Meri Saas Bhoot Hai Rekha Show Pictures of Twinkle

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai is a horror comedy series centered around Gaura and her late mother-in-law Rekha. The story of how Gaura’s life transforms into nightmares when Rekha’s ghost begins to haunt her in the time she was at the home of her husband following the wedding will be fascinating to follow.

Pandit spots MLA’S daughter Twinkle and presents Som’s wedding proposition to her mother of her. Ji’s associate informs Pandit that Twinkle has been missing twice from home and her wedding venue. Pandit contacts Rekha to inform her of Twinkle in Meri Saas Bhoot Hai. Rekha claims that she is familiar with Twinkle’s mother in person.

Som says to her that he is going to marry someone he’ll be able to love. The girl must not just be beautiful but educated and mature. He requests that you help Ganga and Kanchan select his partner. Gaura and Chanchal visit the market. Rekha is also there, along with Kanchan, Ganga, and Som. Rekha tries to show her twinkle’s picture to Som, but she fails. Som goes to school with Prince to deceive the foreigner.

Gaura gets scared when she sees the crow, thinking that her uncle demise is now a crow since his death. She gets into a collision with Rekha and becomes afraid. They call her Champak Churel. Kanchan notices the scene and thinks that the girl recognizes Rekha quite well. She believes Som could marry a girl who looks like her and You can watch full episodes at Jio Cinema USA.

In the coming show, Gaura helps Ganga in the fair by taking a pin from her feet. Ganga blesses Gaura. Gaura states that she requires blessings to rid herself of Champak Churel.

Gaura Lying with Father

Rekha encounters Twinkle and her mom. Rekha likes Twinkle. Gaura is running scared. She runs into Som and embraces him.

Gaura’s father can see that Gaura is lying on the ground and is afraid. He asks her about what has happened. Gaura claims that she was a victim of Champak Churel, who had brutally slapped her. She laughs with her father and states that such incidents are not real Mothers tell stories like this to make their children afraid. Gaura is adamant about her beliefs.

Rekha’s sister-in-law Kanchan arrives home with a girl called Komal and her parents to attend Som’s wedding. They get to meet Ganga. Rekha is there. Komal is about to kiss Rekha’s feet and ask for her blessings. Ganga requests Komal not to touch the leg that has been broken and is irked by Rekha in Meri Saas Bhoot Hai.

Rekha discovers that Komal needs to be educated but can manage households for millions of rupees. Kanchan requests Ganga to decide on Komal for Somnath because Komal’s father happens to be her husband’s boss.

False Impressions of Komal

Ganga reminds Kanchan that Rekha arrived at the house to carry out her wishes and asks her not to repeat her mistake. Rekha attempts to create Komal false impressions about Somnath, who drinks frequently and is a frequent visitor to his home with new girls every night. Komal does not mind and says she drinks regularly and has numerous boyfriends.

Rekha is determined that Komal is not going to be her daughter-in-law. Gaura’s friend Chanchal is invited to visit Gaura along with her mother. Gaura tells her the marriage has now been secure. Chanchal’s mother informs Laxmi that Chanchal’s dad has brought a perfect man to Chanchal.

Laxmi claims that Chanchal’s father is a loving father to Chanchal in contrast to Gaura’s father. Gaura complains, stating that her father asked her to see a man marry, but she refuses because the man keeps track of dead body parts. Laxmi is furious and says that no one will ever marry Gaura because she is not attractive or intelligent.

Chanchal is a pacifier for Laxmi and allows her to attend the local fairs with Gaura. Komal goes into Som’s bedroom. Rekha pours water over her with a bucket and punches her face using boxing gloves, with assistance from her servant. She threw it to the floor.

Rekha Slap

Komal is adamant about calling Som insane and tells her parents that she cannot marry him. The parents threaten Kanchan, and she leaves. Kanchan and Ganga believe they are convinced that Rekha is manipulating Komal. Ganga says to Rekha that she’ll pick Som’s partner in life. Pandit Ji informs Rekha that he’s checked Som’s Kundli; based on it, Rekha is a short-lived woman.

Rekha hits him with a slap and tells him she would like a daughter with whom she would like to have one. She asks the pandit to find a good woman for Som and not to divulge Ganga to be aware of the situation. She offers him money to complete the task.

Kanchan tells Ganga that if Rekha decides to marry Som, Ganga’s influence is over at home. Som comes home, and Kanchan cries seeing him. Kanchan informs Som that she’s always been there for Som and tells him of Komal’s story.

Rekha calls Komal mad. Som is begging Kanchan not to be emotional since he’s getting married tomorrow or today. Ganga states that Som will be marrying someone she and Kanchan will pick for Som. Som agrees. She is irritated.

Insult of Rekha

Gaura informs Chanchal that she’ll get an affectionate and loving husband and that her mother-in-law will support her. Chanchal is concerned about the consequences if she has a poor mother-in-law. Gaura states that in this situation, she will transform her heart through love.

Gaura believes she is Som’s sister. Ganga has been returned home. Kanchan informs Twinkle that coming back and forth before marriage is unlucky. Rekha exhibits false concern and cares for her. Som blames Rekha for the current scenario.

Rekha asks what she did wrong and expresses her willingness to beg pardon. Twinkle is about to go when Kanchan stops her from showing Rekha the insult. Rekha sobs and declares that she is ready to leave her home. She tells Som that she went shopping with Twinkle solely because Ganga requested it. She begs for pardon. Some questions Ganga about her decision.

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