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Pensivly – The primary man to run a 26-mile marathon was a messenger shipped to report the news of the war. Exhausted, he dropped deceased after he reported good news.

Not all reporting is quite that will be harmful to your health.

Pheidippides, a messenger from the Challenge of Marathon, ran 21 miles to warn Athens of an upcoming sea attack. After a daytime of fighting and the long haul, his physical resources were out of date.

Some people question the particular historical integrity of history. They even say their name was Philippides, just as if it mattered.

It has the truth of a good story adequately told. It’s what storytelling is about—the triumph regarding man over self.

Pensivly – Media reporting follows the same collections. The reporter finds an incorrect that has been done and studies it so others may resolve matters, while the news reporter sallies forth in search of a lot more wrongs to the right.

Or perhaps, the good news is reported so that all should be happy.

These kinds of good news/bad news will be the stuff of creative creating. A story begins with the peace of a summer’s day while a low thunder progresses in the distance. The thunder maybe just a summer phenomenon, or it would be the drumming of the feet of many horse riders come to commence a war.

How happy persons face this dilemma is a story.

If it’s real transpiring, it will become the history and icon.

News reporting, should there is a reporter on hand to talk about what has happened, is a first draft of the story.

Pensivly – As such, it will be welcomed using an editor anxious to help fill pages with clean content. For stories are invariably needed to sell newspapers in addition to periodicals. And it doesn’t have to become war starting to be news: give up on the thought.

People want to study news stories, whether they are usually in a newspaper or online or fictionalized happenings involving the covers of a novel.

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A person must supply them. Exactly why shouldn’t that be an individual?

The PR industry is present to tell the story for their clientele. You may choose to write in this market. Many fine freelance writers do so with integrity. Or perhaps, you may choose to step far from spin and write uncompromising news as you see it, with no fear or favor.

If you are an objective news reporter, your paper’s duty is to the reader, not individuals in the story or the individual who may have given you a tip-off.

Pensivly – The more you keep to this secret code, the more accurate your current stories will be. Readers may seek you out for that truth in the news. Publishers will ask if you have something new and how soon can they have it?

Once the history is broken, and in the population domain, you may write a much deeper and more extended account of the events in the form of a nonfiction book.

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