Is it better for society to arrange marriages?

A talk show about arranged marriages aired on September 29. It brought about controversy for some reason. Being forced to marry someone they didn’t like upset a few men and most women. However, more than half of marriages fail. This indicates that, despite the fact that the majority of couples get married out of love, the fairytale ends in divorce. casual dating apps 2022 What happened if so many divorcees married for love and the majority divorce? Does love suffice?


Marriages were arranged for thousands of years. The majority of people now choose their own spouse, a recent development. You have the advantage of having your parents and grandparents search for your mate in an arranged marriage. They have been looking at specific families to see if they are compatible. Both will take into account family values, the attitudes of parents and children, social class, and one’s ability to manage money and assets, among other things. He would at the very least wed their children to people of a similar socioeconomic background. You might get married. That’s what to do, the kids would need to be ready to wed, figure out their job and maintain the family name.

Consider your friends

You are on your own today. In addition, individuals are instructed to be tough and independent. Additionally, love and romance have taken the place of compatibility. At the same time, 70% of divorces are initiated by women. Does this imply that women are uninterested in love? Is it a sign that women don’t value men? Or are men ignoring women’s needs?

20% of men’s marriages in the gay community end in divorce. 45 percent of lesbian marriages result in divorce. It would appear that women have a hard time getting along with anyone. In point of fact, lesbian marriages suffer from the same issues as heterosexual ones. It appears that women are more likely than men to have unreasonable expectations of their partners or conceptions of how marriage should work.

Try to connect with them

Having said that, it’s possible that people are ill-prepared for marriage. Two people enter into a legally binding marriage contract. Its roots are more closely associated with safeguarding wealth over time. It ensures that the couple’s assets will be protected and passed on to their children.

Many people have fallen into the Hollywood love trap instead of entering marriage as a partnership. This implies a lot of amusement, excitement, and unexpected gifts. Having fun takes precedence over leaving a legacy. The so-called chemistry vanishes when the excitement wanes. That frequently leads to divorce. Or, infidelity takes its place. Dopamine is secreted by the brain when fun and excitement are the top priorities. dating group  The individual will look for dopamine rushes elsewhere when they no longer receive them. In point of fact, that is comparable to marrying a drug addict. Without it, they can’t do their jobs. A much better way to get a dopamine rush is to go to the gym.

Mutual understanding

We talked about how the United States got to the point where there are so many broken marriages on my talk show. The majority of it started with a book that John Keats wrote in 1819. The title of the book is “La Belle Dame sans Merci.” It was perhaps the earliest romance book. At first the book no affected US culture. However, by the 1850s, women had begun to desire Keat’s romantic suspense.

It may have been one of the most damaging blows to the marriage institution, if you think about it. That book influenced the writing of subsequent romance novels. Additionally, it is the source of Hollywood love themes. The goal of marriage has been lost on people. In the past, love and frivolity were less important than compatibility based on family values. In addition, an arranged marriage would result in a mutual dependence and affinity over time. The book by Keat threw the old social structure off course and led society to choose a spouse based on feelings.

Additionally, in the 1920s, the diamond company DeBeers developed the following catchphrase: A girl’s best friend is a diamond. Prior to the 1920s, only wealthy men made diamond purchases for their wives. After the DeBeers’ lobby, all ladies anticipated jewels. Additionally, they want a diamond that is larger than that of their sister or friend.

Mature understanding

The fact that the custom of a man setting a diamond on the finger of a woman dates back to ancient Greece is even more fascinating. The Greeks believed that precious stones had spiritual properties. Diamonds were regard as the hardest mineral. As a result, it was a symbol of safety. A man would wear a diamond on his wife’s finger when he was away from home for a long time to protect her.

The third part of society that has harmed marriage is the women’s activist development. They persuaded women that marriage is a matrimonial institution in which men have complete control over women. Women are forced to use his last name by men. Then he completely alters her and changes her belief system. He additionally keeps her shoeless and pregnant. Because of this mindset, women enter marriage feeling defensive and protective. Before the marriage even begins, it is doomed. However, lesbian marriages are failing as well. Thus, men are not the focus. What then is lacking?

Involved parents

In the past, choosing a spouse involved parents and grandparents. Many marriages were arranged with the children’s best interests in mind, despite forced arrangements. Children’s best interests are important to parents. They would prefer to see their child in a happy union than in a conflicted one. They may have a better idea of what is compatible with their child based on their experience. That has less to do with the child’s personality. It is found on ideals. Matching your offspring becomes easier when you factor in the grandparents.

The book The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley demonstrates compatibility and values clearly. He writes about numerous millionaire couples he interviewed in his book. Both stated that their divorce rates are significantly lower than those of couples from lower socioeconomic classes. Then he asserted that they were not bound by fame or fortune. He discovered that they were better at finding a partner who shared their values. In point of fact, the majority of millionaire couples met without a lot of money. For other instances, the wife was forced to work while the husband lost everything. After some instances, they achieved success but ended up homeless. But they never broke off. Even when they had to sleep in the car, the wife stayed with the husband. Their collective efforts enabled them to achieve success at some point.


That is to imply that compatibility—not feelings or dopamine rushes—is the foundation of marriage. In an arranged marriage, both families thoroughly investigate other families to ensure compatibility between the parties. They might even own businesses that complement one another, such as a cattle ranch owned by one of them. The other owns a business that makes leather.

In today’s dating scene, a man can tell a woman anything she wants to hear when they are getting to know each other. When your grandparents are looking for a partner, they conduct interviews with the man and his family. A serious process it is. As a result, it will be much more challenging for a man to participate, particularly when his father and grandfather are involves. They might want to know whether the man is capable of running the family business.

The qualities of care

Is it possible for you to care for their daughter and grandchildren? Do you have the qualities of care and responsibility? They are likely to inquire and receive responses. This means that games are no longer plays at all, which is frustrating for both men and women today. Deception and the dopamine high can entice a woman who is looking for a man on her own. On the other hand, a man can become blinded by a woman’s physical beauty. In reality, she may only be concerned with his resources. Additionally, she does not intend to be a loving and supportive partner to the man. By not having sex, she may even deny him access to her body. There are numerous marriages without sex.

As an aside, a lot of you might squawk that you don’t want to marry someone you don’t love. I talked about Beauty and the Geek, a reality television show, on my talk show. Ten geeky men and ten pretty women were on the show. The geeks declared that they would never have the courage to approach these women in real life. Additionally, the women stated that these men would not pique their interest. Throughout the show, men and women worked together to complete specific tasks. They rotated by teaming up with a different person as the show progressed. It was amazing to see how much they liked each other by the end of the show. The show was a social experiment that demonstrated that even unlikely people could bond. They only require a bridge to connect them.

Final words

In conclusion, arranged marriages may significantly reduce divorce rates in the United States. You are more likely to choose a partner based on compatibility if you leverage the wisdom of your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles. Love can come and go because feelings are fleeting. However, a stabilizing force can be compatible values.

In addition, it would be prudent to educate and prepare children for their role as spouses because parents want their children to marry the best person. First and foremost, this will make them a more appealing candidate. Second, they don’t have to try everything by trial and error. This increases the likelihood of the marriage being successful.

Both sides of the family are actively involves in the success of the marriage when it is arranged. When the couple is going through a rough patch, the entire family offers support because they have a stake in the marriage.

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