How to study in New Zealand: Colleges, eligibility and scholarships

study abroad in new zealand

Around 120,000 foreign students, together with its ITPs and PTEs, were enrolled in eight New Zealand universities in 2022. Most students dream to specifically study in New Zealand.

Only 2,664 of the 120,000 pupils were of Indian descent. Studying in New Zealand has emerged as one of the top options for overseas students, with over 20,000 openings per year. International students are now more inclined to study in New Zealand and apply for full-time jobs thanks to the implementation of Green List Occupations in that country during the pandemic.

Why study in New Zealand?

Over 30,000 foreign students have been accepted into various New Zealand universities. If you research some crucial factors, you can get explanations on why more and more foreign students are choosing to study abroad specifically in New Zealand:

Top organisations including QS world rankings, US News & World Report, and Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking recognise and rank the qualifications.

What are the requirements for Indian students applying for scholarships to study in New Zealand?

A strong academic record is typically the most significant requirement for scholarships, but other elements. Such as your preferred location, subject, and level, may also be taken into consideration. Extracurricular hobbies and volunteer work might also be advantageous when applying for some scholarships. Remember that each scholarship has specific requirements for eligibility.

While for some a simple application may be sufficient, there may be additional requirements. You might be required to complete written assignments, for instance, in programmes that emphasise research. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to speak with your IDP counsellor.

Scholarships for New Zealand universities

  1. International Doctoral Research Scholarships in New Zealand (NZIDRS)
  • Commonwealth Scholarships for New Zealand
  • Awards for New Zealand Excellence (NZEA)
  • NZ-GRADS Doctoral Scholarship from the New Zealand Global Research Alliance
  • SEG Fellowship
  • Scholarship for Goodwill Ambassadors offered by Palmerston North City Mayor
  • Wellington’s Victoria University

Victoria Master’s Scholarship, Victoria Doctoral Scholarships, and Victoria Scholarships for Doctoral Submissions.

Scholarships for summer research, fellowships for international undergraduate and graduate students, the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship, etc.

Each gift will have a different amount. Some scholarships may cover all or part of the price of tuition as well as some living expenses, but others may simply cover a portion of the tuition.

Fit for College in New Zealand

When choosing a college or university at the higher education level, students have a variety of options. Although there are organisations that try to rank colleges and universities, “fit” is also a crucial idea. The GPA* of admitted students is significant, but majors offered, locations, enrollment numbers, and school culture are also key considerations for prospective students. However, you need to pass pte exam before applying for colleges and universities in New Zealand.

Public funding is used to support some colleges and universities while private funding is used for others.

Top Universities and rankings in New Zealand

UniversityQS world ranking
The University of Auckland87
Otago University217
Victoria University of Wellington275
Canterbury University284
University of Massey292
Waikato University331
University of Lincoln368
Auckland University of Technology486

Fiji is in the South Pacific Ocean, while New Zealand is located south of Australia.

It is an island with some stunning scenery. That’s why when it comes to mind to study in abroad, most students choose New Zealand over anything!

It is one of the most developed countries despite having a smaller economy, making it a fantastic site for students to further their education and launch their careers.

The second-most tranquil nation in the world is New Zealand. We do not claim that it is in accordance with the report of the Global Peace Index.

Therefore, every international student will feel secure in the nation.

Education in New Zealand is known for being future-focused and having a worldwide, participatory curriculum.

What are the eligibilities of scholarships?

Commonwealth Scholarships for New Zealand

Eligibility: The CSFP requires that candidates be citizens of a Commonwealth country. New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships are only available to postgraduate students seeking a master’s or doctoral degree.

Women in Central Banking Scholarship from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Eligibility: Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of at least a B+ and be in their final year of study in one of the following fields: banking, finance, or economics. Also, International applicants must have a legal right to work in New Zealand in order to be eligible to apply for this New Zealand scholarship.

Society Te Aparangi Royal (RHT Bates PG Scholarship)

Eligibility: If a candidate satisfies the requirements listed below, they may apply for the RHT Bates Postgraduate Scholarship:

Engineering and/or physical sciences must have played a significant role in the candidate’s undergraduate education. Physical sciences include those that are chemical, physical, informational, and mathematical.

For instance, The candidate must be enrolled in postgraduate coursework at the time of application for the fellowship.

The candidate enrolled in a PhD programme in a New Zealand University.

Scholarship from the Auckland medical aid trust

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for this New Zealand scholarship, the candidate must already be registered for a Ph.D. degree at one of the New Zealand universities or be in the process of doing so. In other words Candidates must also remain in the country throughout their whole period of study in New Zealand.

Japan Scholarship Program – ADB

Eligibility: Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply for ADB-JSP scholarships at the University of Auckland:

The applicant must be a citizen of one of the developing nations that make up the ADB.

The applicant must have been accepted into one of the master’s programmes that have been given approval and for which the scholarship is valid.

Urban Economics Research Fellowships from the Auckland Council

The applicant need enrolled in a postgraduate programme at an institution in New Zealand or have plans to enrol there.

Fanally, One of the few safest places to study is New Zealand. The ideal blend of culture, nature, and opportunity for a student is made up of internationally renowned institutions and an engaging educational system.

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