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Ice Spice

Isis Gaston whose stage name is Ice Spine was born on January 1, 2000, in  Bronx New York in the United States to her mom whose identity is unknown, and her dad who had been an underground artist. Due to her parents’background, he’s of mix ethnicity of Dominican and Nigerian. Ice Spice age is 23 years old.

At age two, Spice’s parents divorce. She grew up by her grandmother and cousins due to her parents’busy schedules. She gaine a passion for hip-hop at age seven hearing rappers like Lil’Kim who had been one of her sources of inspiration. After having her education at a Catholic senior school in Yonkers, she proceed to possess her college education at the State University of New York at Purchase where she was fully engage in Volleyball.

In 2021, she released her debut song Bully Freestyle. She became more famous on the social media platform Instagram after her song Name of Love was publish on SoundCloud. She eventually rose to fame with the song Munch (Feelin’U) release in August 2022 after Canadian artist Drake support her by playing it on his radio station. The song took over Twitter and TikTok following the hype from the Canadian artist and manage to get to Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts. She remains gradually making it big in the music industry even though she’s still young. 

Physical Appearance

Ice spice is really a gorgeous-looking lady with an attractive and charming personality. Her body measures 33-26-34 inches. She has a perfect height of 5 feet 7 inches (170cms). She is really a fitness enthusiast, manages her body, and weighs 52kg.

Spice has beautiful, big, mesmerizing brownish eyes and healthy medium-length hair. She wants to transform her hair and personality. Although she has dye her hair multiple times, she has black hair. Additionally, she features a butterfly tattoo on her behalf arm and a naval and ear piercing that contributes to her beauty and charisma.

Ice Spice Rapper Age -How Old Is She?

Ice Spice, better known by his stage name Ice Spice, is twenty-two years old. She enter the planet in the entire year 2000 in their state of New York. The young musician’s great songs and distinctive aesthetic have brought lots of focus on her in recent times.

The musician is famous under her stage name, Ice Spice, and she maintains a station on YouTube under that name. The channel has significantly more than 7,540 subscribers. “Euphoric,” “Name of Love,” and “No Clarity” are the titles of the three music videos that she has previously made available online.

The music video for the artist’s first single, “No Clarity,” debut on their YouTube channel on November 6, 2021, shortly following the video’s release. The video has been seen two hundr twelve thousand and seven hundr eighty-seven times and has receive a good response from the typical public.

Ice Spice Real Name-Where Is She From?

Ice Spice was first develop in the New York town of Borax. She’s a citizen of the United States of America. The youthful rapper hails from both the Dominican Republic and the United States.

During her time as my first name in senior school, she was usually the one who developed the word “Ice Spice,” which she later useful for her music career. However, she has not even divulged her true identity to anyone.

Because to the higher rate of violent crime in the area, the musician was force to invest most of her childhood indoors. As an immediate consequence with this, she develope an unhealthy preoccupation with television and YouTube in the vain hope of one day achieving her own degree of fame. She’d a dream of becoming an actor in the past. She use collegiate volleyball for annually before deciding it wasn’t the best fit on her behalf and instead made a decision to pursue a career in the cosmetics industry. Riot, a friend of hers and a native of the Bronx like herself, was usually the one who encourag her to pursue a career as a rap artist.

Along with that, her father can be a rap artist from the underground. He inspires her to be authentic to who she is. Her family has been very encouraging of her search for a profession in music. When she was a child, her father would play instruments and sing to her on her behalf entertainment.

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are her primary sources of inspiration among famous people. Additionally, Doja Cat and Lil Durk are two artists that she admires greatly.

Ice Spice Net Worth In 2022

It is estimate that Ice Spice features a net worth of approximately fifty thousand dollars. She is just getting start in the music industry but is making significant strides already. She’s one of the performers in her industry who’s rising at one of the quickest rates and features a predisposition for going viral. An important amount of users on Instagram show a pursuit in the burgeoning artist’s work.

The artist can be found on Instagram underneath the handle @icespicee, and they’ve an overall total of 159 262 followers there.


Ice Spice Age, Birthday, Zodiac sign

At present, Ice Spice who had been born on January 1, 2000, is 23 years of age and is really a Capricorn base on her birth sign.

Does Ice Spice have a boyfriend?

In accordance with sources, it is allege Ice Spice is having a love affair with actor Caleb McLaughlin. 

Does Ice Spice have children?

Since it stands, the 23-year-old has not produce any child yet. 

Who are Ice Spice’s parents?

There’s no document details about the rapper’s parents. It is only known that her mom is really a Dominican whilst her dad is Nigerian and is really a former underground rapper. 

Where was Ice Spice born?

Ice Spice was born in Bronx New York in the United States of America, the same place famous American rapper Cardi B hails from. 

Why is Ice Spice famous?

The African American artist’s songs Munch (Feelin’U), Bikini Bottom, and In Ha Mood expose her to the limelight, most especially her song Munch (Feelin’U), that has been hype by Drake. 

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