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Joker just came back to life recently, and during peak hours, it was the most talked-about thing on social media. Joker sounds scary because he thinks everything around him is scary. Experts say that he is a psychopath when there are disagreements about him. We don’t usually watch psychological thrillers, but this one has definitely won over a few people.


Arthur Fleck wants to be a stand-up comedian, but he is a clown. He has mental health problems, and one of them is that he can’t stop laughing. Things are hard, and Arthur has it much worse than most people do because of his problems and his job. Over time, these problems change him and make him more like the Joker, the character for which he is best known.

Joker outfit

Joker Outfit has a lot of clothes, all of which are purple. This includes a jacket with a stitched shirt, a tie, a vest, striped pants, and a mask. You probably couldn’t dress up like this for Halloween last year, so here’s another chance. The pants are make of 100% polyester and have an elastic waistband to help them stay on your waist.

Hold on, check out the Joker Collection, which is popular and has good prices. You won’t be let down in any way.

We have a lot of interesting bomber and Joker Costumes in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and designs that can be wear to all kinds of parties, events, and festivals. The newest Joker Costumes collections from our franchise are up next.

The Joker’s best-selling jacket is the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Bomber Jacket.
Suicide Squad The most well-known and recommended jacket, especially for bike riders, is the Joker Black Leather Jacket.
Arthur Fleck The most popular Joker costume sold on the internet.
Suicide Squad Captain Boomerang Jacket: This Joker jacket is of the highest quality and comes in a wide range of sizes.
Our creative teams worked hard to make the Joker jackets with care. We promise that the jackets are good. We want to sell a good product for a low price. Go to the Tv Series category to find clothes that are interesting. We have more options for men’s clothing, like Biker Jackets, Men’s Cotton Bomber Jackets, and Men’s Denim Jackets. We also have Peaky Blinders Costumes, Chicago PD Merchandise, and Black Mafia Family Outfits. Must Try it.

Frequently Asks Questions

What kind of mental health problem does the Joker have?

Dissociative Identity Disorder, also called Multiple Personality Disorder, is often talk about, but the Joker has only rarely used other identities, like Harvey Dent and Two-split. Face has a medical condition called Witzelsucht, which has the same symptoms as the Joker.

What is the main idea of the movie Joker?

This movie tells the story of how the Joker character came to be. The Joker is a threat to Gotham and causes a lot of trouble for Batman. Arthur is trying to become a comedian, but he has a mental disorder that no one knows much about. Arthur comes to a crossroads and starts killing people.

Is there another movie after Joker?

Even though the second movie has been talked about for a long time, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirm it yet. Heroic Hollywood says that a studio insider told them in January 2022 that Warner Bros. had a draft of the Joker 2 script and planned to start making the movie in 2023.

Why does the Joker laugh over and over again?

In the scary movie that broke box office records over the weekend, Phoenix’s character says that he has a disorder that makes him laugh out loud all the time. Pseudobulbar affect, or PBA, is a disease of the nerves that causes people to laugh or cry uncontrollably.

How old are Batman and the Joker?

If a movie about the Joker is made, the possible friendship between Batman and the Joker could be look into more. But in the larger DC Universe, Batman and the Joker have never been brothers and never will be. (The photo was taken by Warner Bros.)

What is the real name of Joker?

Jack Napier

The Joker, whose real name is Jack Napier, is a made-up character who first appeared in Tim Burton’s 1989 superhero movie Batman.

Is “The Joker” a sad movie?

Joker, a movie directed by Todd Phillips, has been criticized by the media for how violent it is, how sad it is, how political it is, and how distasteful it is. If you’ve seen a Joker before, be ready for something different, and don’t bring the kids.


The beginning of the joke. There are loads of interpretations of the Joker but there are a couple that make the best costumes. There are four ages of comics: the golden, the silver, the bronze, and the modern age. Each age had a new interpretation if the Joker’s personality; the golden age (1938 – 1950) saw mobster Joker, the silver (1956 – 1970) saw him to be the Prankster equipped with the silly props and getting one over on good ol’ Batsy, and both the bronze (1970 – 1985) and modern age (1985 – present) saw him become the psychopathic Joker that we all know and “love”. Which Joker you chose to be is up to you, so we will give you an example of each from the comics.

The Golden Age saw a 40s criminal mastermind, who wasn’t opposed to killing a few people to make sure his plan went off without a hitch. The character was gritty and serious but his victims would die with a smile on their faces – his signature since 1940. As you can see the character looks extremely sinister, with the signature elongated smile and aggressive widow’s peak but what defines the golden age Joker is the heavy bags under his eyes. Inspired by 1928 film The Man Who Laughs this Joker wears a purple suit with a green shirt and neck-tie beneath, his weapons as blunt as he was. In an early comic, the Clown Prince beats Robin with a crowbar, just for fun. It’s all very solid – solid costume, solid colors, solid character with a solid trope.

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