide through Neltharion’s Lair. 
We hope you enjoy the new mythic adventures of Dragonflight Season 2!

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