Physical Therapy For Bicycle Accident Victims

Well, cycling is one of the best sources of recreation, there are countless health benefits associated with the same. However, it’s something that could invite a lot of harm, one misstep could even prove to be fatal. Regardless of whether you have been struck by another vehicle or you have simply fallen off yours, a bicycle accident could be very bothersome.

Physical therapy could be a great source of help if you are acutely injured, and it’s not at all limited to people who have undergone serious injuries, like major fractures or a spinal cord injury, who need to gain their mobility back. It’s helpful for anybody going through severe pain or stiffness as a result of a bicycleaccident.

Things you may need to know about

If the accident was due to somebody else’s carelessness, they would be entirely responsible for the treatment ahead, whether be it paying for the immediate treatment or be it something in the future related to the same. Sometimes when the injury is serious, it could take up to months, physical therapy is a long drawn affair, which could go on for months on end, in such cases, it’s always wise to ensure that the party responsible for the accident takes active participation in the whole scenario.

It’s of crucial importance that you are regular with your therapy sessions, physical therapy for bicycle accident victims is very important, most people tend to underplay its importance by missing the sessions, or sometimes they are more likely to discontinue the treatment ahead when there is a slight improvement, which is all the more harmful.

Why do you need to complete the expected course of physical therapy?

Even if you are not severely injured, make sure you go for your sessions or at least talk to your therapist once in case you think you have improved to a considerable extent. It’s not all advisable to discontinue the expected course of therapy by discontinuing the exercises prescribed by your therapist. The most you might do is discuss your improvement with your therapist once, and if they think, you have reached a point where you don’t need to undergo further therapy sessions, you can discontinue knowing it would not reap any bodily trouble in the future.

Bicycle accidents are a common sight, the symptoms may not appear immediately after the accident, however, make sure you consult a physical therapist for an overall body evaluation. An overall body evaluation would spot even the slightest damage, like nervous system damage may not be evident immediately, and it remains like that for months on end. It can only be spotted after you have undergone some tests, it may escalate further when it’s left untreated, in some cases it has even turned into a dysfunction of the nervous system, to say the least.

Symptoms might include   

  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Lack of concentration
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Ringing in the ears

One of the prime reasons why physical therapy for bicycle accident victims is highly advised is because in case there is a neck or head injury, the therapist would relax your neck muscles first, followed by an attempt to ease down the soreness and stiffness that you may feel. You would even get some exercises that would help you recover faster.

If your arms and legs feel desensitized which is usually a result of pressure on the joints, physical therapy might help alleviate that numbness.

There is a notion that only high-speed traffic accidents are damaging, but a bicycle accident could be equally damaging, the only way to prevent it from getting worse is by treating it on time.

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