Methods and Tips of Rodent Control

We know that rodents are much smarter than insects and require strategic pest control methods pest control Company. This chapter will teach you everything you need to know about rodent control melbourne methods and best practices.

The rodent control melbourne methods listed below are among the most popular and widely used methods for dealing with rodents. Knowing what they are will help you put an end to any future rodent infestations and protect your health and property from disease or structural damage.

Rodenticides are use

Using any rodenticide will result in quick and efficient extermination of almost any rodent. However, the use of chemicals is frequently insufficient, particularly for residential and commercial properties.

Chemicals pollute the environment and cause pests to die slowly, causing them to seek refuge inside walls before being kill. Their carcasses rot for weeks and emit a foul stench. Their dead bodies attract microorganisms, and the contamination may be higher than it was before the pest treatments began.

As a result, alternative, chemical-free methods are essential.

Install rodent traps

Rodent traps are a non-chemical solution for rodent pest infestations. When rat traps are use, there is no chemical pollution, and the carcass of the die rodent can be easily found after it has been exterminated. This greatly simplifies its disposal.

To entice the rodent into the trap, proper food bait is required. This means that whoever is laying the traps should carefully consider.  What is the most comfortable food for the specific infestation, as other animals should not be attracted by the bait, or serious problems may arise.

We recommend nuts, chocolate, cereal grains, meat, and other carbohydrate-rich foods as bait.


Keep in mind that rats are wary of anything new in their environment, and traps will cause discomfort and a sense of threat in the rodents at first. This could last for weeks, implying that the vermin will only eat small pieces of the bait and that snapping them inside the trap will take time.

When a few of them fall victim to the device, move the traps to a different location on the property and change the bait. This will increase the effectiveness of extermination.

Rodent repellents with ultrasonic waves

Ultrasonic rodent control melbourne will successfully repel any rodents that have subverted your home or business. Rodents are extremely sensitive to such noises and cannot tolerate being in close proximity to a source that emits them.

A person can hear sounds with a frequency of up to 23 000 Hz, but a rodent can hear noises with a frequency of up to 76 000 Hz.

This fact saves people a lot of trouble because it would be extremely inconvenient if we could detect the sounds from ultrasonic repellents as well. Because we can’t, they can be use even in rooms where people sleep or spend a lot of time at home.

Glue sticks or sticky notes

Glues and sticky boards are thought to be inhumane rodent control melbourne methods. As a result, such products are strictly regulate in some countries, and pest control companies are not permit to use them for treatments.

Sticky boards are made up of a piece of hard surface cover in glue on top of which bait is place. The glue is extremely sticky and has an immediate effect. When a rodent steps on it, it literally begins to dissolve on top of it. The rat or mouse is making constant squeaking noises as it dies.

The main disadvantage of glue boards is that they can trap other animals, most of which are pets such as snakes, cats, birds, and others.

If immediate action is not take, this can fatal consequences.

A rodent trap on a glue board may die after up to 5 days. The outcome would most likely be due to starvation or dehydration, but it is also possible that other animals would try to eat the trapped one. This entire shambles can be easily avoid by employing a different method of rodent extermination.

same day pest control service Melbourne strongly advises against using glue boards as a solution for any rodent infestation, regardless of the size of the invasion of rats or mice into your property. There are numerous alternatives, including the rodent control Melbourne methods listed below:

Animals that consume rodents

Attracting rodent-destroying animals that naturally feed on rats, mice, and other similar vermin is another very effective rodent control Melbourne method.

Pet animals that are not overly domesticate, such as dogs and cats, would also kill a rodent. However, this is insufficient to wipe out an entire rodent population. Unless you have at least ten cats and terriers constantly guarding your property.

Birds of prey would naturally hunt rodents, but there aren’t any in cities. If you try to attract a wild one, it’s unlikely to work because such birds prefer to hunt on living prey and will ignore any bait you put out.

Dogs and cats

Before advanced chemical rodenticides were invented, terriers were extremely popular for rat extermination. This breed is still widely use in farm fields where the owners prefer not to contaminate the soil with rodenticides and other chemicals.

If cats and dogs are well fed by their owners.  There is very little chance that they will chase a rodent. If the owner already provides adequate food for the pet. It is unlikely that it will go on a rodent hunt.

Having a well-fed, domesticated pet is sometimes worse than not having a pet at all. It will not kill rodents. Because there is no reason to do so, and its food will attract more of the pesky vermin.

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