Marseille Foodie Guide: Where Tourists Can EAT & DRINK

Everyone wants to visit the most beautiful historic province in France – Provence. Marseille is the largest city in Provence and the second-largest city in the whole country. Actually, this is a port city so you can notice how people of absolutely different cultures such as French, Italians, Armenians, Jewish contributed to the country’s growth.

Marseille is an absolutely amazing place where you can see rich and poor neighborhoods that peacefully coexist side by side for many years. How to get around the province? The best way to see all the beauties is by hiring a car. Car hire Marseille airport will help to build up a tourist route in your own way. Where to start? Of course, the main thing you should visit is the so-called Old Port or Le Vieux Port, which attracts tourists the most.

Where to eat in the Around-Old-Port Area? 

Marseille attracts many tourists every year. Want to know where to eat in the Southern French city? Here is a list of the best-visited restaurants. Use GPS in your hired car to get from one eating place to another, hunting for local delicacies.

1. Visit MADAME JEANNE for bistro adventures

This modern bistro is famous for its pistou soup with roast tomatoes and courgette flowers. The food in the bistro is healthy and organic. Also, you can taste organic wines from the attached shop. Tourists like Provençal rosé most of all.

2. Go to PATISSERIE SYLVAIN DEPUICHAFFRAY for tasty pâtisserie

Everyone likes French pastries. Marseille has many more interesting things than traditional croissants. You don’t need to go far. Just drive your hired car to Patisserie Sylvain Depuichaffray where you can try their exclusive cakes with green tea and strawberry millefeuille. Do you prefer chocolate to fruits? Try their passionately chocolate made of dark chocolate, fruits, and creams.

3. Visit CHICOULON for wine tasting

French wines are popular all over the world. Looking for the best wine for souvenirs you should go to the famous city wine shop. Chicoulon sells many wine sorts, home-made, and originally packed. Try their red, white, and rose wines. The wine tasting is usually served in the shop’s courtyard with fruits and cheese. If you are hungry, you can complement your dinner with fresh greek yogurt, roasted vegetables, fennel soup, and spiced potatoes.

4. Go to Boite à Sardine for seafood

If you like seafood, you’d better go to Boite à Sardine. This cozy restaurant is decorated with sardine tins so that you will never miss this place. What’s interesting to try here? How about calamari fried with Espelette pepper, or sardines with herbs, and super-fresh oysters? You can hardly try these dishes anywhere else in France.

5. Visit Yima for brunching

Where can you find the best light dishes for brunch? Go to Yima for such popular brunching dishes as shakshuka, slow-baked aubergine, and orange lemonade. The brunch menu is wide so that you can treat yourself to a new dish every day. 

6. Go to Epicerie L’Idéal for everyday lunch

Where to have lunch in Marseille? L’Idéal is a perfect place for launching. You can try grilled sausages with cheese, roast onions, and Tuscan ham. For lunch with kids you can order some chocolate for dessert or a chocolate cake.

7. Visit La Bonne Mere for pizza

If you think that pizza is Italian food and the French can’t do it properly, you are wrong. Italian pizza is extremely popular in Marseille, and you can always try it in La Bonne Mere. You can eat pizza in the restaurant or take it away. Let your pizza include anchovies, tomatoes, ham, and olives. Oh, don’t forget to add pesto.

Other places to eat and drink in Marseille

The fish market is another popular place in Marseille for people who want to buy some fresh fish or seafood for dinner. Get ready to wake up early in the morning. Family travelers will appreciate Vanille et Noire – the best ice cream café. Take their famous portion of vanilla ice cream with sea salt. You will never stay hungry in Marseille. Just watch your map!

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