How to renovate your own apartment

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Although the essence of the work does not change: the organization of finishing works, the calculation, to renovate, and purchase of materials, the search for workers, the handling between the client’s wishes and their capabilities. The main difference between repairs and construction is self-employment, at your own risk and risk-based on an employment contract. You need to have your own individual entrepreneur, LLC, or at least have sources of orders and a certain reputation to start working – even if for a start of honor.

Your own finishing team

Some new buildings are rented with finishes, but the municipal finishing, as well as the improvement of the territory, are done by the same builders at a salary. So, you can hire the amber sea official developer for his services. There is no way to earn much. It is a completely different matter when your team is hired by a private trader in order to finish in a newly built empty concrete cube or renovate your own apartment.

Where can a finisher receive the order

You may have two simple reasons for not start working for yourself right away:

  • If the finisher has no experience then he can’t do anything efficiently and on time.
  • You have no experience – only no one will give you an order for finishing.

How to get the first experience?

All practicing teachers have a different answer to this question, one thing in common – experience should be practical. Private clients do not believe in inexperienced education, in addition, many teachers do not have specialized studies! Someone had the first experience, experiencing repairs in their own apartment, then helped a neighbor and then received the first orders from word of mouth and there are many such masters. 

You can start on a construction site as a worker, grew up to become a foreman, and got tired of looking for a penny for an uncle. Someone received specialized education and worked as a construction foreman, studied at the municipal decoration.

You should be able to make your own estimate, give an immediate estimate of the cost based on the area of ​​the apartment and the wishes of the client, clearly explain what your responsibilities are for this price so that later there are no claims. that why did not assemble the kitchen and what should I pay extra for the door installation? “and so on. It is better to prescribe all the points in detail in the contract. And in order to avoid disputes in the acceptance stage of the work.

Decorating The Apartments

As in any business, you can not earn anything except debts and headaches. But if you go, write recommendations, and break into expensive segments of the apartment renovation market. You can earn from one hundred thousand to one million rubles per month, everything is individual here.

If you take a jack of all trades finisher that works on its own and takes over everything, then to calculate its income. It is enough to divide the cost of the object by the working period into months. Approximately, it is 200-400 thousand and three to four months.

Register the Apartment Renovation Company and Prepare the Necessary Documents

You must need some documents for this business, after all, you can only fool! However, you can, but there is a risk of being left without payment, because in court if the client refuses to pay, you will not be able to prove anything and, if you present the Agreement between you and the client, you can “deserve” a fine for illegal business. You can check the watergardens canberra freehold condo to see its uniqueness. Moreover, even the advertising of your work will be limited, as some advertisers will also require proof of your type of business.

If you are afraid of the unknown before executing documents that you still do not understand and long queues. It is better to entrust this issue to an experienced lawyer. By the way, this is more correct: everyone should do impeccably what he knows by heart. But if you want to save some money and have free time, then you can do it yourself. Because repairing and decorating apartments is a small business.

Select Staff to Renovate an Apartment

In such a small type of activity, you can often assemble a strong backbone – a friendly and well-coordinated team of several people, where each carries out their own repair and decoration work. But we must not forget that, even with a very trusting relationship, disagreements can arise. If there is a subordination that is not clearly going to delimit from the beginning, then the team can soon fall apart.

If an organization is open to you, tell employees clearly that you are responsible at work, unfamiliar, because you are responsible for everything that happens.

Promoting an apartment renovation business

Such a business idea as renovate your own apartment involves a carefully designed advertising campaign. There are a lot of competitors in this niche. Undoubtedly, there is no better advertising than satisfied customer reviews. But in addition to word of mouth, there are several types of more modern and effective promotions. As online advertising, which can attract a large number of potential customers and help them earn money to renovate your own apartments.

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