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With the advancement in technology, now you can pay your electricity bill online with the electricity bill payment app. Since the pandemic, all institutions and businesses have shut down, and there is no way of knowing when things will resume. Because we are unable to travel outdoors, we are having difficulty with basic purchases, such as groceries, medical services, and bill payments. Even though the government has authorized vital services, individuals are still battling to meet their basic necessities. We must seek online assistance because we are unable to do any of these duties.

Bills are one such thing that must be dealt with on a regular basis. Water bills, cell phone recharges, DTH bills, and energy bills are all possibilities. Given that we have all been home for over a month and month-end means bills, several organizations are updating their interface to make it easier for you to pay your electricity bill. Here are a few internet resources to assist you in paying off your electricity bills.

Technology advancements and digitalization have enabled us to perform tasks that previously required a great deal of time and effort, such as paying utility and electricity bill payment app. Take, for example, the payment of electricity bills via the internet. Isn’t it true that since our parents or grandparents had to pay their electricity bills, things have gotten a lot easier and faster for us? There will be no more missing work to go to the electricity board office, no more waiting in lines to submit our bills, no more bringing an upset child to pay your bill, no more writing checks, and no more issues, period. And convenience is exactly what the internet and mobile payment era have provided. This is how the world today works.

What do you need to pay electricity bills online with a mobile payment app?

  • A mobile app: Download one of the payment apps, like Bajaj Finserv from the iOS and google play store. The app facilitates easy and quick payments of all your monthly bills and recharges.
  • Payment means: You can pay online with the mobile payment apps with your existing credit card, debit card, net banking, functional mobile wallet, UPI ID.
  • Consumer id details: You will need to add your customer ID, BU details to generate or fetch your bill online. You can choose to save these details for speedy future transactions.

Top online electricity bill payment apps:

  1. Bajaj Finserv app: The largest NBFC mobile app is meant to make paying your bills easier and more convenient. You may now use the mobile app to pay your utility bills, mobile recharges, gas bills, water bills, DTH bills, and other bills. To facilitate your transactions, the app provides payment options such as credit card, debit card, UPI, mobile wallet, and net banking. You can also keep your bank and biller information to make payments quicker and faster. This software is fantastic for bill payments and is available on both Android and iOS. You can also save money on payments by using the app’s discount codes. You can use the Bajaj Finserv app for more than just utility bill payments and mobile recharge.
  2. BHIM: The National Payments Corporation of India owns the BHIM app, which is an online payment app. The BHIM app allows you to consolidate all of your cashless bill payments into one convenient location. It’s a cross-platform app that works on both iOS and Android. Bill pay is included under the transfer money portion of the app. You can use the bill pay option to pay your utility bills, such as gas, water, and DTH power. For successful bill payment, this app also demands you to enter essential information such as operator, consumer name, and so on.
  3. Paytm: Stay-at-home basics are now available on Paytm, including the ability to pay for DTH, read e-newspapers, and even purchase coronavirus insurance. Simply log into your Paytm account and select electricity from the list of stay-at-home requirements. You can pay the electricity boards or the apartment directly (if you live in a flat). and must fill up some basic information such as the state board, account number (for the electricity board), and apartment name and number (for the apartment-by-apartment bill). You will receive an e-bill receipt if you pay online. To pay down your utility bills, you can also utilize Paytm.

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