10 Outrageous Ideas to Make Necklace Boxes More Attractive & Captivating

10 outrageous ideas to make necklace boxes more at

The manufacturing material of necklace boxes is kraft, corrugated paper, bux board, and cardstock. They are excellent in quality and do not break easily. They ensure to provide sufficient protection to the products. They are customizable because of the flexibility of the materials. They are available in distinctive yet creative shapes, designs, styles, and dimensions. They get amazing yet colorful looks on them with the help of printing technologies like offset, digital, or screen printing. The coloring schemes used for them are CMYK and PMS. Their price is within the affordable range, and they are completely harmless to the environment because of their sustainable nature.

Necklaces are usually the first choice when it comes to gifts or purchasing delicate jewelry. Because of their delicate look, there is an increased need to get quality and durable boxes. Apart from that, it is also necessary to manufacture them in a unique way to make an impression on customers. The necklace boxes with attractive and quality designs help in increasing the sales of the brand. It also helps you to stand out in the market.

Make a two-piece box 

The two-piece boxes that have intricate designs are a favorite of everyone. People love to have such boxes as their designs have a catchy look. These designs also make a good gift and can be used on different occasions and events. The two-piece look of the box adds to the elegant presentation of the necklaces.

Add a hinge 

A hinged design to custom necklace boxes creates a traditional and classy look. Such boxes are loved by many people as it makes sure to store necklaces in a perfect way. The hinge that attaches to the box is of great quality so that it does not break away. It also makes it easy to open and close the box without any damage to the delicate necklaces.

Go for the top window

A top window is made of a vinyl sheet which is transparent. People can get a clearer view of the products with the help of such designs. The rigid necklace boxes are perfectly suited for this idea as their strong look does not break a box and fits perfectly. The die-cut technology helps here to get a design of choice on the box.

Adopt for a solid approach 

Solid colors are the top-most priority for many brands. Such options help much in the branding of the business. A box that has a plain color with the brand logo or name printed on them creates a magical impression on customers. The necklace boxes wholesale, which is less in price, is perfect for such elegant options as they are inexpensive.

Pay attention to inside 

The interior of the jewelry boxes is of much importance, just like the outer side. It is necessary to work on the inner side, so that product placement is perfect. If your necklace does not have a spacious and trendy space inside the box, then people will hesitate to purchase it. Hence, it is necessary to work inside to create magic.

Add delicate ribbons 

Ribbons are a perfect choice when it comes to designing the outer look of any box. In the case of necklaces, it is necessary to add elegance and grace, and ribbons can do the job perfectly. They can have a look at luxury boxes with such embellishment options. They also work great on different occasions and events as a gift.

Include a printed design 

The printed technologies will help you much regarding the designing of the boxes. You can add any printed look on them to create a quality impression. The rigid boxes have an excellent tendency to bear the printing load, and they even last on them for a longer time. The printed designs also add much value to the box.

When it comes to designing necklace boxes, there are countless options that you can consider. The quality and chic look of the boxes help you in getting the attention of your target audience. People pay much attention to the outer look of the product, and hence it should be of the best quality. Working on the outer look will help you to double the sales for your brand as you will easily stand out in the market.


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